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  1. Definitely try to please the account if you can... but it's gotta be within reason. A movie theater location if it's busy enough would warrant almost any kind of machine purchase. It doesn't surprise me they don't want a candy crane or stuff that will make kids get hyped up. Also it's competition for their own candy sales. Balls will make kids run around and possibly get injured, at least that's what location owners think. Maintaining the pin is a problem, if you have no real idea about them... and you don't have a good pin buddy... But they can earn, don't let these guys fool you. I would also steer away from redemption games. If you have them you should offer 3+ different games to give ticket winning variety. And then you need a counter with attendant or an automatic prize vending solution, which is expensive and needs maintenance. Stocking the prizes, tickets, and all the associated stuff is just not worth it for 1-3 machines imo. It starts to make sense if you have 10+ redemption machines in one location. Prize merchandisers I think is another really great option. You mentioned you have a keymaster already so that's good. Maybe a barber cut or even a classic stacker in good condition would earn well. I don't know about the latest generation of stuff, but there's probably good things out there. A pair of nice drivers would really be a solid investment I think. You wouldn't need to stock any product and you just collect... Something like 2 Cruis'n Blasts, Super Bikes 3, Mario Kart GP DX...
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