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    Before you publicly claim your millions from a lottery win, ask your friends and family if you can borrow $20.
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    This happened to me, when I had a landline. Hung up the phone wrong, referred to her as that .... very loudly, then realized the phone wasn't on the hook right. But after I noticed it I realized I didn't care if she heard me, and kind of hoped she did.
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    Just do it. You're never going to get anyone excited about price increases. They'll kick you out if they don't like it whether you tell them or not. People don't understand vending has expenses just like any other business.
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    Update: I had contacted Coinco back in January and they told me that when the e-prom is between 67100-1 and 67100-4, it CANNOT be upgraded beyond that and it will not report cash sales. I guess anything from 67100-5 and up can be upgraded to the latest version (67100-12). So not all of those boards with the blue button are the same. Just reporting this so others know.
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    I have several places that have mice problems. My solution to that is buying containers from Walmart and the problem is solved without changing from the cardboard boxes.
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    Vendors Exchange can help with restore to factory but not sure that's necessary. At least one of your tray boards is bad. Most likely it is the c shelf board but the e shelf board could be bad as well. I just dealt with the same issue, different motors. Replaced the shelf to fix.
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    I sell 12 oz cans at 1.00 and have for the past two years.
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    People have been emailing me about selling VENDicuss. I keep telling them no. I recently was asked to call somebody, without reason. I responded by asking about what? They responded with the possibility of buying the site. Well I responded with this: Interestingly I haven't heard back from him. I forgot that I would add that any sale would require a new buyer to sign a contact agreeing that these clauses be added to any agreement.
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    If you have all of your equipment out on the street then I would say pull it and look for greener pastures. If you have several machines not placed then leave it on location until the other equipment is placed (as long as the low earners aren't way out of your way when running your routes). Look at it as free storage that makes a couple of bucks till you find a new home for it. Definitely don't pull it and let it sit in your garage or shop making you zero. I find $4 and up per month acceptable for single head gumball machines these days especially as filler locations on stronger routes.
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    If this is what you want to pursue for your own Honor Snack business, good luck and God Bless. More power to ya'! But why don't you pursue your idea first and THEN share the excitement and results with the community. I don't want to see other small honor snack businesses fail, even though YOU are prepared to fail (which I understand is how we learn and move forward). Don't really understand THIS comparison. No one is claiming that ANYTHING is unsinkable (or the perfect solution). What I am explaining is that your idea is NOT new, it's been tried with no success. It would be more like Coca-Cola trying to reintroduce New Coke again, only hoping it didn't fail this time. I'm sure the "Experts" would say "Sorry, No. Been there, done that!" If your would like TRUE, HONEST, CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK, I would be more than happy to share. I could save you a TON of money and heartache regarding these two ideas. I would think that with your business education and experience, that you would see that the Card Reader idea would NEVER pan out. It just the simple rule of ROI, Return on Investment. An average Honor box will generate roughly $20 per service. Once shortage and inventory costs are figured, you may be looking at $9-10 GROSS Profit. Now, a card reader will run you between $250-300, PLUS a monthly service fee, let's say $8 (they can be anywhere from $5-12/month). You ALSO have the 3-4% of sales that you have to give the credit processing. An honor box simply could NOT sustain the expense. And all this BEFORE you even get to the real "nuts and bolts" expenses. Again, the BEAUTY of the Honor Snack industry is it's SIMPLISTIC service concept and it's LOW investment (no equipment). You see...I am running the everyday Luxury Steamliner and YOU are building the TITANIC. I am only trying to point out the 500 Icebergs that are in your way. More like " Ay Caramba!" But seriously, I would be happy to give feedback that will greatly help you and your Honor Snack business. Please feel free to message me any time. Just my 2 cents!
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    A coin mech with token learning capabilty may be a solution. Or an MDB bill validator with free vend coupons.
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    Call eagle directly 909 447 7866
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    You still can't figure out how to google things you want to know about? Amazing!
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    Perfectly doable with full line. Not saying it’s easy, but it’s doable.
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    Trailers can be very tight. Make sure it's wide enough between the shelves
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    Make sure the inner height is good. I'd say you really want a 7' ceiling as i believe that would be adequate for any machine. The potential downside is that, if you fix shelves in place, you won't have much room for machines. I think you'd be better off hiring a mover or, if you don't like that, rent a box truck with a lift gate. Or... if it's affordable, use a dedicated trailer solely for machines. You should dedicate most of your space to stocking product. It's great to be growing but just think about it. If you really felt it necessary though, give yourself 4' from the back so you can deliver 2 machines and get some e track on the walls so you can strap them on. You'll lose quite a bit of shelving but you'll still have a lot. I think it's a risky idea unless you have a strong helper and a pretty long ramp.
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    This may all come back to a bad logic board, but you might have a problem with the guaranteed vend system. It may be sending a no-vend signal to the board and ending the transaction. If the credit stays on the display after you make a selection and you use that credit again that results in Make Another Selection then I would first look at the guaranteen vend sensors, wiring and connection to the logic board. Try unplugging or turning the guaranteed vend system off and see if it will vend. Sometimes bright light shining on the machine will fake out the sensors. This was a similar issue with the first machines from AMS had. You might also have a motor harness issue that isn't running your motors. Make sure that all selections are priced as well. Just guesses here.
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    I used to pretty much do the same as AZ. I have come to change that practice the last few years depending on my relationship with the location. I don't think it's the quite the same as the 'gas station'.
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    You will want to check the hook swipe setting & shelf offset setting, but these numbers are recorded on a decal on the right sidewall of the monetary compartment. Otherwise, you're pretty much putting your prices back and STS if you use that feature (I do).
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    Parlevel Max accepts cash but does NOT give change. In fact, there isn't a single kiosk provider in the micro market segment that gives change. Micro markets are not vending. Unless you want to spend $20K+ for a Walmart style self checkout, you don't want the headache. I tried Deoro before Parlevel and it gave change when it wasn't jammed up and it was a nightmare but hey, if you'er interested, I have two kiosks I'll sell CHEAP! Need coin mechs and new computers.
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    I’m a 3rd party vendor for coke and Dr Pepper . In my area coke won’t allow you to just take over the machine but what you can do is replace the machine with your own . After you’ve done that get ahold of the local coke rep and sign up as a third party vendor. You’ll sign a contract agreeing to buy products directly from coke and not sell anything except coke products from that machine. You’ll have to buy a minimum in product for each machine that you have from them and the price of the product goes down if you consistently buy enough product. Once your a third party vendor it’s really a great deal because they move the machines onto the locations and repair them at no cost to you . They wont provide credit card readers but if the location is busy enough you can do that but talk to the rep before doing it , I also use PayRange on the machines .
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    Maybe since coke actually makes the product. But as you grow as a vendor you have to buy directly from coke, Pepsi, 7up, vistar, etc.,etc. And the prices tend to be much higher per unit then they are when the local grocery store runs a sale. (We bought 16 pallets just from coke in January) shopping for deals really isnt an option. When we first started buying from coke I believe they were trying to charge us around .55 a can. Then we have to add tax, crv, gas, equipment depreciation, labor, rent, insurance, waste, etc. I guess my point is dont make being cheaper than your competitors your main selling point. It is very easy to underestimate your costs.
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    We dont ask for permission from locations to raise prices either. The cost of product goes up overtime and I dont ask for permission to maintain my margins. As far as taking over coke's machine you would have to talk to your coke rep. My bet is no because they wouldnt want you selling foreign brands in their equipment.
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    Just to add on to Southeast Treats excellent reply, it's true that most if not all suitable locations already have vending machines, but I have been surprised over the years in that solid accounts are sometimes neglected. And it could also be a personality issue that would lead to a decision maker electing to try a new company. Point is, it's not a stagnant business ... things can and do change. Persistence will be key for you in finding locations. As for buying that existing route, I think others will agree that even if it's a legitimate offer it will be too big for you until you gain much more experience. And it is very possible that it's a dubious offer anyway. When you do find a location and need to buy machine(s) I recommend Vending World in Rancho Cucamonga. They really know their stuff, plus it's not very far from you. They can hook you up with a mover and also provide some limited training on how to operate the machines. Best of luck to you.
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    I forgot to add that if the connectors, rollers and motors check out okay then a very slight tweaking of the pins on the back of this shelf can be done to make better contact with the cabinet harness.
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    Always good to see someone working to get ahead, best of luck! Having said that, vending has been described as a "nickle and dime" business, as that is all you might make some weeks. If you had 8 or 10 really good accounts and did all the work yourself out of your home, you could be looking at a fair income for your time. Getting to that point, however, takes lots of time and investment. Good accounts are difficult to come by simply because someone else is usually there ahead of you! But what AZ says is a good start if you want to try it. Canned drinks have a good shelf life (other than diet varieties), and good used can vendors can be found at reasonable prices (Craigslist or EBay to start). If you like shopping for deals, you can get better than wholesale prices on your products. Try to find a location first before buying equipment, unless you have room to store it and just run across a crazy good deal. Also plan how you are going to move your machines. Vending equipment is much heavier than household appliances - steel on steel with steel insides. Pro movers cost too much. Maybe find another vendor that you won't be competing directly with and see what they will charge. Licenses and permits -I am across the country in Florida, so can only speak in general terms. Sales Tax registration and payment is usually required. I think CA also has container deposits that have to be dealt with. Most places will require some sort of local business license (city/county) based on the location where your business is based. You are not dealing with perishable foods or food prep so the health dept likely will not be involved. The form of business is up to you (sole proprietorship, LLC, etc). but does not have to be complex to start; it can always be changed down the road. Keep good books and pay your taxes, the government needs your money and does not like being cheated!!! Finding a location - first, just keep your eyes open as you move about your community. Again, the really good spots are probably already taken, but something viable is usually out there waiting. You want a location with lots of people as potential customers, good visibility, and somewhere that is safe for your machine and for you when you service the machine. Tire stores, full service car washes, medium size offices (at least 30 employees) like a phone room, small industrial operations... all have good potential. Stop and ask to speak to the manager or owner and offer your service. Don't offer a commission unless asked, and if they do ask, be agreeable but let them know the sales prices will have to go up to support their share. (5 to 10 percent of sales max). If you see a new business getting ready to open, get in there! The first vendor in the new door usually gets the location. Have some business cards to hand out, as it usually takes more than one visit to land an account. What to expect: Working from home and keeping your expenses to a minimum, you have a chance to make some spare money, but don't get too excited. Let's do some math. Say your machine is in a fair location and you sell about 3 cases a week (about 10 per day X 7 days). For easy math, lets say you sell for $1 a can. So $70 a week in sales. If the drinks cost you .35, sales tax is .07, and the location gets .10, that means you gross .48 per can or $33.60 per week. Now deduct the value of your time to go and buy the product and take it to the machine, the gas your car uses, and any other business expenses you run across (licenses, moving fees, repairs) and the price you paid for the machine to start (until it has repaid itself). So how much do you make net? Not much to start. When that machine and a few others are paid off and still earning for you, and you have things well organized you can see a benefit, but it's not an overnight success for sure. I hope I have not been too discouraging, just go in with your eyes wide open and good luck!
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    Skip the healthy garbage. Start with used can vendors until you have a good understanding of what it takes to run 10 or more machines. Then you can grow into snacks and multiprice soda machines. This will keep your investment to a minimum in the likely event you decide this isn't for you. It's not easy, especially in California where it's nearly impossible to find anyone to repair or move your machines. When you begin with snacks you will need at least 5 to be able to control your stale products. If you want extra money for your family then you surely know that you will have to invest heavily in machines to do that so is that money best spent on vending machines that can't guarantee you a profit? A second job will net you a better return on your investment.
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    As usual, if it sounds too good to be true, IT IS in every case without exception. Unfortunately you let yourself be conned though I would bet you saw a red flag or two or something he said didn't feel right. Ignoring those signs and greed are what get everyone in trouble.
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    Raise your price to $3.00 and sell it as a 4 vend combo.
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    Federal machines are just USI machines with different model numbers and different logos. If you're looking for new machines then compare the USI direct prices to his Federal prices to see how competitive he is. I don't recommend new machines to new vendors because you probably won't be getting good enough locations to support new machines, let alone used machines, because you have no experience yet. If you buy new then you will likely have to finance them and that will be at credit card interest. They also use the Rule of 78s on their interest so there won't be any advantage to paying the note early. If you don't have the funds to invest then you need to do this one machine at a time and used lets you easily do that. Do can soda to begin with until you have several machines out and you have a better idea of what it takes to run a vending business. It's a lot of work and don't let anyone tell you it isn't.
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    Good feedback. I am finding that same that some businesses that have already had honor snack boxes in the past are willing to give it a second try but they do want an upgrade for the cardboard snack box. So it has been a worthy discussion looking at other snack box alternatives that aren't costly in the long run.
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    Monza at Vendnet said there are different levels of MDB, and apparently this machine hs the lowest level. USA Technologies sent a firmware update that required a restart and 25 minutes of no sales activity. So I did restart the machines and waited 25 minutes. Everything was working great when I left, and has worked for the last week. I guess I need to get to the machine and see which software version I have.
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    Vendors Exchange or D&S Vending
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    Mix and bouncy balls are the only 1" I do and both do well.
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    DO NOT go with Rhino machines. If you want longevity in this business just go with Eagle. Call them direct at 909 447 7866
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    Ask away in the Beverage and Food forum.
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    Have 200 eagle/oak/Astros available
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    They are so much better now that they got purchased a few years ago. All metal bodies, new mechs, new locks. Whole company has been turned around. A lot of the older guys on her will still say they're whack machines but thats only because they are used to the older Rhino and haven't gotten with the times yet You could literally replace a Rhino twice before you even come close to hitting beavers price point lol
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    Cut a piece of cardboard box from a 12 pack and fashion it around the bottom of the coin chute and tape it in place... takes 5 minutes.
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    I've been told that I'm going, but so far I haven't a travel agenda yet.
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    Logical I like that. Summer time all the kids are out of school too so. That’s pretty logical too. I apologize for the dumb questions. I know some types of business pick up and slow down at certain times of year. I’m committed to trying to make my little business flourish.
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    After looking at your picture, you have a bigger problem than cleaning your machine. You have a sign on top saying something about jelly bean flavors inside and out, yet the machine is loaded with 27 mm bouncy balls. I see a choking hazard that needs to be addressed immediately!!
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    Put a live lobster machine in a seafood bar, now that would be a real claw machine
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    the other guys got pretty far off topic, back to your questions. I had a minute to read through your post. Here is some advice that I hope helps. probably not what you are looking for, but what I think you need to hear the most. I would hope and assume that your new wife is the most important thing in your life. you are not a single dude anymore, all of your decisions need to be made with your wife and future children's needs in mind. ask yourself this question, am I really being fair to my wife? is 1500 per month the lifestyle that my wife signed up for when she married me? you're confident talk leads me to believe that this is not the lifestyle that u promised your wife and led her to believe when she agreed to marry you and potentially have your children? did you mislead your wife's parents when they agreed to allow their daughter to marry you! You should be talking to your wife about your family goals! If your family goal is to live off of 1500 dollars a month and work as little as possible, then you are doing a great job! Many people can live off of that and be very happy! Make no mistake, I am NOT judging you or your goals. on the flip side, your wife should have realistic expectations of you... nothing will come easy, there is a trade off. The more money you need to make, the more you need to work, the less you see your wife! with regard to vocation vs. Advocation.. I struggled with that to. I'm 35 now, I graduated from college with honors, and the sky was indeed the limit. I chose to forego a desk job and start my own vending route! believe me.. I heard about it from my wife and my inlaws at first.. I only made 25000 per year for the first couple of years, & I worked 70 hours a week! My wife would rub it in that she made more money than me as a cpa.. and my in-laws would make comments like you're too smart to be servicing vending machines! my wife and I worked through that, and I chose to ignore the "haters".. so far my hard work has financially been very rewarding, my wife can stay home and raise our children. I am NOT changing the world with my vending route, but that does not mean that I cannot make a difference in other people's lives. First and foremost my own, secondly employees, and finally all of the people that benefit from financial contributions that we are able to make to church, our community, and social welfare programs such as Hope International. hope that helps!
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    I use white grease that comes in the aerosol can because it is actually a lubricant unlike wd-40 which is mainly for cleaning rust and protecting the surface from rusting.
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    Sooner or later everyone is going to have to raise their prices on toys. You might as well do it now while everything else is going up! Sales might suffer in the near term but you must have a long term view if you want to stay in business. I love going into a location and a 50 cent 1" head is half empty & the quarters just fall out when you open the machine! I have found that my 50 cent 1" machines outperform my 75 cent 2" machines.

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