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    I just wanted to share with people how much I appreciate being in this industry. Natural disasters, economic woes, and other mishaps can really hurt all kinds of businesses including vending businesses. This past Memorial day, the Miami Valley (in and around Dayton, Ohio) was struck with not one... not two.. but nine tornadoes. Tends of thousands of homes and businesses went without power, with maybe half of them still out, over 100 people were hurt, and MANY homes and businesses were either damaged or completely destroyed. Fortunately, my family and my home made it out completely unscathed. I already confirmed that I lost one snack machine so far but how many more are damaged out there remains unknown as so many businesses have no power and many communication towers have been damaged as well. On top of that, a massive amount of people have been without running for some time now. Things are difficult between power outages and road closures due to debris and downed power lines, but we went through a similar situation back in 2008 when the remnants of hurricane Ike managed to make its way all the way here, causing massive amounts of damage (mostly minor, but everywhere). Despite these troubling times, I am estimating that well over 80% of my locations are already up and running and have been since Tuesday as I have most of my accounts spread out over a range of about 30 square miles. So even though it hit us pretty hard, I am more worried about just getting around and servicing the accounts than anything. My top two accounts are 100% fine and, due to the vast amount of vacant buildings in Dayton, many businesses are simply moving or taking temporary leases in vacant buildings all around this area. If a vending operator can make it through a disastrous day that includes 9 tornadoes all in one night, then I think it would pretty much take a devastating economic collapse or a massive catastrophic event to actually destroy a vending business.
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    Thanks a ton for the responses guys, I really appreciate it. So I ran my route today and had the intention of talking/pulling the box (it's a mint honor box), and I was surprised to see the correct amount of money in it. 0% theft. Found out there's a new manager, and she asked if I had any other candy (I told her I also run triple heads filled with candy) and she let me put one of those in today. Wild day. Expected to lose an account, but ended up upgrading the account. Never know how this business is going to go, lol.
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    There is whole lotta NOPE with this deal.
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    Always talk to the customer. Explain that you are going to remove it for a while and try it again later. You never want to burn a bridge with an account. Personnel can change, manager's can change, so it is always worth while to check back and try again. I always have my driver's talk to the account before pulling the tray. Just my two cents.
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    The idea behind leaving the bottom row of the stack is so that the first 2 or 3 vends after a sold out fill will be cold product.
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    Toy racks are are faring worse than small candy set ups in my neck of the woods. The real problem, as you alluded to in your comment, is locating a rack. I can set single, double and triple set ups 50 to 1 over racks and as a result have fazed out racks over 4 heads for that reason. So many of my locations just don't have the room or the traffic to support a rack either. I'm sure there are still great rack locations out there but they are becoming harder and harder to find so I would rather break em down and get the machines out then have a rack sitting in storage,
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    Thank you both a ton! This is very clear and useful information for me. I think I understood everything fully. I asked about a car because I currently have a full size cargo van used for full-line and it seems like a really bad idea to use it for bulk unless accounts are right next to each other, but I'm looking for a mostly passive setup which is why I asked. I have no problem with the idea of paying someone $15/hour IF they are good and IF it's still profitable. You bring up a great point regarding how bulk is a shrinking industry. I actually used to do honor boxes but I got tired of the theft and I didn't have the time to go out and locate as I was focused on my full line. Based off of what you guys have told me, it seems like I should stick with what I'm good at... Not because bulk isn't good, but because my infrastructure is already there and the business has finally made it over a big hump anyway as it is now generating a substantial amount. And when I say 90k, I mean net operating income IF I continue to grow and work myself. It gets difficult enough as it is. There isn't much time to work with the mover or to devote to upgrades and things of that nature. Bulk interests me because there shouldn't be a mover necessary or any timely on-site repairs from what I understand. I'll take your advice and stick with full line. I really appreciate the time you both took to answer my questions.
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    Probably for the best.. there will be other opportunities.
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    You guys sound surprised that a vendor is full of sh*@... if you really want to expand your route make him a reasonable offer that you think his company is worth. Who cares if he lying about the numbers. Chances are good he wont get any other offers... 70% of the locations we have purchased have been from liars. Know what the equipment is worth and guesstimate the sales. Offer accordingly to minimize your risk.
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    See if you can go to each machine, get a meter reading, then get another reading a week later. 63% gross profit is pure BS. The no records, no taxes is a 100 foot flashing red alarm.
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    I was on a road trip last week and saw this at the hotel Tuesday night. Maybe we've been doing it wrong. Look at those bottles!
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    The Bev 4 will be fine. We have some "outside", but under shelter so they don't get wet in the rain. South Louisiana has been known to occasionally get a bit warm and humid. {sarcasm font}
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    It's a very good machine to bring to a scrap pile.
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    Twenty five years ago we were worried about destroying trees, so we switched to plastic grocery bags instead of paper. Let that sink in.
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    Sounds like the account would definitely be worth it. You may want to consider a glassfront pop machine also. Sounds like you will have a heavy female customer base and having the ability to offer a variety of drinks should boost sales. I know at the cosmetology school that we have, we sell more energy drinks (especially the new REIGN), Sparkling Ice, Vitamin Water, juice, even flavored milk (YUP). Seems like everything and anything in a weird size container...LOL. But their tastes change as the classes change and a glassfront is WAY easier to make changes in as opposed to emptying out columns, adjusting shims, etc. Just a thought. Good luck, sounds like a GREAT opportunity.
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    Stay away! If you need parts they don’t have them. I have 3 sitting in storage because they cannot get replacement parts for them. The coin shooter part themselves is what I have broken.
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    Welcome. If you want to know about a soda machine, you should post this question in the full-line section. As for my opinion, don't bother at all with a bevmax 4. It's a good machine but you are essentially asking if it's worth it to save up for a Ferrari to use as a pizza delivery vehicle. Sure, it will do the job but you'll spend WAY more than you would ever need to. On top of that, repairs are a whole different animal with a bevmax vs. a standard machine known as a "stack" vendor (as most soda machines are). Forget the bevmax and stick with a dixie narco. Finding a good used DN 501E is a good choice but just about any good location-ready dixie narco can be a suitable choice. In addition to what I have said, if your church is an average-to-small sized church, you might never recoup your investment if you place a machine there. I'm just warning you in advance. Also, when you say you are purchasing or donating a "bottle" machine for the church, you need to be aware that 20 oz bottles are usually only purchased through bottlers depending on your region, which can create another complicated matter. Selling cans is 100x better for your application (in my opinion) but if you have to use bottles, stick with 16.9 oz bottles since you can often get those at grocery stores. Pepsi and Coke usually won't come out unless you order a minimum quantity of cases and bottles usually have a short shelf life compared to cans.
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    https://www.dsvendinginc.com/p-1856-d80180489031-dn-t-model-shim-right-side.aspx https://www.dsvendinginc.com/p-1860-d80180490031-dn-t-model-shim-left-side.aspx https://www.dsvendinginc.com/p-9233-d49707014043-dn-can-stop-shim.aspx for narrow columns. These are easily available used from anyone who sells and parts out used machines.
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    Sometimes they just fall off, especially if its a place with a lot of bored kids, they'll bend the golpher out of it and eventually rip it off. Other times rebuilders take them off to paint, I personally just mask it off. Or it could be to hide the fact its stolen. This machine looks pretty nice and might be stolen. However it is a Dixie Narco 501E, and in this area Coke has phased most all of these out a while back so there are a bunch out there legitimately. Still plenty that are still technically on the books too but there's so many out there legitimately sold by rebuilders that I usually don't check unless it still has an asset tag on it or bears evidence of recent use by Coke.
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    Just in case anyone stumbles across this post wondering what happened... after about 3 months of the machine being stored on its side, after being stood up for just over a week, the compressor is working perfectly
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    The product in the promotional photo doesn't even look appetizing so I would be afraid to see what the actual product looks like. Generic copy cat candies have never taken off in bulk vending generally because they just don't taste as good. If I were to venture down the generic road it never be with a edible product from China.
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    Just wanted to update everyone here. I ended up buying a new AMS Visi-Combo machine. I'm glad to get out from under Seaga, for at least one machine. As time moves along I'm going to replace all of these Seaga machines I have.
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    Trans women are x-men.
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    To me, a company that changes names for no apparent reason is one to stay away from. Mergers, I get. Change of ownership, sure. But usually, a seemingly random name change signals to me that they have a reputation that they are trying to get away from. Think about it, a company with a good reputation hesitates to change its name, just because they know customers associate the name with how good their company is. For a bad company. it's just the opposite. And frankly, posting positive reviews ostensibly written by satisfied customers is an insult to the intelligence of the members of this board.
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    Try the Hornet MW Tray meals and tubs. Turkey & Gravy, Meatloaf. Etc
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    Back when I did honor boxes, I found that the best method was to just pick up the box and tell the location I was taking it and why. If it was due to shortages, NOT picking up the box would result in only 3 possibilities. If you are lucky, the manager/contact would either give you money to make up the difference or get someone else to pay up. This almost always lasted one extra cycle as customers would often just take even more without paying. The second possibility was that the the location would ask me to keep the box there and "talk to people" and see what happens. Again, this often resulted in more shortages (funny, right?). And the 3rd option was that they got upset and just told me to take it out. I think the 3rd option was a power thing. Since they didn't want to deal with drama, me letting them know that people aren't paying was just an irritation to them, so getting rid of me was their solution. I was nice about it when I told them but holding the box (because I was clearly taking it with me) made it obvious that I am not kidding about the box being short. Once they saw the box, almost everyone seemed not only surprised but understanding (probably because I was obviously being serious about it). Yes, I severed ties with the location but I think the way I exited meant that I didn't have a bad relationship with anyone. You never know if the contact goes somewhere else and remembers you. When it comes to poor sales (even when the money is perfect) then I take the box and explain why. With honor boxes, I think you really need something bad like less than 4 items per week maybe since you can extend the service cycle to increase your profitability when you service the location. I had la location where I had a lot of items with long dates on them but they usually bought a couple bags of chips every 2 weeks. I increased the service cycle to try to help with profitability but doing so meant the dates would get so much shorter that it was more difficult to rotate. It just wasn't worth the effort after a while. There were exceptions though. I had some kind of an office for doctors that must have been just for billing or something because there was no lobby and no medical procedures were done but they talked about billing all the time. Anyway, this particular lady would give me an attitude EVERY time she saw me. She would follow me upstairs (where the box was) and complain about me not putting in stuff "they" want. So, per her angry request, I added things like peanuts, granola bars, and took out the nacho doritos and added more cool ranch because supposedly no one wanted doritos even though I told her they were selling (it was a power trip for sure) and nuts never did. Low and behold, the nuts sat there for several months (before I eventually took the box) and the cool ranch doritos barely sold. I eventually more more doritos back in there (including everything else) and this heathen throws a fit demanding to know why I put doritos back!?! Then she complains about not having nuts. Of course, I POINTED to maybe 3 or 4 bags of nuts in the box!! This devil's child accused me of putting those in there while she wasn't looking lol!! She said they weren't in there before. Well, maybe 3 service cycles go by and I am averaging maybe 2 bags of cool ranch doritos each cycle while the regular doritos sell 3-4 each cycle. Welp, I get an angry call from Miss Feisty Bird demanding to know why they are out of cool ranch doritos. Oh, I don't know, maybe because SOMEONE ATE THEM? She also told me how rude my driver was (who happened to be ME) and accused the driver (me again) of being rude whenever "he" was there. I showed up between service cycles, filled up the cool ranch with maybe 6 bags, and went on my way. About 2 cycles later, I noticed the money was a little shorter than usual (maybe 25% short). I just left it because they were usually good about paying. The next cycle, the box is EMPTY and the money is short so I left a note letting them know the box was short. Coincidentally, Dr. Dingleberry walks up and asks why I am leaving a note (LOL?!?!?). I explained that the box was short and SHE HAS THE NERVE TO ASK ME WHY THE BOX IS SHORT?!?!?! This MORON implied that I stole the money?????? I stole the money that I earned for myself??!?!? Then she says NO ONE would ever steal there (so it must have been me!!). Well, I fill it up and leave. Next service cycle, empty with no note and NO MONEY IN THE BOX. Wouldn't you know, the short-faced bear was busy with a phone call downstairs. I took the box, carried it downstairs, and she WATCHED ME TAKE IT WITH ME!! LOL! The HORROR and ANGER on her face as she realized that her power trip was coming to an end but she was too busy talking to a customer to stop me!!!! Oh, and the kicker was that there were 2 teens in a room adjacent to the room with the box when I took it. I am about 95% sure they were her kids because I had seen her talking to them all sweet-like the time before (when the box was short). I will never forget that woman and I truly never want to do business with her ever again. I am pretty sure she's the type that drives everyone nuts with her demands and requests. I bet she counts the fries in the fry container to make sure she wasn't shorted when she orders fast food, then complains about the 2 burnt fries and then wants to speak with the manager. Her name might be Karen. Sorry, I'm done.
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    Bulk candy sucks and is dying a hard death. If you were to do bulk, toy racks and amusements would be the way to go. But they are work, locations can be as hard as full line to get, and you would need a whole different operational structure. While full line is all about locations close to home and visited often, bulk (if you are not in a major metro area of at least 1,000,00 population, will involve a very large radius of operations (lots of guys serving an area with a radius of hundreds of miles), visited every couple months. This, because it involves overnight hotel stays, does not work well if you are also doing full line. However, you could pick up a rack for cheap and just focus on your own city. Keep in mind that the net margins will be similar to that of full line. For instance, FL COGS is like 40-50%, commissions like 10-15. Total 50-60%. Bulk COGS is 25-20%, but commission is 25-40%, so still 50-60%. A decent full line location will probably allow you to collect 300-400 every time you visit and take about an hour to get there, a good bulk location is like 2-400. So labor is about the same. At the end of the day, you should only go for bulk if you cannot find anymore decent full line locations.
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    My heart goes out to Dayton and everyone affected. I grew up there and watched WHIO live stream the evening of the tornados. I contacted friends and family there and they were all ok, but they said the destruction is horrendous. Last summer we had a very large wildfire here. I was evacuated from my home/business for 20 days, lived in a hotel with ALL my pets. I had my work truck and cargo trailer full of snacks/sodas with me at the hotel. I run my biz out of my house and it's on a mountain, 15 degrees cooler than in town, where I was staying. I only lost about $30 worth of melted candy bars. I was on the edge of my seat for 3 weeks with the wildfire at my backdoor. No structures were lost in the wildfire & only 2 of my machines were in the evacuated zone. I felt very blessed. Please pass on my love to Dayton and take care.
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    Amen Brother!! Love the POSITIVE outlook and glad to hear that things are getting better around there. It is AWESOME to see a community come together and help each other get back on their feet. YES! This is a resilient business! Hope things continue to improve quickly around there. We had two tornadoes hit just outside Flint back in the early Spring. Did some damage and killed power, but everything was back up and running in about a week.
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    Some moron gave you incorrect pressures. Only non-evaporator machines like Antares junk runs 10-11 on the low side. Forced air-over evaps in medium temps run 18-20 and leaving them low on freon is what causes them to ice up. 1/4" tubes that reduce to capillary tubes are high side and you should not tap those. The factory fill stubs are the ones that are pinched and brazed shut. On DN stuff they are long enough to put a saddle tap on. Vendo stubs are usually too short for that.
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    Since the Dixie Narco units are a cap tube type system, you pretty much have a suction line and a cap tube. Most techs add a shrader valve to the short stem that isn't used for anything. You're not going to get any high side info.
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    Search term "commissions" in this forum and you should have most of your questions answered. Anyone getting into vending should read all of the posts here before you do anything and more than once.
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    I have a Brother P-touch label maker and just make my own. Really easy and you can get both black print on white or white print on black tapes to put in it depending on what is already in the machines. I print a reasonably long run of each $ amount I need and cut them myself to save on tape - you'll see what I mean when you start printing them out.
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    80z, Do you live in Mobile? If so, Compass Bank will give you plastic bags that you fill your information out on it with a Sharpie. Of course you have to have a account with Compass
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    Yes, get the reports just for the accounts. Not all machines report cash & card sales but at least you'll get more info and hopefully some that do. You can also look at the telemeter to verify the telemeter number and, if logged in, get the GPS coordinates to see the general location. He would have to run around changing telemeter to fudge those numbers. You get reports or you should walk. Pending a non disclosure agreement, the ONLY reason I can see for not offering you to see any usat reports is because the reports will tell you a different story than what he's telling you.
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    Should just be snapped in.
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    We install our readers where the instruction plate is above the keypad. Just slip out the plexiglass plate and the CC reader will mount in its place
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    Yep, timekeeper lithium battery. Here they are: https://www.amazon.com/s?k=m4t28-br12sh1+battery&crid=17Y44ENDX0GDL&sprefix=m4t28-%2Caps%2C154&ref=nb_sb_ss_i_2_6
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    You can either buy the mounting plate for a Royal from USAT (different from what comes in the box) or remount the knockout plate after putting the card reader on. In the second option, mount the card reader to the plate included in the box and put it in the opening and reinstall knockout plate running the wire out the top. Just don't tighten too much and pinch the wire
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    That is a Lektovend VS99. 30 plus years out of production and very few parts, if any, available.
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    Thanks, Tony, it was a lot of fun, but can't say i wasn't ready to get back to it. So much different than when i had a "real" job lol
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    🕰️ is up how is the micro market going? is it worth the money. I get calls from vending locations wanted to know if I do micro markets. I value your input and any information you can provide will be greatly appreciated.
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    I agree with everyone. I have an off campus housing account for college students that does about $500 / week during the school season and about $450 of that is through cashless transactions. I think at least doubling your sales at this type of location would be very possible with the readers.
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    We have a elevator cold food machine from USI. obviously every location is different. Our best sellers are chili dogs, burritos, hot pockets, white castles, milk and sandwiches. Since we replaced our 431 with the new food machine sales increased 300%
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    In my experience, nothing sells fast in a cold food machine. I finally did away with doing cold food. No profit at all.
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    Apparently you haven't called any to ask or dropped in to ask. Each area's bank is different. Do the legwork.
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    You can't be a Canteen franchise unless they come to you because they want to buy you out. They won't even consider that unless you have multiple routes that do millions in sales. They are a national company and don't care about small operations at all. You aren't even in anybody's sights as you are a miniscule business.
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    This just might be the most useful thread ever... Well done kandyking.

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