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    So I inherited a office deli combo machine on one of my locations. I have replaced it with a REAL machine, and have found a great location for it. It brought me $46 in about 10 minutes!! Which is more money than it would have brought me in its lifetime.
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    Just wanted to give a huge shout out to AZVendor! Not everyday that you meet someone on the net with the end result being extremely favorable. The man knows his stuff, and is extremely fair with his prices - and he doesn't waste time either! So if you need something, be it parts or advice - hit this dude up! Thank you Randy! You da man!!
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    Sounds like they did you a favor. Leave peacefully and find a new spot for your equipment.
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    I must be a cheapskate. I have sold 100's of vendors and I have never left change in mech unless I forgot to take it out. That is the responsibility of the buyer.
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    Maybe sell rolling papers in sticker machine.
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    I have noticed recently people asking about commissions, type of machines, to place, what pricing, etc. The main question is, are you negotiating correctly? Are you controlling the conversation with the customer or is the customer controlling you? You have to be able to go in ask the right questions and then put together what makes sense to both you and the customer in order to gain their business. Are you giving away more than you should to get the account? Many new folks go in giving away the store or throwing everything they can at them to see what sticks. You will be in a much better position to gain their business if you can strike a balance of what they are looking for and what makes sense to do. I have mentioned before that I have turned down more business than I take on because it simply made better sense not to do it. Recently I and one of my clients were knocking on doors and came across an account that was not happy with their current vendor. After talking with them they had some pretty bad pricing with $1.00 bottles, $0.65 cookies, $0.90 pastry (the rest was in line), cold food machine that was mostly filled with filler items and not much food, free condiments like salt, pepper, ketchup, mustard, mayo, napkins, coffee machine with $0.35 and $0.45 price and a 10% commission. After looking at it we proposed it with $1.25 bottles, fresh/frozen machine, condiments pack sold out of snack machine for $0.25, we went up on the snacks that made sense to like $0.85 cookies $1.00 pastry, $0.50 coffee and still offered the 10% commission. In the end we got the account even after getting rid of some of the things they had like free condiments, cheap bottle prices, cheap snack prices, etc. We negotiated with the contact person and sold her on the idea what we where proposing made sense and why it did. We sold her on service and not so much on pricing and offered her somethings she was not currently getting like frozen treats like ice cream. Make sure you are negotiating and not giving in the get accounts because it will pay off in the end with more dollars in your pocket.
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    I have absolutely made much more than a 750 mistake. I jumped in head first and cracked the noggin wide open. I saw an oppertunity and ran. Did I have then sense to hire am expert? NO Did I spend WAY more than I should have? YES WOULD I have hired someone? Not likely. Do I now need to hire someone? I probably should. This forum has been a major learning tool for me, I likely would have failed long ago without all of you helping me along. I now need to go another step in the process and not sure how or where to proceed. A consultant at that price seems more than reasonable to me. Failure is not an option for me, so I have managed to make a go of it on multiple low end accounts. Expanded some over the last 8-10 months. I started from scratch, got a loan and the (coughchina junkcough.)machines. Would I do it again? HELL YEAH, just differently. Not sure it this helps the discussion or not, but I think there is some value to one on one training/guidence from someone experienced.
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    I believe this business has levels, and everyone needs to find their position within one of those levels. But it also can serve for a way to grow within the business. First would be a part timer who simply earns a little extra money on the side. It doesn't take very much money to build to this level, and takes little time to maintain it. But if a person wants to go further, they instead keep reinvesting the profits, and preferably more then that. Next would be a serious part timer. Somebody who uses a lot of personal time to run this business. Once built up, this can produce a decent second income, but not enough for most people to live off in and of itself. But still does not interfere with a full time job. But once again if a person want's to go further then this, then most if not all the profits should be reinvested into this business. Then there is the part time pro. This person has built up his route to the point that he may cut down at his regular job to focus on this business, but still has to work. If he can't cut down at work, he may switch jobs, or even professions just so he is able to focus on the business more. The business along with a part time job (20 - 30 hours a week) can produce a better income then just the job alone, but if not must be more rewarding/ enjoyable. But once again if growth is what is desired, then profits must be reinvested to keep growing. But at this level, you have to take an income to survive. Next I would see the person who derives most of their income from Vending, but probably maintains a second job just for an extra income. And an easier way to pay in to Uncle Sam.) It might be 10 - 15 hours a week. They could even figure on living only on the vending business, and using the second job to pay for the expansion of the business. Especially if they want to get to the next step. Full time Vendor. All income, and all the funds for growth are derived from the business. Even if the person needs to keep his budget tight, he is still living as a Vendor. So I have 5 potential levels here. (You could define more or less if you really wanted to.) I believe a person can get from 1 to 5 in 5 to 10 years if they are dedicated and focused. But people can speed the process up depending on how much they are willing (able) to invest. If you happen to have $100K lying around, you can obviously grow faster then the person who has to struggle to scrounge up $100 for his first machine. But I believe that the person with $100 and ambition (and some self control,) will be more successful the the person with $100K and no ambition.
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    I should really move this to our coffee section. And exactly how do we know this? You write as if you are the owner, and are trying to get sales, not like a customer reviewing a company. I haven’t been able to prove you are who you say you are, and looking up the company the website was registered 14 months 10 days ago. But hides the ownership of the registration. Also, the company is also set up in a way that hides ownership. Anyway, if you are an actual customer than when did you invest, how long did it take you to get your machines, and how much are you currently making? Any business should be able to give these numbers. Also you shut off notifications, so I doubt you will be back. So, they don’t have any guarantees? Don’t they back up their business model? What are you paying for it they don’t back up anything? I found complete kits on eBay for $500. Keurig, vending machine, and the little condiment caddy. It didn’t come with the credit card reader. Speaking of which I am confused how it works with a bulk type of machine? You get sick, don’t you? Minimal inventory? How many machines do you have? Don’t you buy in bulk? How do you define minimal inventory? I’d discuss the employee part, but that is a complex discussion, and would spark a large separate discussion. Built? They have to build them? The exact same machines are available on eBay now, without having to be built, so why are yours being built? How long of a timeframe is given? If none than the FTC 30-day rule kicks in. Also, many credit card companies do not allow a card to be charged until items are shipped. Are they charging way ahead of time? And again, it sounds like a sales pitch, not like an honest review. But we know that you can get a used vending machine for $50 or less, and make “cashflow” the day it’s placed. I paid $1,000 for 20 bulk machines on location. (Admittedly 8 years ago.) I thought there were no guarantees, and it was all up to me? Uh, yeah. When you buy something you generally own it. But yeah people can take it from you. Some guy could just walk in, grab the Keurig and take it home. Plenty of people have had vending machines stolen. Now it’s up to me again? Can you make up your mind? Do you even know what forum this is? The only reason it exists is because we believe in the potential success of vendors. But one of the obstacles are the BizOps. They make pie in the sky claims, overcharge the potential business owner for low quality equipment, give horrible advice that makes it harder to succeed, then ignore them when they need real help. That’s a hell of a lot to overcome. But, there are plenty of people who have started their businesses, and succeeded with the help of this forum. And it was done without an ulterior motive. Just out of the goodness of our hearts. It may surprise the people running those BizOps, but it is actually possible to make money without screwing anyone. In fact, it is easier to not screw people. You don’t have to hide, run, or worry about spending time in jail for not screwing people. And this shows that you don’t even understand this business. You are not competing against Starbucks, and it is foolish to think so, and act like you are. People don’t give up Starbucks for a Keurig. Especially when they could customize over 80,000 different coffee drinks. (2014 number.) You are the Chef Boyardee to Olive Garden. You are frozen fish sticks to Joe’s Crab Shack. You want a better business model? I have found many medical offices that have Keurig machines with the kcups available for the patients in the waiting room, and the staff. The office pays for it. All you need to do is supply the Keurig, (there are commercial grade ones available,) supply the condiments, and charge only for the kcups you supply. Walk in, refill the kcups, and condiments while running a cleaning cycle in the machine. Wipe it down, and bill the office. Why do anything else?
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    The dollar coin revitalized bulk in Canada. Instead of being stuck with mechs that take quarters you would have mechs that take dollars. I can't see how that is hard to figure out. A dollar Mech on a NW S80 would now be able to take FOUR dollars. Much easier to merchandise with something people, even adults, want to buy. It would be a life saver to bulk vending.
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    Usi 3014 and a cold drink machine you don't want.
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    Just be prepared to have it end up in a tree of a sorority across campus.
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    sven233 I hope you take this wealth of knowledge and customize it to your liking and business motto. I am considered a newbie here as well. As you noticed there's a lot of Catch 22's in vending i.e. location first, machine second, no locator, soda only, This may all be confusing to you.....learning curve! I got into this business on a whim from a friend telling me about it and then me "running before walking" dived into it. I LOVE IT! With a sales background I had no problem of walking into any account and offering services [even without a card and brochure] and was pumped after they said when are you able to put a machine in the location. I network with vendors from all over and ask for their experience and knowledge in the business. I've been fortunate with having access to box trucks, pallets jacks, dollies, [delivering] and buying machines [to keep a few then sell off a few] in bulk to keep my costs down. And troubleshooting my machine when a problem arises [with help from TVF.] As I got locations I learned from which are good and which are a bust {Either sell or give to my sons, nieces or nephews to service.] I learn something new everyday and from reading forum posts such as yours. I was told to start out with a goal in place [machines and how much I want to make] So I started with a goal of 10 locations, then I decided to do it based on machine [after I landed a 10 machine account]. So my goal for this year is to place 50 machines. I found networking is my best asset in this business, especially with other vendors! I hope this encourages further into your venture. I think you will do excellent in this industry....just like someone said just put the word VENDING at the end now and you should do fine. JUST THANK GOD YOU DIDN'T BUY A HEALTHY VENDING FRANCHISE and you found this forum! So I definitely commend you on that. That was your first right move. Good luck and I am here if I can help in anyway shape or form! P.S. If you can, buy nothing but guarantee vend, dual coil, snack machines [less headaches] and shimless soda machines! Im learning that now and changing out all my older machines!
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    We have the vending version of Jehovah's Witness here. Should we bat him around for a while?
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    Please, as we have counselled others, don't waste your money on any mechanical machines. They are never worth more than 1 or 2 hundred and will never perform profitably. The seller was probably ripped off by someone before and is trying to get some of his money back. Don't be the next victim. Put your money into real vending machines as you won't regret operating professionally. Use single price can machines and avoid any snacks until you are sure you want to stay in the business. By the way, vending is all work so if you don't have the time for this then don't want waste your money. There's a reason no machines are in those spots and it's probaby that they are bad locations. Just because there are no machines there doesn't mean they should have any.
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    Hmmm, are we being Uturn Trolled again? U turn: the path to poverty.
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    Hey everyone, I wanted to add a review for VendingLocator4U ( I've worked with Rodney for a few locations here and there and I can definitely vouch for his services. From my experience, he was very quick to return with locations and didn't ask for any money until the machine was placed. Not only placed... but I was happy and satisfied with the location. The places were expecting me to show up and in his notification email to me, he included all the details I would require. I knew who had approved the machine, hours of business and contact information for the business. He was very thorough. I can't complain about any of the service. I know we've all heard of these other big companies but I am VERY GLAD that I didn't get sucked into one of those and instead listened to the reviews here on the forum. Rodney is a great guy to work with and promptly responds to any of my inquiries. Thanks for reading...
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    Yeah I'm not worried about being maxed out Randy. I just know that at 3,000/week, I will make enough money to live comfortably without having to worry about any employees, operational costs, commercial buildings, having time for repairs and machine moves, and anything else. $3,000/week will allow me to still have as much as one business day off most weeks. I'm not the type of person that really likes to HAVE to work 50+ hours/week. If i choose to move onto 5,000-6,000/week, I will be forced into getting a commercial building and hiring someone part-time for various tasks. The plan is to hire my mother when she retires but she still has something like 9 years to go. I just want to be able to live for once!
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    Here is a list of Sustaining Members. Without the contributions of these members, TVF would not be able to continue. Please take a moment to give thanks to these members. Each month listed was made possible by the generous donations from these members. March 2015 rodney69April 2015 BouncyBalls Ginger Vend May 2015 Walta CajunCandy Growliebusters June 2015 hillbillyJuly 2015 The Mage indiana grand TWvend August 2015 TexasFreemason BorderJerry September 2015 Rick October 2015 Rick Firetad4 November 2015 hoosier96 December 2015 Chocolate Bar W / Nuts Click here to see donation status
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    Hey Casey that is really bad news buddy. Did they get ALL of your machines? Could it be someone you know? Someone who knew where ALL of your locations were? I have some extra Vendstars that are in good condition. They are yours if you would like them. I prob dont have keys for them but they are 100% useable once you get some keys. Send me a PM, reply to this post, or give me a call or text and I will be happy to try and help. Mark 585-298-1174
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    Comparing a charity vendor to an actual charity and subsequently suggesting said vendors be subject to the same financial rules as a non-profit is one of the most absurd things I've ever seen posted on this forum. I have nothing against either charity or commission. My route consists of both and I hope it always remains so because I like the flexibility. But, the bias some vendors have against charity is downright ridiculous. Saying a charity bulk vendor should have to open their books just like a charity does...WOW! That's like saying the President of my Neighborhood Association should have to make his tax filings public just like the President of the United States....I mean...they're both "presidents" right?'s hard to keep from cussing on these threads sometimes.
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    This is just sad. All-Pro is experiencing what other post-service pay locators have suffered. So many times we vendors come on here and gripe about the lack of ethics or poor professionalism of locators and I don't know that we, as a group, are any better. This is not the first time we hear about deadbeat vendors not paying for services already provided.
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    Boy, One pretty face and you guys just lose it ......... it's a darn good thing I didn't put my picture up there
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    George W Bush and Barack Obama somehow ended up at the same barber shop. As they sat there, each being worked on by a different barber, not a word was spoken. The barbers were even afraid to start a conversation, for fear it would turn to politics. As the barbers finished their shaves, the one who had Obama in his chair reached for the aftershave. Obama was quick to stop him saying, “No thanks, my wife Michelle will smell that and think I’ve been in a whorehouse.” The second barber turned to Bush and said, “How about you sir?” Bush replied, “Go ahead; my wife doesn’t know what the inside of a whorehouse smells like.”
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    An AR-15, or the so-called "Assault Weapon", was not used in the school shooting. The shooter even tried weeks earlier to buy a rifle but was turned down in the background check. So he had to kill his Mother to steal her rifle. There were initial reports, right after the shooting, that police found the AR-15 in his car, NOT IN THE SCHOOL. The rifle was not used. The shooter went into the school with 4 handguns, NOT an Assault Rifle as the media has charged.The Police said they found the rifle in the car. But the Administration probably had a pre-planned attack already waiting, to ban so-called assault weapons and jumped on that line of reporting, knowing it was a lie, which included people like sycophant Piers Morgan who said the shooter used an AR-15 that shoots hundreds of rounds per minute, as if it were a machine gun. Could it be that the Democrat Liberals and THEIR SUPPORTERS were pushing for the new law, hoping they could do it, before the Coroner released the info?
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    here's a question I have for the 50% of net crowd. why is it always 50%? why not 40 or 30% That's actually a rhetorical question because I know the answer. It is so you can deceive the owner into thinking he is getting a much higher percentage than he actually is. You need this edge because other vendors are most likely kicking your butt in your territory. Every and I mean every location owner that tells me well so and so is giving me 50% why cant you? I tell them it"s 50% of net. no no it's 50% of gross! I find it unbelievable that every and again I mean every location owner thinks it's 50% of gross. You 50% of netters should be politicians because you are effing up vending like they are the USA!
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    So, this is how it go's. I'm in my garage with the door open cleaning some used machines that I got off eBay. I see a guy walking up my driveway getting ready to hang a door hanging advertisement. I get his attention and he hands me the flier. It's for a local pizza place in town that has three locations. I ask the gentleman if he works for the company or a temp agency. He says no he owns the pizza company and does the fliers for exercise. Boom, the light bulb in my head go's on. I showed him my machines and told him what I do. I showed him my triple racks that have 2" large oak on top and to vista cabinets on bottom. I also showed him my double vista cabinets and the various color machines I have. I told him that i only vend GB and toys. Instantly he said he would be more than happy to take 3 of my triples for his three locations. No commision.Awesome. With this being a pizza restaurant that has been around for a long time I was betting he knew more business owners. So I asked. He gave me the names and numbers of 5 others business owners that he knows very well. 2 Mexican grocery stores, a store that's like Trader joes and two sandwich shops. Great I thought. Gave him a few of my business cards in case he thought of any other places and to give me a call. So I planed to visit the shops he told me about after i finished cleaning my machines to see if they were interested. Not 20 min later I started receiving calls from the stores he told me about. Apparently during his walk around the neighborhood he started calling these people. To make a long story short I got 8 location with 6 of them placed already and I located with out ever leaving my garage wearing flip flops, shorts and a tang top. Now if that's not luck, I don't know what is.. Just thought I would share my story. Right place at the right time! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Check your messages. For our viewing audience, the left switch in the picture is part # 388688 and the right one is # 388687
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    The candy cops won't say anything, just find a location and place it.
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    Here is an idea for anyone that has locations in a heavy hispanic area. Just put this together today. Hopefully it will attract more attention than a plain red rack. I guess it would work for Italian areas as well. ;-)
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    You should not be having these kinds of problems (or any problems for that matter) with a supposedly refurbished machine. If you wanted a project you have could picked one up on Craigs List for a hell of a lot cheaper. My next call would be to the seller and demand he get somebody to fix that machine properly.
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    No real right or wrong answer, it all depends on what your goals are. Do you want this to be full time or part time? Kind of hard going 400 miles with a part time business. If you do want this to be full time, how much money do you want to make? More specifically how much money per hour do you want to make? Additionally, what has your closing rate been? Do you land one out of every 3 tattoo or tire shops? If you are confident that you can duplicate your success, you can extrapolate what your projected radius should be to reach certain numbers. I would say keep going as long as you're able to get they return on time that you want. There are other variables to consider. Are you cash poor? If so, I would suggest only going after the machines and locations that will give you the quickest return on your investment... if you have plenty of cash, you can think more long term.
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    you are an idiot even for a troll
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    You don't need to spend big $$$$$ to put some healthy products in a vending machine! I sell protein bars "healthy" in my old AP machines no problem. cajun
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    And anyone dumb enough to try to tip a pop machine for free product deserves to have the machine fall on them.
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    The coin mech needs to be re-tuned. At some point it belonged to someone who used tokens at an account. ( Often, tokens were used as refunds, rather than handing out cash. ) It's a relatively easy operation: 1. Behind the flight deck of the coin mech ( the top part of the coin mech, where the coins go through and are judged, ) towards the bottom, is a pair of prongs, exposed. They stick up slightly from behind the plastic cover. ( Again, this is all *behind* the flight deck. ) 2. ( This here is the tricky bit. ) You have to remove power from the coin mech, short the two prongs behind the flight deck, then return power to the coin mech. All while keeping the flight deck plugged into the mech itself. ( Generally this is accomplished by holding a small screwdriver across the prongs. While plugging the coin mech in. Cradled gently in your arms. ) 3. Then, you un-short the prongs. This puts the coin mech in tuning mode. Now, drop two nickels, two dimes, two quarters, and two dollars through the mech. It shouldn't accept any of them. If it does, you've done it wrong and are not in tune mode. Basicially, there are two "slots" per coin. That's why you put two of each coin through. You can substitute one of the coins in each pair for a coin from Canada-Land, if you wish. At some point in the past, someone re-tuned it, and put a token instead of one of the dollars through the coin mech. As I said, some vending companies did this to avoid handing out cash for refunds. Whenever the moneyroom reports to me that a machine is taking tokens, I go out and field tune the coin mech and make it go away. Here is a link to the PDF from Mars, explaining the procedure in a more technical way:
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    What I do every 2-3 months at every location is I shrink wrap a $1 bill to a couple of bottles through out the machine. (normally total of $7-10) But sales that week go up $20-35 because people keep trying to win a $1 Also the locations LOVE it...I usually get 5-10 post it notes all over my drink machine thanking me and when I get emails about what great job I do. I kinda adopted the Vend Love Win it..and point people back to their face book page....but now all my locations know this contest as the Vend Love Win It contest. This is what I do in Lou of paying any if a location starts to talk about a commission....I immediately pop up and say....well I have something better then commission and it pays the employees back. Once a Year all my locations gets a FREE drink token (I choose the week when I get 6pk bottles for $1.88 like last week at Krogers) I do all of this instead of commission...but every one of my locations LOVE me and always come running to the break room and when they hear I am there to thank me The avg location cost me about $85-100 a year for the promotions I run through out the year If I am NOT pulling at least $150-175 a week ..I will run promotions a lot less depending on their revenue
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    I was looking at TJ king tonight as I normally do. Often they will have the newer stuff on line faster than suppliers will. Looking at their prices and taking into account over head, freight to IL, payroll ETC. My best guess is that they are buying from the suppliers at a deep discount of around 30% I even saw them selling a few items less than what the supplier would charge many operators. The topic of a co-op has been talked about here before but there was never any real interest. So before you place your next order shop around you may get a better price from a reseller. Heck maybe I will become a reseller and that would enable me to buy at an even lower cost for my own route I always thought we needed a supplier in the south.
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    This has been a good discussion so far, both sides make strong points. It all comes down to what you want to do with your business, a question I have asked of folks a number of times. If you want to build a vending company that would fetch a premium value when it comes times to sell then you probably should be using RJT's aproach because for a larger multiple route organization you have to make this kind of revenue per stop to be profitable after factoring the cost to service. If you plan to keep the business small with only yourself or maybe only a couple of employees then certainly your overhead is lower and so is your cost to service and having these smaller account in your portfolio, to some degree at least, makes sense.
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    Since we have several techs here helping out and hopefully some members supporting them I think we ought to implement a guideline. For those offering services to the members in the future please refrain from quoting pricing in your posts, this information shpuld be offered via pm. I am asking this for a couple of reasons: 1. I don't want to see you guys get into a public bidding war. 2. If you guys have to change prices for whatever reason a member might find a old price quote and then if he doesn't get the same price complain about getting overcharged. So again, new guidance, please do not publicly post your pricing, do so via PM. Thank you
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    I won't share a location with a bottler. The location gets to decide, them or me.
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    I totally agree with AZ's comments. Some more info for you. Overall industry sales are down by about 4B from the high in 2000 which reflects on AZ's comments From NAMA in 2010 75% of operators were less than 1M in sales so there is still fantastic opportunity for a small vendor. To further expound, IMO, due to the overall loss of revenue industry wide there is tremendous pressure on all for survival. The larger companies (1M+) are trying to maintain revenues any way they can, if they can't get the account they buy the operator. Very small guys ( up 100K in sales or micro businesses) are getting squeezed by the demand from their better accounts for newer technologies and better variety and selection of products. They are hard pressed to buy from sources other than Sam's and can't really afford the better equipment either so their survival will be dependent on providing outstanding customer service. Those in the middle (100k-750K) that are willing to stay in the fight for the next 3-5 years will be well positioned for long term opportunities as the shakeout from the recent recession continues. Even the smaller (micro businesses) guys that focus on service, service and more service will have more opportunities than they can handle. I've said it before, customer service is our biggest advantage as small operators, if you are not not fully committed to providing the best customer service experience in your market you are in for a bumpy ride, more so today than a few short years ago.
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    I never take another vendors location unless he is doing a terrible job. I view owners that are quick to dump their existing vendors for me the same way I do a girl who cheats on her man with me. If she will cheat with you, she will cheat on you. Those locations you steal are just waiting to be stolen back from you. Aside from that, I show other vendors the same respect I would want them to show me. If I covet their location, I will contact them and offer to buy it from them. Ultimately, location piracy will make enemies out of potential allies and when it comes time for them to sell their route, they will be happy to sit at the negotiation table with a vendor who has purchased (rather than stole) some of their locations already. That being said, if someone is negligent and doing a terrible job for a location, I will happy offer my superior services. I do not view that as me stealing their location as much as them losing it.
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    Which is what makes the TVF classifieds soooooo much better than CL.
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    I call when I am 2 mins away and speak to the contact like it is a foregone conclusion. "Hello, this is George with Kandy King Vending. We will be delivering your new candy machine shortly. Would you like us to bring it in the front door or do you have a service entrance you would prefer we utilize." That lets them know it is coming without giving them a chance to say no. Now when you arrive 2 mins later, they are expecting you and welcome the machine. I try to deliver within 24 hours of getting the confirmation email but definitely within 48 hours while it is still fresh in everyones mind. Every day it is not delivered is one day further from the call when they agreed and one day less income that machine will get on location.
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    Thought this was kinda cool.
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    I tell them they are right and the business is horrible (all the while scooping up fistfuls of their quarters). No need on letting them in on our secret. Then I ask them if they know the correct time and I slowly adjust my rolex in front of them.
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    I hate those things. They took a simple and reliable mechanism and turned it into an over engineered pita. Sent from my DROID3 using Tapatalk

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