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    I have been installing these boards in several of my USI machines, and in general I like them. I did run into a problem with my last install, the 4 wide snack had a satellite drink machine attached, and the InOne boards will NOT support any satellites/ side cabinets. I did not see any documentation of this in their instructions (I suggested they add the info!) Also, I did not ask in advance -Mea Culpa. Ended up having to re-install the original board for the time being. I am planning to remove the 6 select drink for a larger stand alone drink machine in the near future, so at that time the new board can go back in. Lessons learned - 1) Ask! 2) Don't do upgrades on a Friday night when you can't get tech support until Monday!!
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    Here is a clam shell idea that I use - furniture sliders. I use a large plastic slider with foam backing under most of my machines anyway, but when clam shelling thru a doorway with smooth floors (no threshold) I have done the move with just the sliders several times. I like it because it saves a lot of time over setting up the machine on a dolly, and I am not restricted by the range of the caster. This has been with snack machines but should also work with drink machines as well. With a threshold I am thinking that a dolly could be used for leverage to lift the machine enough to clear the legs over, but I have not tried it yet. The sliders I use are from Home Depot but are not on their website. They are rated for 1,000 lbs. I like them because they make the machines on site a little easier to move if I need to access the rear, and customers like that I am looking out for their flooring. Another issue I run into placing machines is keeping the power cord from getting pinched or damaged when setting the machine into it's final position. A long piece of twine or other small line works to hold the cord up out of the way and can then be retrieved when the machine is set.
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    CA has a really weird sales tax scheme for vending machine sales. I think the state has some pretty good resources but they may have been lost with the BOE reorganization. ETA: https://www.cdtfa.ca.gov/formspubs/pub118/#applying TLDR: Food that is usually non taxable at a grocery store is taxed at 1/3 the sales tax rate from a vending machine. Soda/ carbonated beverages and hot food is subject to the regular sales tax rate, as it would be in a store. Bulk vending (gumball machines) candy and gum under 25c is not taxed.
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    16.9oz bottles. A bunch of 501Es with can shims. Problem solved. You can set up an account with Walmart and order it all from them. Or you can still go through your bottler.
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    I took this "design" from Anderson Dolly. It's used on the elevated/snack machines and on items like Wolf Range, Restaurant equipment etc...
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    Don't know for sure and I no longer have any way to find out. I could hazard a pretty good guess if I could see photos of the inside of the door and inside of the machine including any and all control boards.
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    Good info but, for his sake, do you think it can be converted to a GVC2?
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    A 3529 is a special cold food machine that was built for schools it quite possibly has a Vendnovation controller in it and that that controller will not accept coins or bills even if you put a mech and val in it not all Vendnovation controllers do. I cannot remember when they were built but I would guess somewhere between 2000 and 2010.
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    It might be this model https://vendnetusa.com/wfdata/files/4217378b.pdf (Closest to your model number) Which would then use this programming manual https://vendnetusa.com/wfdata/files/4215422b.pdf' Regardless, the machine will be MDB which means you can remove the card system from the machine, get or use an existing MDB harness and connect and MDB coin mech and bill validator to it.
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    I can’t find that model number anywhere. I don’t recognize it, but there are so many models. Can you put a picture of the vendor on?

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