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    Most of the golpher I have involves buying and moving equipment. I've backed my pickup down a steep gravel slope with like a foot on each side into some guy's backyard to go get an LCM before. Picked up an old DN440 from a place whose pavement was like the surface of the golpher moon. Honestly, there are probably war zones out there with better pavement. Plus, it was sloped too. Somehow managed to get in loaded onto a drop deck trailer by myself without dropping it. I think I ended up tying a strap to the dolly and pulling it up the slope carefully with the truck and trailer. Easily one of my worst moves, moving 79 inch machines solo is a golpher even on a good day. Also I come like this close to dying or launching a machine off the truck every time I've been dumb enough to rent a box truck with a wore out tuckunder liftgate. Best one was trying to move machines into a storage unit with a 2 inch curb/lip at the entrance. By myself. Oh, and I only had a piano dolly, no Dutro. golpher that, never again. Dropped a couple machines before, thankfully both were scrap machines. Ended up using ratchet straps as a redneck comealong to drag it onto a trailer and haul it off for scrap.
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    Get the version off of your EPROM and check with your card reader supplier as to what version is required then get one from D&S or VE or Crane.
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    Yep, been begged, threatened and bribed for product that goes past date before getting consumed. Had a 10 selection Vendo stacker that had decent sales - main contact at the account told me I HAD to put in Mellow Yellow (because everyone was clamoring for it!) - told him no problem, which one do you want to take out - he's says no one likes Diet Pepsi so that one can go..... Mellow Yellow was a golpher for me to find - at least up here in Seattle hardly any stores carry it - finally found a couple cases at Target of all places. Loaded the machine, sold about 3 cans a week for 4 weeks and then nada for months - not a single can. Started getting notes and requests to put Diet Pepsi back in the machine, found out the guy who demanded I put the stuff in there got transferred and no one else had any interest. Had a rough looking gal at a metal fab shop offer to show me her tata's if I'd stock Diet Mt. Dew (I passed on the Tata's - most of the guys there had already seen em and told me I wasn't missing much) Diet Mt. Dew sold like 2 cans before it went past date. Seems like very time I get one of these requests, the requestor claims to be speaking for the group when in reality they are only speaking for themselves - sometimes it works out - had a guy claim that "everyone" at the account wanted me to stock Nutty Buddy bars - I figured he was full of bs, but filled a spiral and damned if it wasn't empty next time I was in there - so I filled two, damn near emptied both of them during the next cycle, so I kept them full and sold the hell out of Nutty Buddies for the next year and a half, then it just stopped - didn't sell a single one for weeks - found out that just one guys was eating 3 or 4 of those a day, every day - and he got fired so that was the end of that. I hate selling the energy drinks - everyone has a favorite and although I can stock lot's of different options in the bottle drops, never seem to pick the right ones - Monster sells the most reliably for me, NOS, Rckstr not so much - Red Bull is really hit or miss
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    Boobs are proof men can concentrate on two things at once.
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    It is on pulse mode - to turn it off press the mode switch then press E then button 1 it will say pulsy press button 1 again it will say pulsn. Press the mode switch and test.