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    The idea behind leaving the bottom row of the stack is so that the first 2 or 3 vends after a sold out fill will be cold product.
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    Stay away! If you need parts they don’t have them. I have 3 sitting in storage because they cannot get replacement parts for them. The coin shooter part themselves is what I have broken.
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    Welcome. If you want to know about a soda machine, you should post this question in the full-line section. As for my opinion, don't bother at all with a bevmax 4. It's a good machine but you are essentially asking if it's worth it to save up for a Ferrari to use as a pizza delivery vehicle. Sure, it will do the job but you'll spend WAY more than you would ever need to. On top of that, repairs are a whole different animal with a bevmax vs. a standard machine known as a "stack" vendor (as most soda machines are). Forget the bevmax and stick with a dixie narco. Finding a good used DN 501E is a good choice but just about any good location-ready dixie narco can be a suitable choice. In addition to what I have said, if your church is an average-to-small sized church, you might never recoup your investment if you place a machine there. I'm just warning you in advance. Also, when you say you are purchasing or donating a "bottle" machine for the church, you need to be aware that 20 oz bottles are usually only purchased through bottlers depending on your region, which can create another complicated matter. Selling cans is 100x better for your application (in my opinion) but if you have to use bottles, stick with 16.9 oz bottles since you can often get those at grocery stores. Pepsi and Coke usually won't come out unless you order a minimum quantity of cases and bottles usually have a short shelf life compared to cans.
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    That's a single price machine made in 1988. Here is the manual: https://vendiscuss.net/files/file/127-dixie-narco-pre-series-90-manual/
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    https://www.dsvendinginc.com/p-1856-d80180489031-dn-t-model-shim-right-side.aspx https://www.dsvendinginc.com/p-1860-d80180490031-dn-t-model-shim-left-side.aspx https://www.dsvendinginc.com/p-9233-d49707014043-dn-can-stop-shim.aspx for narrow columns. These are easily available used from anyone who sells and parts out used machines.
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    No that is the design, the last row stays until the machine is restocked. I don't know the original thinking behind that, if it was just the easy way to make the sensor switch work or not; but it does help an unfamiliar driver get products into the correct slot....
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    Sometimes they just fall off, especially if its a place with a lot of bored kids, they'll bend the golpher out of it and eventually rip it off. Other times rebuilders take them off to paint, I personally just mask it off. Or it could be to hide the fact its stolen. This machine looks pretty nice and might be stolen. However it is a Dixie Narco 501E, and in this area Coke has phased most all of these out a while back so there are a bunch out there legitimately. Still plenty that are still technically on the books too but there's so many out there legitimately sold by rebuilders that I usually don't check unless it still has an asset tag on it or bears evidence of recent use by Coke.
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    This just might be the most useful thread ever... Well done kandyking.

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