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    This happened to me, when I had a landline. Hung up the phone wrong, referred to her as that .... very loudly, then realized the phone wasn't on the hook right. But after I noticed it I realized I didn't care if she heard me, and kind of hoped she did.
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    Along similar lines, I only had a contract when the site required it. For all other sites, I said I am there as long as the site wants me. I had a one page agreement that got the contact details of the person I was dealing with at the site, any access requirements, any commission agreement and stating the I retain ownership of the equipment.
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    Also, just FYI, the 608 certificate (which is nice to have so you can shop at refrigeration suppliers and be legal) costs like 25 dollars and takes a couple hours. It’s open notes too so as long you have at least a room temeperature iq you should pass it on the first try. Plus you can do it online.
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    That's an excellent point regarding taking too long to raise prices. When I bought some locations from one vendor years and years ago, the prices were pretty good. At the time, my sales were pretty slow (about 40k/year) and an account doing 2k/year was pretty good to me. I probably went 2 years before I even considered raising prices. Most customers were understandable but I had a few that... when I wanted to raise candy from 90 cents to $1.00, or pastries from 95 cents to $1.00... there were a few that had an issue with it. it took me a few more years to realize it, but people get SO used to the same prices all the time that they get quite upset when the prices go up even 5 cents. But when you raise prices every year, they know it's coming. In regards to January and July being the best months... I think that's about as useful as the statistic that says something like 10am is the best time to make a cold call. Thing is, the conclusion is a little misleading and would be better stated that ANY time after 10am is a good time to call but calling between 7am and 9am is generally a bad time to cold call. I try not to raise prices in November or December but any other month is probably fine. I'm glad this post was made. It reminded me to raise prices at a few locations. Soda needs to be $1.50 minimum now.. and I can see $1.75 coming within the next 2 years around here. It's about time to make everything at least $1.00 in the snack machine as well... and that's without commission.
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    I make sure the new prices are clearly marked on the machines, so for instance if a drink machine has a large number of same price items that machine will get a prominent price sign when the price goes up (i.e. "12 oz Cans now .85"). That cuts down issues with people expecting the soda to dispense when they deposit the old price! If I have a working relationship with someone at the location I will tell them but I don't go out of my way to do it. If there is no contract on prices then the location should not expect control, and I don't apologize for needing to keep up with inflation like the rest of the world. I have only lost one location due to price increases, and was not sad to see that one go. Most operators are a little bit afraid of increasing prices, and it's good business to be sensitive to pricing expectations of your customers. But the longer you go without increases the more your customers come to expect no increases. I think it's good business to adjust prices on one category at a time and to do that at least once or twice per year. I read somewhere that January and July are the best times to raise prices for customer acceptance; I don't know how true that is but I think six months is a good minimum interval to space out category increases.
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    Problem solved. I left it unplugged for one hour, plugged it back in and it works fine now.
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    I really like this forum site. I’m learning a lot . Thank everyone that posts and communicates. And to be honest I’d let this stay low key.
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    Perfectly doable with full line. Not saying it’s easy, but it’s doable.
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    I beg to differ on our rates. We do not take deposits, you visit any account we develop before paying anything. Even after your visit we make sure the account is going with you by signing a installation agreement or has given notice to the current vendor. Then the funds are put into escrow via a hold the credit card. Once installation takes place it is released to us. Believe me if we did not do a "excellent" job these vendors paying our ridiculous rates, they would be posting on this forum like they should! Lets say you have an account with 2100 on site mfg employees (A Corp Santa Monica) with addtional 900 coming daily for training, what would you charge for that setup of 19 machines. We offered Dependable Vending the choice of paying us a percentage of sales over the contract time or paying our per machine fee. They paid the total machine fee because they know how to use a calculator. Best Vendors would have wanted 7% of the gross monthly sales for as long as the company had the account. Dependable Vending is one of the (3) largest vending companies in California and they do not lose accounts. Zachary Oliver is President of Dependable and I know you are on here and hope you don't mind. Maybe I am wrong but at one time this forum was used as a welcoming and training forum for new vendors. Saying statements like there is no use for combo machines in vending is not true. Several companies now make combo's that enable new vendors to get larger accounts with space issues in the breakroom area. Canteen carries combos too. Lots of them. Plus for people wanting to earn extra money these new machines can get them very nice accounts. We just got a part-time vendor a nice Private business school 300 on site daily students 25 teachers in Santa Ana. They wanted a combo with the understanding they could bring in larger machines if needed in the future. His AMS is going well over $150 a week. Everyone is happy. Plus our ridiculous fee was paid back in one month. Telling people they are fools or idoits or calling their ideas stupid just doesn't seem professional or helpful. We service the same 12 vending companies we started with and have only lost 2 because of sales or illness. Say what you want about combo's. new vendors, commission, service issues, people asking for help looking at machines, or whatever floats your boat. Many of the vendors that you have run away have contacted us for advice and we try to help but I thought that is what this forum was designed to do.
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    This machine has a great capacity when it comes to cans.
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    Trailers can be very tight. Make sure it's wide enough between the shelves
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    Cans work best in them as bottles are plastic and introduce more friction which can cause bridging in the columns.
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    Make sure the inner height is good. I'd say you really want a 7' ceiling as i believe that would be adequate for any machine. The potential downside is that, if you fix shelves in place, you won't have much room for machines. I think you'd be better off hiring a mover or, if you don't like that, rent a box truck with a lift gate. Or... if it's affordable, use a dedicated trailer solely for machines. You should dedicate most of your space to stocking product. It's great to be growing but just think about it. If you really felt it necessary though, give yourself 4' from the back so you can deliver 2 machines and get some e track on the walls so you can strap them on. You'll lose quite a bit of shelving but you'll still have a lot. I think it's a risky idea unless you have a strong helper and a pretty long ramp.
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    This may all come back to a bad logic board, but you might have a problem with the guaranteed vend system. It may be sending a no-vend signal to the board and ending the transaction. If the credit stays on the display after you make a selection and you use that credit again that results in Make Another Selection then I would first look at the guaranteen vend sensors, wiring and connection to the logic board. Try unplugging or turning the guaranteed vend system off and see if it will vend. Sometimes bright light shining on the machine will fake out the sensors. This was a similar issue with the first machines from AMS had. You might also have a motor harness issue that isn't running your motors. Make sure that all selections are priced as well. Just guesses here.
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    The Beaver mechs will fit a lot of the import machines. Sometimes you will need to grind a bit of the rear backing plate to make them fit.
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    I used to pretty much do the same as AZ. I have come to change that practice the last few years depending on my relationship with the location. I don't think it's the quite the same as the 'gas station'.
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    Get the one that puts a hook over the top of the machine and is the taller version. It's the best and most versatile.
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    I don't see any great pricing here and you should note that most of the snack machines will not take CC readers as they are not Mdb capable. Beware of the older Vendos as they have many problems after ten years. Southern California is loaded with used equipment. My advice would be to secure a location first and then decide which machine works best for that space. If your plan is to go cashless, then you'll need much newer snack machines but most of the multipriced soda machines will accept the CC readers
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    Just do it. You're never going to get anyone excited about price increases. They'll kick you out if they don't like it whether you tell them or not. People don't understand vending has expenses just like any other business.
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    Skip the healthy garbage. Start with used can vendors until you have a good understanding of what it takes to run 10 or more machines. Then you can grow into snacks and multiprice soda machines. This will keep your investment to a minimum in the likely event you decide this isn't for you. It's not easy, especially in California where it's nearly impossible to find anyone to repair or move your machines. When you begin with snacks you will need at least 5 to be able to control your stale products. If you want extra money for your family then you surely know that you will have to invest heavily in machines to do that so is that money best spent on vending machines that can't guarantee you a profit? A second job will net you a better return on your investment.
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    Mix and bouncy balls are the only 1" I do and both do well.
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    So far this place has been great to me.All my questions have been answered very fast.
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    If you have all of your equipment out on the street then I would say pull it and look for greener pastures. If you have several machines not placed then leave it on location until the other equipment is placed (as long as the low earners aren't way out of your way when running your routes). Look at it as free storage that makes a couple of bucks till you find a new home for it. Definitely don't pull it and let it sit in your garage or shop making you zero. I find $4 and up per month acceptable for single head gumball machines these days especially as filler locations on stronger routes.
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    They like em & lose em, & buy more!
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    They are so much better now that they got purchased a few years ago. All metal bodies, new mechs, new locks. Whole company has been turned around. A lot of the older guys on her will still say they're whack machines but thats only because they are used to the older Rhino and haven't gotten with the times yet You could literally replace a Rhino twice before you even come close to hitting beavers price point lol
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    Yep I know how it is to start out and wonder if things will pan out. After a while of buying machines, placing machines, collecting money, rinse and repeat, you start focusing on bigger more complex issues. But this business is very much you get out what you put in, so just put in the work and it should pay off.
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    Logical I like that. Summer time all the kids are out of school too so. That’s pretty logical too. I apologize for the dumb questions. I know some types of business pick up and slow down at certain times of year. I’m committed to trying to make my little business flourish.
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    Why locate in high traffic? What if my machine gets hit by a car and ruins my skittles!!!!!!!
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    I use white grease that comes in the aerosol can because it is actually a lubricant unlike wd-40 which is mainly for cleaning rust and protecting the surface from rusting.
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    Sooner or later everyone is going to have to raise their prices on toys. You might as well do it now while everything else is going up! Sales might suffer in the near term but you must have a long term view if you want to stay in business. I love going into a location and a 50 cent 1" head is half empty & the quarters just fall out when you open the machine! I have found that my 50 cent 1" machines outperform my 75 cent 2" machines.

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