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    If you're scared stay home. If you're old stay home. If you're immunocompromised stay home. The rest of us will steer this ship. We are all not in "the same boat". We are in the same storm.. We dont need damn bureaucrats telling us how to protect ourselves.
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    I strongly urge those who have locations that have gone bankrupt to monitor online auctions for your equipment. Lots of businesses are liquidated in this way when they shutter, and your machines might get caught up in the mess. In addition, try finding live auctioneers that operate in your route areas, and give them a heads up. Search in your area, and be creative with your keywords, lots of folks don't use the "proper term". I've seen soda machines go as pop or coke or pepsi or 7up, and snack machines go as chip or candy machines, among other terms. The sites that a lot of auctioneers use are: https://www.bidspotter.com/ https://hibid.com/ https://www.proxibid.com/ I also made a notice to put on the doors of closed locations:
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    Very much overpriced. And the machines are crap. Also the whole concept of healthy and combo vending machines will not make as much money in the long run as compared to traditional snacks with full size machines. Just search healthy vending here. Really, the only place for healthy vending (if you want to be successful) is if you land a school contract or want to use it as an add on to land a large traditional vending contract. But even then the branded machines are not the way to go, most experienced guys will get a vinyl wrap kit for an existing regular machine should they need a “healthy machine” for one of the scenarios above. Put it this way. Go on Craigslist or Facebook marketplace and search vending in a large city. You will see a bunch of these healthy machines for sale for cheap. Lots of guys get suckered in pay big money for the machines and sell at a big loss.
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    USAT is in another business transition that's hurting everyone. You are lucky enough to say you cancelled your account and you're done with them. Not so easy for me since I have over 3,100 active devices. They have been here before and managed to recover. The current issue is upper management and a semi-hostile takeover. The lower level employees have no clear direction and are doing what they can to survive. That's as much as I can tell you.
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    If they added a vodka nozzle then I think they would have a winner.
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    It's the camouflage Vendo for deer food plots.
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    I went ahead and raised all my prices. Some places were told in advance some through contracts. Wow! What a difference! I rose everything .25c. I was scared sales would drop alot as people who could buy chips for $1 now would pay 1.25. Candy from 1.25 to 1.50. Ice cream from 1.25 to 2.25 to 1.50 to 2.50. 16.9oz from $1.25 to $1.50, 20oz powerades from $1.50 to $1.75 etc. Results after 1 month. Previous month before increase gross sales: $115,700.00 Cogs: $51,263. 44.3% Net: $64,437 This month: Gross sales $127,650 Cogs: $44,677 35% Net: $82,973 An extra $18,500 NET this month while ordering About $7,000 less in product or roughly stocking over 14,000 items Less! This is great! Sales actually went up, while items sold went down (as expected). My inventory orders are alot smaller yet theres more cash. $18,500 in profit more per month = $222,000 per year in profit and carrying less items. Just for a measly .25c. So raise your prices! Only bad thing is we went from adding about $3000 a month of quarters in the mechs to $2500 a week in quarters. But its all goo
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    Ran virus software on the site and we are coronavirus free. Then we proceeded to surround the website with piles of toilet paper, because apparently the virus cannot pass through toilet paper. At least I assume that's why everyone bought tons of toilet paper.
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    we're not willing to touch the old vendors units unless we get a written release from liability from the facility owner. the problem I have is it damages the perception of vending in the eyes of facility owners and management. We run a professional operation and subpar operators damage our future prospects.
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    Too many people fail to see how insignificant and relatively innocuous this virus is. We are much more likely to beat this thing by going outside into the sunshine than by letting government violate our Constitutional rights with the asinine stay at home orders. It has been too long. I speak from a position of not having to work, in fact I posted earlier in this thread that I'm not minding the break at all. I don't need, or even want, the government handouts; all they do in the long term is create a society more and more dependent on government, something a lot of politicians want. Plus the fact that some people are getting more than they were getting only adds insult to injury. Our Country has already recovered; we flattened the curve, no hospitals are overwhelmed (in fact just the opposite), and lots of studies are coming out showing that the rate of infection is likely far higher than we were led to believe, which means that the death rate is far lower than anticipated, and even to this day reported. Also, we know that there are deaths attributed to Covid-19 that were merely presumed (According to Drs. Birx and Fauci) and we also know that (struggling) hospitals are incentivized to label cases as Covid-19 even if there are other more serious underlying health concerns, and that they are further incentivized to use ventilators even though it has been shown that using them can often further endanger the patient. Furthermore, wearing a mask is quite often counterproductive because it leads to more touching of the face; people of all walks, including first responders, have repeatedly been shown lowering and raising their mask for convenience. Letting society go back to work is the best answer, unless you're one of those who has a notion that government dependence on a Universal Basic Income, forced government health 'care' for everyone and infringement of liberty is a good thing. I don't think many of us business owners think that way. Let those who feel vulnerable and afraid stay at home all they want. No one is infringing upon their right to do so. In fact plenty of us will bring necessary items to them if they so need, happily. The rest of us want our sports back; we want to eat out, go shopping and watch a movie, in a theater. People who would deny us these pleasures are selfish. Herd immunity is our best bet, it creates dead ends for the virus which in turn reduces the risk for those most susceptible.
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    I just got back from working on removing the spray paint graffiti from my soda machine. I tried these products: Goof off Goo gone Wd-40 mineral spirits a plastic scraper Easy Off oven cleaner Cerama Brite cook top cleaner Here are the results: These products did not work: Goof off Goo gone Wd-40 mineral spirits These products work: Easy Off works best. Spray on, wait a minute and wipe off. The scraper comes in handy to scrape away the thicker parts. Easy Off did not damage the front, however, it might have made the selection buttons cloudy. I am not sure if they were cloudy before. Cerama Brite fixed the cloudiness of the selection buttons.
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    What do you expect with people staying at home? Another effect staying at home has dramatically increased my wife's urge to divorce me. But staying at home also has it's downsides.
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    I have been installing these boards in several of my USI machines, and in general I like them. I did run into a problem with my last install, the 4 wide snack had a satellite drink machine attached, and the InOne boards will NOT support any satellites/ side cabinets. I did not see any documentation of this in their instructions (I suggested they add the info!) Also, I did not ask in advance -Mea Culpa. Ended up having to re-install the original board for the time being. I am planning to remove the 6 select drink for a larger stand alone drink machine in the near future, so at that time the new board can go back in. Lessons learned - 1) Ask! 2) Don't do upgrades on a Friday night when you can't get tech support until Monday!!
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    My insurer wanted me to provide a list of every location and their value. I asked why and they told me so they could "insure them" if something happened. The thing is, I realized that the premiums would have likely been insane so I quickly told her that I just wanted general liability for damage caused by my business... I didn't want to insure the machines. It may happen some day, but I think it's unlikely that the additional premium costs would ever make up for the cost of equipment. If it was a single location with a large bank of machines, I might reconsider that but I am self-insured as far as it goes now. She quickly asked me if I was sure because "What if your machines get broken?" but I told her that most of my machines are only worth less than $1,000/each so, unless a massive disaster wiped out the entire city area, I could afford to suffer the loss of a couple machines. Sure enough, some tornadoes came through and destroyed a lot of businesses. A 276E got dirty and the 3014 that was next to it got destroyed. I haven't lost a wink of sleep over the loss of the 3014.
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    The dock is just a convenience and if you aren't getting LTL deliveries of freight it won't really matter if you have one or not. 3000 feet will give you lots of room for growth and to store things you won't need to store at home now. Moving a business out of the home is very advantageous and professional, if it make financial sense. When I had my largest building it had a dock that was used by Coke, Pepsi and our snack distributor but they also had liftgates so again, the dock didn't matter. I had a front reception area that I stored stuff in so people couldn't look in the window and see what we did, I had my office, a money counting room alarmed separately from the rest of the building and then I had a room for keeping candy and pastries cool since the warehouse stayed over 80 degrees most of the year. All of the office space was air conditioned. We parked our three trucks and van inside to prevent vandalism and we still had room for two full truck loads of soda and the storage of way too many machines. Parking the trucks inside was the reason for all the space since it was cheaper than any fenced-in facility I looked at. There had been two rollup doors side by side until one of my trucks took out the divider wall so we put up a 20 foot wide rollup door that solved that problem.
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    We have almost 120 locations. I only let 1 of them know before we raise prices (because I know how they are). Other then that we raise them accordingly to maintain our margins. I always stagger the price increases. Do chips 1 quarter, then drinks later in the year, maybe candy the next year. You have to pass along price increases. It's one of the first things my Vistar rep told me when I got into the business. He said over the years he saw so many operator's fail because they were afraid to raise prices on their best accounts.
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    Finally old enough to do what I want. Too tired to actually do any of it.
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    It's OK for you to disagree with me. I can't force you to be right.
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    To all those who want to confiscate guns: As a "trial run", confiscate them from criminals first, to prove how good of an idea this is.
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    I refuse to put a card reader on a machine that will not DEX. I also don't trust MDB converter boxes. Payment systems should not leave anything to chance. I have over 3200 card readers deployed. Just my $0.02
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    That's an A/P LCM Euro door. The same door from the top is on the bottom wrapped. Here's an A/P 123 in Platinum.
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    I got rid of 6 slow accounts that would make 200 to 400 a month gross. Sold all 6 w 11 machines for $30k with that i bought 18 usi 5 wides refurbed and those placed are making like $15k a month. Smart move.
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    I wish more Americans hated drug dealers as much as some people these days hate guns.
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    With so many things these days coming back in style, I can't wait until good morals, education, and manners make a come back.
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    I'm thinking I should buy that last board from VE and list it on Ebay.
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    I can tell you this... A lot of people think machines are off or they aren't working right IF the lights are off on snack machines. I don't care about soda machines too much but it's a big deal with snack machines. Going back five years ago, I had just quit my job so I could go all-in with vending. Buying anything was difficult for me because every dollar spent on vending was one less dollar I would have for a while, so I really had to be conservative. I even had trouble affording fluorescent bulbs. However, after replacing bulbs in a few machines, I noticed that one machine saw an immediate increase of maybe 50%. It was an exception but it was a big deal. Today, I ONLY buy LED bulbs and I'm probably buying maybe one every 2 months or so as the fluorescent bulbs burn out. They are pricey but work well and I eliminate flickering bulb related issues. I'm also adding card readers at any location doing over 3k/year and any some slower locations that look like they'd see a significant increase, such as a single retail clothing store that I currently do. Card readers might only add 10-20% to sales but they will eventually pay off even at slower locations. Bulbs, on the other hand, can pay off in a matter of weeks if you ask me. One important fact is that a lot of marketing research has been done by mega-rich companies and those studies all determined that consumers spend more money when they perceive an item to be of higher value... Meaning they will willingly pay the professional-looking company's higher prices for the SAME 20 oz Dr Pepper simply because their image adds value. I'm not just a vendor, I'm a business man. I'm not trying to reinvent the wheel, I'm just trying to manage the business as best as I can. And I can assure you and anyone else that you can get more accounts, better pricing, and better deals overall if you simply look more professional. I have a nice van and I'm working on my image (looking into a uniform of sorts). I'm trying to refurbish some equipment when I can and upgrade machines. It's expensive but you can get your money back eventually and then some.. if you invest in your brand. I just added 3 card readers today.. and I don't like to work weekends... but I know I can get it back eventually.
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    I try to fill based on sales so I won't fill up a machine completely unless I expect it to be empty or under 25% left by the time the next service cycle comes up. If I have a triple and only one selection seems to be selling well at the moment I will only fill the other two selections to about 1/4 to 1/3 full. Obviously I change things up a few times to see if anything else moves but if it doesn't I will generally change the two slow canisters to a pressed candy such as Runts, Lotsa Sours. Cotton Candy etc... to reduce shrink because have a very long shelf life. The last thing you want to do is fill a canister full of peanut M & M's just to throw them away in 6-9 months because they are stale. As long as you are on a consistent 2-3 month service schedule you shouldn't have any issues with locations thinking the machine isn't being cared for. Honestly they often pay no attention to it at all unless someone complains about stale candy or losing money.
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    Sure makes a person wonder whats really going on behind the scenes. And if anyone thinks for 1 second that the government gives two golpher's about the common citizen, well, I have some ocean front property in Arizona.
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    I've put all servicing on hold indefinitely. This is a truly surreal situation that now has no definitive end in sight. We will just have to do our best to pick up the pieces after this thing runs it's course. Right now staying healthy and helping others when we can is the name of the game.
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    I located 12 machines about 2 weeks ago. Prior to going out I was prepared for an unreasonably tough day locating but was pleasantly surprised how easy we placed the equipment. Unfortunately things have changed alot in 2 weeks. I had planned to do some locating yesterday but put that off. I also told my route guy that we are not going out next week primarily to protect our customers as well as he and I. I am also concerned about locations being randomly closed due to the virus. Not a good thing when you drive 2-3 hours to run a route and find out that multiple locations are closed. I have the same worries as you when it comes to people showing us the door over this situation. I lost one long term business office location last week and while they gave the reason that they were "changing the office around" I suspect it was a panic decision. There are always a fair amount of locations that seem to "begrudgingly" let us keep our machines there and this could be a catalyst to show us the door. Bottom line we are generally not seen as a necessity and we are easy get rid of. Overall I am concerned about the long term effects of this virus on our already slowing business model. If this thing lasts for a long time, comes back seasonally or becomes extremely virulent then we could be facing some real challenges going forward. I discussed the situation with 2 of my local competitors (good relationships with both of them) and they have the same fears. My plan is to see how things go in the world during the next week and just reassess every week. Whenever it looks like it's easing up and safe to roll then we will be hitting the streets. This thing is going to be an economic catastrophe for alot of businesses and we will not be exempt. I have no doubt this will crush bulk sales over the next 3-6 months if not longer. I hope I'm wrong.
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    Hello everyone. About a year ago, I started recording myself doing repairs to our vending machines so that I could post them on YouTube and help new vendors learn the same things I had to learn when I started vending back in 2016. I call the channel Happy Vending: https://www.youtube.com/c/HappyVending I've learned a lot from this forum and I would love to see some of the more experienced vendors make similar videos...LACanteen, AZVendor. With George and Randy's personalities, I bet the videos would be hit! If you get a chance, stop by my page and subscribe. If I get 1000 subscribers, I can actually start making some money from YouTube! I have dozens of ideas for new videos, and as I find time I record and upload them. Thanks....and happy vending!
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    They are probably anti Vendo because they went sideways with Vendo. That's usually why distributors drop lines.
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    I can't get into specifics, but our cashless sales passed 30% of total sales several months back. That's a lot of quarters not being counted.
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    Well I just had to share that not only is the machine still there, the manager let me put one of my campaign signs there!
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    Cans 1.00 20 oz 1.75 LSS chips, pastries, candy 1.25 SM chips .75 (only use these at slower locations, trying to phase out.) Energy 2.50 My goal is to have sales tax+commission+COGS be less than 60% Cans for instance. Cost .33. Tax .8. Total 40%. Leaves room for some commission. One thing to note is that even if your sales drop after a price increase you still may be making more money. For instance. Let’s assume cans cost .35. No commission. 10% sales tax. Sell for .75 cents. Profit per unit is 32.5 cents. Sell 100 units profit 32.50. Bump prices to 1.00. Profit per unit .55. You would only need to sell 60 cans to make that same 32.50. So even with up to a 40% drop in sales you are making more money. Heck, even if sales do drop 40% you are still ahead. Machines sell out less, longer service cycles lower cost to service. Plus you have to lug around fewer cases.
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    AZ is 100% correct. This is a STUPID conversation. This is a VENDING forum for folks in the VENDING industry to give and receive advise on proper or preferred methods of running their vending business. This is NOT a BRAGGING site for old weight-lifters or a puzzle site on how to cram whatever-heavy-thing into a small space. The question is NOT "Can it be done ?" but "SHOULD it be done?" and the answer is NO! Just because a vending machine "might" be able to fit in a minivan on it's side does NOT mean it SHOULD be transported that way. (By the way, while you were brainstorming how to get it in there, you certainly were not thinking about how to get it OUT). Your suggestions, while slightly entertaining, are doing a HUGE DISSERVICE to those who come to this website and seek advise on the PROPER equipment and methods for moving equipment. The original thread was an inquiry about the proper/preferred equipment dolly that various vendors use. Your goofy diagram and suggestions are not realistic for most in this industry and could cause someone a serious injury. Let's leave the "pissing contest" for the Golpher Page or go visit Lunkheads_R_Us.com. Just my 2 cents!
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    Press mode switch twice for service Press F for diagnostics- press * Press 1 for position test-press * Pull out left door switch Press 0 to cycle plunger
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    Time for a rant...... The advent of warehouse clubs like Sam's and biz op vending scams have led to an explosion of wanna be entrepreneurs in the vending industry over the last 20 years. They go gangbusters for a while flooding markets with junky equipment then figure out that vending is real work and not a get rich quick endeavor for the lazy. Next thing you know you have neglected equipment everywhere giving the bulk vending industry another unwanted black eye. Very frustrating. Add to that alot of old Fordway (generally Lions Club, Kiwanis sponsored) equipment on the streets where the owners have become unable to manage it properly or have passed away. Different reason....same result. Regardless of the reason, poor servicing or abandonment of equipment makes life tougher for responsible vendors and gracious business owners who allow us to place machines in their businesses. Old product in the machines becomes a liability issue for all parties involved and leads corporations to adopt "no vending" policies across the board. As an example, I had a large car dealership location that I had been in for years. I shared the location with an old Fordway double that had not been serviced since Nixon was in office and another triple owned by some louse who had tons of abandoned machines over a 200 mile radius. Some customer, who was either blind or just had a death wish bought some candy out of the Fordway machine and chipped his tooth. Long story short we all get shown the door. Frustrating but I can understand the dealerships position on it. They benefit ZERO from allowing these charity machines in the building and they are nothing but a liability especially when they are not being serviced adequately. Poor service by one or more vendors is really everyone's problem. Before I move on I will say that I still see plenty of newbies coming in here with aspirations of getting a vending business of some kind up and running. I wish you luck and all the vendors in here will try to guide you to success but I ask one thing in return.......if you decide the vending industry is not for you, please do the responsible thing and make arrangements to pick up your equipment or sell (or give) your equipment to another reputable vendor. Whatever you do please don't abandon it. Rant over. When it comes to abandoned equipment my general rule is not to touch it. These days I will bring it to a location's attention (reference the story above) if I notice it isn't being serviced or if the candy is looking inedible. I will also attempt to call the vendor if there is a number on the machine. If there is no number I will suggest that the location put it somewhere were the vendor will need to ask to find it. That way they the location can address the lapse in service with the vendor or just tell them to take the machine and leave. Either way I try to remove myself from directly handling another vendor's machine. Doing that helps me to avoid any kind of conflict with another vendor or possible accusations of theft. Bottom line it just isn't worth the risk. If you feel you must remove the machine perhaps due to an ultimatum by the business owner then I would try to call/mail the machine owner if the info is available and warehouse it for at least a year before I cracked it open.
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    It probably varies from area to area, and in my area the Costco is too far away, and not very well stocked for vending. BJ's Wholesale, another club store, is close but also more oriented to bulk retail buyers. Sam's Club is a love/hate relationship, as they forced out the smaller distributors a while back, but they do usually have the best selection and pricing for vending (here anyway). If you are big enough to use Vistar or other regional wholesalers you will still be using Sam's for a lot of product....
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    Having something like a CF7512 is adventageous when people carry bills larger than $1's or even $5's. Sometimes all people have is maybe a $5, $10, or $20 and they still want to buy something. Even a few $5 bills in a row will nearly wipe out the quarters in a 3-tube mech, so having enough quarters is crucial to prevent the machine from running out. You can set the machine to only take $1's and eliminate that "problem" but you'll also miss out on some sales if all they have are larger bills. If you only accept $1's then there is no advantage of getting a CF 7512. A card reader is a different form of payment acceptance. If people are buying things with cards, then there is no need for a coin mech or validator at all. However, cash is still king at MOST locations (but that's quickly changing) and not accepting cash will cost you a lot of sales just like not having card acceptance might cost you a lot of sales too. Does a card reader negate the advantages of a CF 7512? Not really as the coin mech relates to cash sales and the card reader relates to card sales. Some people refuse to use cards and some people refuse to use cash. I have locations with CF 7512s that have $5's, $10's, and $20's in the machine regularly and they use the card reader too. I have to refill the coin mech every time I get to a few locations because they just murder it but it's okay because the machines are making me money. Another big advantage of the CF 7512 is that it will give you a pretty close estimation of the coin value in the mechanism. That's a huge plus when you are adding coins to it. If it says you currently have $35.70 in there, you can just add coin to the proper slots and let the mech tell you what the new value is. It might not matter to you now, but it's a big plus for a vendor that needs to account for change added to the mech. If you had to pick ONE for budgeting reasons... definitely get a card reader first. Some locations are totally fine with a 3-tube mech. You'll know when you need a fancier coin mech. The card reader has advantages that are often way way better than the advantages on a bigger coin mech.
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    Any Quantums that dare to cross my path hit the garbage can, working or not.
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    You need to UN-purchase it if you don't want to wish you had months down the road. Genesis, along with many other imported machines, are junk machines. Here are two places I've seen with parts. https://genesisvendingmachineparts.weebly.com/ and https://www.capitalvending.com/parts-machines-validators-changers-locks-labels/Parts-for-Snack-Combo-Food-and-Coffee-Machines/Genesis-c-1028/go380/ You either have a coin jam in the coin mech or the coin mech is bad. I think it's pretty funny that a google search for parts for it has the first return from a Sewer and Drain company selling parts for a sewer snake - quite appropriate.
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    I am amazed at how many Americans feel that they have the God given right to loudly express their opinion on something they are completely ignorant of.

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