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    About 10 years ago I had all my prices super low and people loved me. But then I went broke and had to file bankruptcy. While sitting in court I looked around and notice that not one of my loyal low price loving customers were there to support me. So now when someone asks for lower prices I think back to that time and just smile and tell them that ain’t ever going to happen. In fact, prices are going up. Also, vending machines are not a bargain, they are a convenience. Say it to yourself over and over until you believe it.
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    If you're scared stay home. If you're old stay home. If you're immunocompromised stay home. The rest of us will steer this ship. We are all not in "the same boat". We are in the same storm.. We dont need damn bureaucrats telling us how to protect ourselves.
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    I went to a convenience store and bought a snickers. It was $1.59. None of them were outdated. So I raised mine to $1.50 and taped copies of the receipt to the inside of the machines. A vending machine is a convenience store but more convenient 😂
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    I strongly urge those who have locations that have gone bankrupt to monitor online auctions for your equipment. Lots of businesses are liquidated in this way when they shutter, and your machines might get caught up in the mess. In addition, try finding live auctioneers that operate in your route areas, and give them a heads up. Search in your area, and be creative with your keywords, lots of folks don't use the "proper term". I've seen soda machines go as pop or coke or pepsi or 7up, and snack machines go as chip or candy machines, among other terms. The sites that a lot of auctioneers use are: https://www.bidspotter.com/ https://hibid.com/ https://www.proxibid.com/ I also made a notice to put on the doors of closed locations:
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    Very much overpriced. And the machines are crap. Also the whole concept of healthy and combo vending machines will not make as much money in the long run as compared to traditional snacks with full size machines. Just search healthy vending here. Really, the only place for healthy vending (if you want to be successful) is if you land a school contract or want to use it as an add on to land a large traditional vending contract. But even then the branded machines are not the way to go, most experienced guys will get a vinyl wrap kit for an existing regular machine should they need a “healthy machine” for one of the scenarios above. Put it this way. Go on Craigslist or Facebook marketplace and search vending in a large city. You will see a bunch of these healthy machines for sale for cheap. Lots of guys get suckered in pay big money for the machines and sell at a big loss.
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    Ran virus software on the site and we are coronavirus free. Then we proceeded to surround the website with piles of toilet paper, because apparently the virus cannot pass through toilet paper. At least I assume that's why everyone bought tons of toilet paper.
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    If you choose to buy whatever this seller has on location do not pay for the Coke owned machine because he doesn't own it.
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    Make a donation to this forum and I'll send you a harness. Email me: gbruss<at>mmsalescompany<dot>com (enter the correct characters that are in <> ) Disclaimer: I have no personal connection to, or financial interest or investment in TFV. I just know some funds are needed right now.
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    When you buy a replacement mech, put it in a machine right away to confirm that it works and to make good on any warranty that it might have. Then just keep the mech that was in the machine as your backup. Otherwise, you might go to use your replacement and it may not work because you never tested it. Also, when you send a mech out for repair, put it into use right away and don't save it as a backup. Once again, you want to make use of any warranty the repair service might have and you want to make sure it was fixed correctly.
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    we're not willing to touch the old vendors units unless we get a written release from liability from the facility owner. the problem I have is it damages the perception of vending in the eyes of facility owners and management. We run a professional operation and subpar operators damage our future prospects.
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    Too many people fail to see how insignificant and relatively innocuous this virus is. We are much more likely to beat this thing by going outside into the sunshine than by letting government violate our Constitutional rights with the asinine stay at home orders. It has been too long. I speak from a position of not having to work, in fact I posted earlier in this thread that I'm not minding the break at all. I don't need, or even want, the government handouts; all they do in the long term is create a society more and more dependent on government, something a lot of politicians want. Plus the fact that some people are getting more than they were getting only adds insult to injury. Our Country has already recovered; we flattened the curve, no hospitals are overwhelmed (in fact just the opposite), and lots of studies are coming out showing that the rate of infection is likely far higher than we were led to believe, which means that the death rate is far lower than anticipated, and even to this day reported. Also, we know that there are deaths attributed to Covid-19 that were merely presumed (According to Drs. Birx and Fauci) and we also know that (struggling) hospitals are incentivized to label cases as Covid-19 even if there are other more serious underlying health concerns, and that they are further incentivized to use ventilators even though it has been shown that using them can often further endanger the patient. Furthermore, wearing a mask is quite often counterproductive because it leads to more touching of the face; people of all walks, including first responders, have repeatedly been shown lowering and raising their mask for convenience. Letting society go back to work is the best answer, unless you're one of those who has a notion that government dependence on a Universal Basic Income, forced government health 'care' for everyone and infringement of liberty is a good thing. I don't think many of us business owners think that way. Let those who feel vulnerable and afraid stay at home all they want. No one is infringing upon their right to do so. In fact plenty of us will bring necessary items to them if they so need, happily. The rest of us want our sports back; we want to eat out, go shopping and watch a movie, in a theater. People who would deny us these pleasures are selfish. Herd immunity is our best bet, it creates dead ends for the virus which in turn reduces the risk for those most susceptible.
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    I just got back from working on removing the spray paint graffiti from my soda machine. I tried these products: Goof off Goo gone Wd-40 mineral spirits a plastic scraper Easy Off oven cleaner Cerama Brite cook top cleaner Here are the results: These products did not work: Goof off Goo gone Wd-40 mineral spirits These products work: Easy Off works best. Spray on, wait a minute and wipe off. The scraper comes in handy to scrape away the thicker parts. Easy Off did not damage the front, however, it might have made the selection buttons cloudy. I am not sure if they were cloudy before. Cerama Brite fixed the cloudiness of the selection buttons.
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    What do you expect with people staying at home? Another effect staying at home has dramatically increased my wife's urge to divorce me. But staying at home also has it's downsides.
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    I have been installing these boards in several of my USI machines, and in general I like them. I did run into a problem with my last install, the 4 wide snack had a satellite drink machine attached, and the InOne boards will NOT support any satellites/ side cabinets. I did not see any documentation of this in their instructions (I suggested they add the info!) Also, I did not ask in advance -Mea Culpa. Ended up having to re-install the original board for the time being. I am planning to remove the 6 select drink for a larger stand alone drink machine in the near future, so at that time the new board can go back in. Lessons learned - 1) Ask! 2) Don't do upgrades on a Friday night when you can't get tech support until Monday!!
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    My insurer wanted me to provide a list of every location and their value. I asked why and they told me so they could "insure them" if something happened. The thing is, I realized that the premiums would have likely been insane so I quickly told her that I just wanted general liability for damage caused by my business... I didn't want to insure the machines. It may happen some day, but I think it's unlikely that the additional premium costs would ever make up for the cost of equipment. If it was a single location with a large bank of machines, I might reconsider that but I am self-insured as far as it goes now. She quickly asked me if I was sure because "What if your machines get broken?" but I told her that most of my machines are only worth less than $1,000/each so, unless a massive disaster wiped out the entire city area, I could afford to suffer the loss of a couple machines. Sure enough, some tornadoes came through and destroyed a lot of businesses. A 276E got dirty and the 3014 that was next to it got destroyed. I haven't lost a wink of sleep over the loss of the 3014.
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    The reason why you are only supposed to put coke items in a coke asset (actually owned by the bottler) is because that's part of their agreement and they dont' want you pushing anyone else's product out of the machine they are lending you for free. But, as part of the deal, you basically have to buy directly from them. Why? Primarily because they need to track it to your account but also because it cuts out any middle people from the deal so they can maximize their profit from your purchases. For example, let's say a 12 oz can of coke costs them 15 cents (i have no idea what it costs them). If they sell it to you at 32 cents per unit, they make 17 cents per unit from you. If they sell the same can to the grocery store at 18 cents per unit, they only make 3 cents per unit from the grocery store. You might get that can of coke for only 25 cents per unit from the store which saves you a good amount of money but coke makes a significantly LOWER amount of profit since you went through the middle man. Getting bottler assets can be a good deal for some but coke doesn't even offer it around here anymore and your only options are pepsi and 7up for leased machines. I can get coke products of course, but just not leased equipment. But it doesn't matter though because I choose to maximize my unit profit rather than try to get leased equipment. Yeah, it costs more in the short-term but I can put any products I want in my machines and I can shop around for the best deals as well. I have independent distributors deliver a lot of my products and I also get some things at Sam's Club as well. I'm all about maximizing my profits by minimizing my unit cost. I have also gotten my prices up recently and that's helping a ton. The problem that I have the most with bottlers (I never dealt with this though) is that they will push vendors to buy certain flavors. This can get real cumbersome for some people. I simply try to get a solid price on all of my products and then i provide my own equipment so that I never have to worry about pushing certain flavors or getting pressured about pricing tiers or whatever. I do pay more to have my product delivered but I think it pays to get certain things delivered.
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    Most likely a loose wire or connector. Possibly bad switches.
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    It doesn't offend me but you can thank the people who do follow the virus recommendations for you not catching it yet. It does exist and I've seen it and its ramifications. While MN might have fewer cases than most, just wait, those stats will reverse if more people there feel like you do. This has nothing to do with politics. The virus isn't R or D. Watch your dates on anything from a dollar store or outlet store. They don't usually get brand new products. Bottlers are higher priced than any sale at a grocery store or prices of 35 packs at Sams Club. What you do get is palletized large quantities of products at consistent pricing and usually discounts when the holiday sales begin at grocery stores. You will need a commercial location for them to deliver to - sometimes just a mini storage will do. Your best prices are for 14-20 pallets at one time depending on the bottler. Keep in mind though that the shortage of flavors or package sizes isn't just at certain stores but is a result of the shortage of aluminum cans now that everyone working from home stocks up for use at home, so the bottler is the one with the shortage, not the retailer. It just rolls down hill.
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    The recommendation is to not, unless you really, really have a space constraint. Otherwise you will work yourself to death trying to keep it filled. If you really insist on a combo USI, AMS, and Crane make good stuff.
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    While the Rhinos work good for now they don’t hold up in the long run. Put it this way, there are Oaks and Beavers out there literally older than me, still working and making money.
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    Let's name it Fred. It looks like a Fred.
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    Cold food is a loss leader. If you must provide it then you will not make any profit on that machine and can lose money on it. Most people with cold food machines will end up with over half the slots filled with non-perishable items like juices, energy drinks, and water. You can use shelf-stable food items like Raman and Hormel chili and Dinty Moore stew and some will use long shelf life items such as Otis Spunkmeyer muffins and frozen sandwiches from Bridgeford Foods or Pierre. You can do puddings, jello, and fruit cups or even pieces of fruit. Salads have only a 3 day shelf life and fresh made foods are only 5 days so don't even try them. As you can see this will be an uphill battle. You should not use any Rowe machines and not the National 430 but the 431 is a good one. Be prepared to jump back out of the business if you can't sell enough to make money from yours but you will never get back what you pay for the machine either if you buy at too high a price. $500 might even be too high knowing you won't make money with it.
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    Just wondering. Do any of you know personally someone who has died of the coronavirus? I have not, nor anyone I have asked this question.
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    I always add a doubled over piece of tape to the end of the label when putting a new one in. Makes it so much easier going forward.
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    Have you tried turning them off and back on again?
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    Vendors is open and the Eprom is in stock VE8725 you can order online or call
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    You sometimes have to use the tube fill feature or simply buy a bunch of things with nickels. This lets the machine know that it has sufficient change to payout. Sometimes just shoving coin into the tubes won’t let the machine know.
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    I've put all servicing on hold indefinitely. This is a truly surreal situation that now has no definitive end in sight. We will just have to do our best to pick up the pieces after this thing runs it's course. Right now staying healthy and helping others when we can is the name of the game.
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    I located 12 machines about 2 weeks ago. Prior to going out I was prepared for an unreasonably tough day locating but was pleasantly surprised how easy we placed the equipment. Unfortunately things have changed alot in 2 weeks. I had planned to do some locating yesterday but put that off. I also told my route guy that we are not going out next week primarily to protect our customers as well as he and I. I am also concerned about locations being randomly closed due to the virus. Not a good thing when you drive 2-3 hours to run a route and find out that multiple locations are closed. I have the same worries as you when it comes to people showing us the door over this situation. I lost one long term business office location last week and while they gave the reason that they were "changing the office around" I suspect it was a panic decision. There are always a fair amount of locations that seem to "begrudgingly" let us keep our machines there and this could be a catalyst to show us the door. Bottom line we are generally not seen as a necessity and we are easy get rid of. Overall I am concerned about the long term effects of this virus on our already slowing business model. If this thing lasts for a long time, comes back seasonally or becomes extremely virulent then we could be facing some real challenges going forward. I discussed the situation with 2 of my local competitors (good relationships with both of them) and they have the same fears. My plan is to see how things go in the world during the next week and just reassess every week. Whenever it looks like it's easing up and safe to roll then we will be hitting the streets. This thing is going to be an economic catastrophe for alot of businesses and we will not be exempt. I have no doubt this will crush bulk sales over the next 3-6 months if not longer. I hope I'm wrong.
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    Here is something else to look forward to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=28yia28x-i8
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    Hello everyone. About a year ago, I started recording myself doing repairs to our vending machines so that I could post them on YouTube and help new vendors learn the same things I had to learn when I started vending back in 2016. I call the channel Happy Vending: https://www.youtube.com/c/HappyVending I've learned a lot from this forum and I would love to see some of the more experienced vendors make similar videos...LACanteen, AZVendor. With George and Randy's personalities, I bet the videos would be hit! If you get a chance, stop by my page and subscribe. If I get 1000 subscribers, I can actually start making some money from YouTube! I have dozens of ideas for new videos, and as I find time I record and upload them. Thanks....and happy vending!
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    Honestly it's really too new for anyone to really know anything about it. I have not seen any in the wild so far. Personally, I would stay away for now. Parts and knowledgeable techs are probably going to be harder to find. And its probably going to stay that way until a bottler starts buying them or they start aggressively financing and marketing like USI does. And even then the market for new stackers is shrinking. And quite honestly, unless the account demands new there is no real point in buying new stack machines. A refurb DN 501E or Vendo 721 is just as good, and the money is better spent on new glassfronts for those picky accounts anyways. Put it this way, Coke, Pepsi, and 7up are all aggressively rebuilding machines. 80% of the time I see a Coke or Pepsi machine with new graphics it is a refurb.
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    Seconded. The IRS loves to tenderly make love to your butthole and audit those who run cash based businesses. (ie, vendors) Get a good tax guy. And no, good tax guys do not work for the Jackson Hewitt/HR Block inside your local Walmart or next to the liquor store in a strip mall.
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    Try this manual for a HY900 - it has the keyboard I think you have.
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    They are probably anti Vendo because they went sideways with Vendo. That's usually why distributors drop lines.
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    Or just remove the mechs and vals and go credit card reader only. No money, no theft. Otherwise use Medeco or Abloy locks (LSI sells them) and add hasps to the side and secure them with hockey puck locks. Also, if you run T handle covers use big beefy brand name locks. Medeco/ABLOY/American lock. None of that Masterlock bullshit. Same with the hockey pucks. If you do it right it should run you over 100 dollars per machine.
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    I buy them directly from InOne, they are a small company and very easy to deal with. I know there are distributors out there but I have not checked their prices...
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    Cans 1.00 20 oz 1.75 LSS chips, pastries, candy 1.25 SM chips .75 (only use these at slower locations, trying to phase out.) Energy 2.50 My goal is to have sales tax+commission+COGS be less than 60% Cans for instance. Cost .33. Tax .8. Total 40%. Leaves room for some commission. One thing to note is that even if your sales drop after a price increase you still may be making more money. For instance. Let’s assume cans cost .35. No commission. 10% sales tax. Sell for .75 cents. Profit per unit is 32.5 cents. Sell 100 units profit 32.50. Bump prices to 1.00. Profit per unit .55. You would only need to sell 60 cans to make that same 32.50. So even with up to a 40% drop in sales you are making more money. Heck, even if sales do drop 40% you are still ahead. Machines sell out less, longer service cycles lower cost to service. Plus you have to lug around fewer cases.
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    16.9oz bottles. A bunch of 501Es with can shims. Problem solved. You can set up an account with Walmart and order it all from them. Or you can still go through your bottler.
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    I have only heard good things about the couple you are asking about, and I have heard good feedback about RJT's book as well. Personally, I don't care for his attitude and I disagree with him on some things but I don't doubt that his book has useful information. He just rubs me the wrong way. I haven't ever used any books. I was trained as an employee to do the most fundamental part of vending (stocking and collecting) so I really just had to learn the technical side such as repairs and operations. You can learn a lot of it here on this forum. The hardest thing for rookies to grasp, in my opinion, is that this is a simple business of stocking what sells and making money by volume sales. Too many worry about getting creative. You don't need to though. Just do what everyone else is doing but do it better. The most successful vendors aren't winning due to innovation. They are winning by keeping up with what people want. It's that simple. And also, don't get hung up on buying combo machines or brand new machines. You can get quality refurbished American equipment (assuming you are American or Canadian) and you can get a solid first few locations without breaking the bank. Or, you can still settle for cheaper machines if you have the means to move equipment and you find good deals. The most crucial part of this business, other than stocking machines and keeping them working, is getting AND keeping good locations. If you can secure and retain good locations for a long time, you can do very well in vending. Perhaps I'm just slow to grow, or perhaps banks aren't friendly since the last big recession, but it took me 9 years to get to the point where I'm at but my problems are good problems now. I have money and I can do things that smaller companies can't because lack of money and big companies can't because lack of workforce.
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    AZ is 100% correct. This is a STUPID conversation. This is a VENDING forum for folks in the VENDING industry to give and receive advise on proper or preferred methods of running their vending business. This is NOT a BRAGGING site for old weight-lifters or a puzzle site on how to cram whatever-heavy-thing into a small space. The question is NOT "Can it be done ?" but "SHOULD it be done?" and the answer is NO! Just because a vending machine "might" be able to fit in a minivan on it's side does NOT mean it SHOULD be transported that way. (By the way, while you were brainstorming how to get it in there, you certainly were not thinking about how to get it OUT). Your suggestions, while slightly entertaining, are doing a HUGE DISSERVICE to those who come to this website and seek advise on the PROPER equipment and methods for moving equipment. The original thread was an inquiry about the proper/preferred equipment dolly that various vendors use. Your goofy diagram and suggestions are not realistic for most in this industry and could cause someone a serious injury. Let's leave the "pissing contest" for the Golpher Page or go visit Lunkheads_R_Us.com. Just my 2 cents!
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    I had my doubts about this, but once I saw this excellent image of a man clearly installing a 79" machine into a minivan, you've almost won me over. Now if you can just add a unicorn and maybe draw some Bob Ross birds in there, you'll have me sold.
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    Selections that are continually sold out cost you sales. We have an analyst that not only merchandises he specifically looks for "outs" and "zero turns". (empty and no sales) A computer is only as smart as the data. Data is only useful if you use it.
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    You know, if you reach your $500 cash back limit at Sam's Club before your membership is due, you can buy another and start the process again. One of the associates suggested that to me and I've been doing it for a while.

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