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    Press mode switch twice for service Press F for diagnostics- press * Press 1 for position test-press * Pull out left door switch Press 0 to cycle plunger
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    From Sam's Club: Tootsie Tarts, Crybaby Tears, Oh Baby Pacifiers, Pucker Ups, Flowers, Cotton Candy, Bleeps (1in), & Space Ships. From Oak Leak: Lotsa Sours, Super Sours (1in), Oak leak has alot of other selections that are similar to what Sam's carry. I have used all of these and all are generally stable for a long,long time unless in direct sunlight. One final word of advice......Always stick with "coated" pressed candy. You will see things like "uncoated Oh Baby Pacifiers" on Sam's website. These "uncoated products don't have the Dextrose coating that makes them shiny. The uncoated products actually create dust inside the machine and it looks pretty unsavory after a while. Also in locations with higher humidity this uncoated candy will have a tendency clump and the candy will look like it has had water sprinkled on it.
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    No the V721/621 is completely different from a V720.
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    Chris is on point, just want to add that with the 7000 series you have a number of options with the coin setup. That lets you adjust for variables such as pricing that might require more than average nickles, for example. I also use dollar coins in many locations where larger bills are common. That makes it easier for the customer and takes some pressure off the quarter tubes. The programming also lets you set coin levels so that you can better manage your change banks. If you have a location that does not need full tubes of something you can program the level you want, increasing the coin in the vault to collect and negating the need to par down the changer. That said, I still have a lot of 9302's out there working as fine as always.
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    OMG Yes. 1st of the year all our prices are going up also. Plus everything is rounding up to the nearest quarter.
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    You should take it out and sell it to someone who needs it for their wife. 😁 Also, reminds me of this.
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    Duh, read this forum instead of asking a generic, non-specific question like this. The forum has answers to probably any question you have. All you need to do is use the search box. The quick answer is you put snacks in a box. You place the box in a business. People want a snack and put money in the box when they eat one, you hope. You later swap the box for a full one and count the money in the removed box.
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    I was on a road trip last week and saw this at the hotel Tuesday night. Maybe we've been doing it wrong. Look at those bottles!
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    Buy a new AMS. The 797 National is already over a decade out of production and some parts are not available.
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    Use what you're used to. If you use and like USI then they have and have had plenty of good models of large machines. It sounds like you've not used AMS yet and they are a good machine as well. Just don't use any Sensit 1 models.
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    Low quality machines are not the answer and you rarely are they priced "cheap". If the location isn't consistently generating enough revenue down the road then relocate it. Adding substandard equipment does nothing but generate out of cycle service calls, lost sales due to misvends and possible eviction from the location because of complaints. Slow sales are part of the game at times. Be smart with your service cycles, change up candy variety if necessary, continue to look for good deals on quality used equipment and don't let a few bumps in the road bring you down.
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    If this is what you want to pursue for your own Honor Snack business, good luck and God Bless. More power to ya'! But why don't you pursue your idea first and THEN share the excitement and results with the community. I don't want to see other small honor snack businesses fail, even though YOU are prepared to fail (which I understand is how we learn and move forward). Don't really understand THIS comparison. No one is claiming that ANYTHING is unsinkable (or the perfect solution). What I am explaining is that your idea is NOT new, it's been tried with no success. It would be more like Coca-Cola trying to reintroduce New Coke again, only hoping it didn't fail this time. I'm sure the "Experts" would say "Sorry, No. Been there, done that!" If your would like TRUE, HONEST, CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK, I would be more than happy to share. I could save you a TON of money and heartache regarding these two ideas. I would think that with your business education and experience, that you would see that the Card Reader idea would NEVER pan out. It just the simple rule of ROI, Return on Investment. An average Honor box will generate roughly $20 per service. Once shortage and inventory costs are figured, you may be looking at $9-10 GROSS Profit. Now, a card reader will run you between $250-300, PLUS a monthly service fee, let's say $8 (they can be anywhere from $5-12/month). You ALSO have the 3-4% of sales that you have to give the credit processing. An honor box simply could NOT sustain the expense. And all this BEFORE you even get to the real "nuts and bolts" expenses. Again, the BEAUTY of the Honor Snack industry is it's SIMPLISTIC service concept and it's LOW investment (no equipment). You see...I am running the everyday Luxury Steamliner and YOU are building the TITANIC. I am only trying to point out the 500 Icebergs that are in your way. More like " Ay Caramba!" But seriously, I would be happy to give feedback that will greatly help you and your Honor Snack business. Please feel free to message me any time. Just my 2 cents!
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    Figured it out. Loosened the 4 nuts holding the plate thats holding the hinge and wedging a flathead in to give it a little more clearance for the folder to slide thru. Tested it about 10 times and no problems. Thanks to everyone for the help and suggestions!
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    Hey everyone! I found your forum yesterday while searching to identify a vending machine I bought. I didn’t realize what a big world of vending there is and I’m super intrigued!! I went ahead and registered today so I’d be able to ask a few questions, but using your search bar has already helped so much and I’ve learned a lot. Thanks for letting me mix in. Happy to have found you.
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    I run all my BB's in normal oak/eagle machines. Gimmick machines just means more to break on them.
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    Yes. Use the same black shims that you use for 12oz cans and set your motor cam to two notches if you can only do one bottle deep and 4 notches if you can do 2 bottles deep.
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    Royals can't go 4-deep. You can only go 2-deep in front and rear columns which is technically not the same as 4-deep. The V21 series will go 4-deep all day long without issue in my experience. I have read that the vmax such as the 720 will do 4-deep but it requires some modification.
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    The “backer” is called a rear spacer. I probably have one somewhere that I’ll part with cheap but shipping might be steep. As for milk or juice I would only do shelf stable products. For stuff that needs to be kept refrigerated you need what’s called a health control. What this does is if the machine gets above 41F for a period of time it will stop selling so people do not buy spoiled product. If the product is in fact shelf stable there are 2 considerations. First, milk doesn’t sell well usually and OJ isn’t much better. Second, there is no one setup, it depends on the size and shape of the bottle.
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    You can get sticks of trim from D&S or VE, cut to fit and replace the sign.
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    Just a quick update on locations now that I'm two months into this endeavor: Boxes started with: 50 Current Boxes: 49 (1 thrown away by a restaurant manager) Active Locations: 43 Lost Locations: 7 Pulled Locations: 5 Businesses refusing an Honor Box: 42 All lost and pulled locations replaced.
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    Why would you put a VE board in a 158? You're wanting to spend $450 for vend sensors?
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    la, sorry to hear about your wife 😟. Glad to hear your in the road to recovery, literally ☺️. The EB Mustang is a super fun car and even though it doesn't have the Coyote growl is a performer. I just grabbed on myself a couple of months ago. This is what I do with mine.
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    Hail no. I sold my last free drink dispenser 7 years ago. I wouldn't pay that much for a 5800-1,2, or 3 that wasn't updated.
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    We’ve had candy at $1.25 for a while. I quit buying from Vistar because their prices just got ridiculous. I go to Sam’s and a local wholesaler now. I do order from Coke occasionally from Coke, but the new company that took over can’t seem to deliver it. It took 5 weeks to get my last order and it was wrong when it came. The old company was great. Not the new one. They also don’t fix their own machines anymore. They want me to buy and install a fan on one.
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    Hello. I've been in the coin op repair business for almost 29 years, not a lot of bulk vending, mostly cranes. I signed up this morning because someone on here had downloaded a Rainbow crane manual, and I have a customer who needed one. Many thanks to whoever did that. I'm very familiar with Smart cranes and ICE cranes, so if anyone has any questions, please let me know. Pipester
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    Get rid of machine and tell Josh to hold his breath! Find a better brand of machine.
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    The product in the promotional photo doesn't even look appetizing so I would be afraid to see what the actual product looks like. Generic copy cat candies have never taken off in bulk vending generally because they just don't taste as good. If I were to venture down the generic road it never be with a edible product from China.
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    Just wanted to update everyone here. I ended up buying a new AMS Visi-Combo machine. I'm glad to get out from under Seaga, for at least one machine. As time moves along I'm going to replace all of these Seaga machines I have.
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    The royal 660 is a good machine, I have several, but AZ is correct; the programming takes some practice. Coca-cola buys a lot of them and it could still be theirs. (I think the RVCC means it was built specially for Coke, someone tell me if I am correct??) If it has a card reader with it the value of that depends on the make and age of the telemeter and can you get the unit transferred to your own account.
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    Over 5 years ago, while working for a part time job, I talked to a guy who heard I was also a vendor. He told me he was interested in a better deal for the vending. His only requirement was that he wanted his employees to be able to buy a can of soda and a candy bar for a dollar COMBINED. I was really curious because I was at 90 cents for candy alone. I went during second shift and there I saw a can machine (50 cents), a snack (50 cents everything except the expired pastries at $1), a bottle ($1), AND a cold food machine. I talked to the guys on second shift, both of them. This turd had less than 25 employees and this was a known vendor in the area who had low pricing but not THAT low lol. But the kicker... Is that this guy STRESSED that he had no contract and could switch tomorrow for a better deal. Unfortunately, I never landed this great account *sarcasm*.
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    A common mistake. The depth setting is by selection as well. The only settings involving columns is space-to-sales and test vend. The rest of your advice is spot on.
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    So I spent all day putting these in both the gum ball heads and bouncy ball heads in all 7 of my locations. I tested and tested and tested and it worked great. At my last location one spin it didn’t give me a bouncy ball but I tried again and it did. I then proceeded to put 30 quarters in after that and got a ball every single time. I consider that a great success. Thank you so much.
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    Ok got it working, after removing and reinserting all fuses I noticed the conveyor fuse had some kind of buildup around the ends. I brushed the ends and reinserted and what do you know. No idea what happened? Maybe humidity? Thanks guys. Was no fun having to open the door to get my beer. Haha
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    300s and I have been getting 30 per and am giving volume discounts over 10
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    Vending Life.. 🤷‍♂️
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    We dont ask for permission from locations to raise prices either. The cost of product goes up overtime and I dont ask for permission to maintain my margins. As far as taking over coke's machine you would have to talk to your coke rep. My bet is no because they wouldnt want you selling foreign brands in their equipment.
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    Most places would have a back room that the box could go. If its too "outdoor" how much supervision will it actually have? I would be more worried about theft than the box getting wet... Honestly none of those look deep enough for a bag of chips. what about these? https://www.menards.com/main/storage-organization/storage-totes-bins/storage-totes/sterilite-reg-clearview-latch-trade-15-quart-clear-storage-bin/17531712/p-1444444112788-c-12667.htm?tid=-8326287673681453706&ipos=38 Interior Depth is about 6" which would be tall enough for bags of chips to sit upright. You would just have to figure out the cash box portion. This entire idea just seems like its not worth the effort for the handful of locations you would need these for...
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    Industry averages are of no use to any vendor. They are just irrelevant statistics that end up being used only by scammers trying to sell crappy machines to people who know nothing about vending. If you get to be a large vendor with multiple routes doing a million dollars a year then you can sit down and spend all the time you want analyzing your sales vs the "national average," but I never wasted my time with that. Your average is what your average is and if you don't like it then you need to find better locations.
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    Take the cover off of the bend motors. Make sure each motor is in the home position. You May have some that have drifted past the valley of the cam and as soon as there is enough cash inserted, that selection will bend.
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    I would think the novelty would wear off pretty quickly. After all, it is still a ca. 40 year old game, just bigger, and there are plenty of more interesting games in people's pockets for free.
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    Apparently you haven't called any to ask or dropped in to ask. Each area's bank is different. Do the legwork.
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    Even if you went in with combo machines, the location may have to eject you for selling beverages if they have an exclusive contract with the current drink vendor. It's not usually profitable for two vendors to split a location anyway. And combos don't have enough capacity to make the service intervals reasonable if the sales are worthwhile. Did the route you purchased have any soda vending, or was it all snack machines? Snacks are usually more difficult to make money on than drinks....
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    Hackney body, Isuzu NPR diesel. Drinks load and unload from ground level, Snacks inside from the back step door. Since I am service and market equipment manager, I drive an F-150 Super Crew
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    Blind, I was trying to not jump to any conclusions. We only know one side of the story, and don't know the severity of the theft! If it was a couple of bucks.. Maybe they weigh quarters? maybe the employee had a scale that was not calibrated? we don't know because bill did not say!!! did the employee take 50% of the money from 30 stops? we don't know!!! maybe the employee needed some wd40 to lube up some coin mechs and took it out of the quarters? I don't like to jump to conclusions.. sorry your blood is boiling! I think everyone can learn from this... If you have employee's you should definitely consult a lawyer (if you cant afford it, find a friend with a business that has a good lawyer and pick their brain) regarding employee rights/rules/procedures. An employee handbook that spells out rules and consequences for breaking the rules is something every company should have.. if you spell out ahead of time what the checks and balances are, honest people will stay honest... the dishonest people will stay dishonest... and that's when you take Bhfishers advice!! great advice BH.! I think that as employers we owe it to our employees to treat them with kindness, love, and mercy... Discipline and forgiveness... That said, if someone knows the rules, and breaks them it is up to the employer to determine the severity of the offense. sometimes it is cut and dry, and the best solution is that the employee should to go to jail.. other times, a simple reprimand and wage garnishing that will create an honest and loyal employee for life! This does not have anything to do with an employee... but it is in line with discipline and forgiveness. About 6 years ago I got a call from the Frederic MD police stating that a young man had broken two 25 C (northwestern heads) off of the bottom of a 9 way rack. The "location" caught the kid and called he police... (they wanted me to press charges).. The next day a juvenile correction officer contacted me regarding the case and wanted to know what I wanted to do. I told her that the total cost of the damages was $150, and that I would like to speak with the kid who broke them. He called me, and I told him how much money he cost me, and the severity of his actions and the consequences according to the law.. he got emotional and told me he was showing off for his friends and he promised to pay me back. I had a decision to make.. I could press charges and send a kid who made a split second stupid decision ("round house kick" my machine) to juvenile detention... or I could show kindness to someone who needed mercy... What did I do? I told him that he did $150 worth of damages and I wanted him to make it right by paying it forward... He cost me 6 hours worth of time and $150 worth of damages, so I told him to choose a charity that he was passionate about and volunteer for 6 hours.. then donate $150 and tell them about his story.. I told him that at some point in his life, someone will surely wrong him worse than he wronged me.. and he will have a decision to make.. About a month later I got a call from the officer assigned to his case.. She said that it was the most amazing experience she has been a part of, and thanked me for helping to steer that kid in the right direction. I told her that every day I am the recipient of grace and mercy and that sometimes a little bit of forgiveness can go a long way.
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    I think its like buying a fixer house; its only time and money. Obviously all these other reasons exist. It is a challenge to survive in this very competitive business. The only way to make a very good living is having more and better locations. It is a numbers game. The one thing to remember is you will never be fired by an incompetent fool who has brown nosed his way up and could never do your job, no more ridiculous goals and pay plans that are unattainable, no more working yourself to the bone for someone else, and no more being DOWNSIZED!! Power to the entreprenuers who are willing to take the risks and have OUR skin in the game and fight the socialists who are trying to keep us from succeeding. Sorry, I got carried away. I'm going to take a heart pill now. Keep up the good fight. Jim

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