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    Ha - have learned that Vending gives you endless stories....... Have an old AP 6600 snack at a machine shop - does about $200/mo gross so not terrible, rough environment lot of dirt dust but that old tank keeps on chugging. The staff there are some solid people - I had a bulb going out and on those old AP's a flickering bulb can sometimes cause the coin mech to randomly jackpot....those guys saved every nickle, dime & quarter and handed it over to me in a coffee can when I showed up for the next service - I threw out a bunch of freeebies in their breakroom for having my back. Funniest story at that account was I showed up one day and a couple of the crew came over and let me know the machine had a couple of hangups that they had fixed.....they were super proud they didn't shake my machine, nope, they just drilled holes in the top of the cabinet, used welding rod to fish out the stuck bags and then welded the holes back closed I thanked them with a straight face (they sincerely thought they done good) and took a look at the top of that old machine - counted 17 welded shut holes in the top of the cabinet, obviously been at it for a while. I had this great idea to put another old 6600 on a dock on puget sound - got permission from the marina to put it on the end of the fuel dock under the over hang of a little shack - plan was to have it there May-Sept and stock it with fishing gear - Spoons, Hoochies, plugs, leader, etc... (note, don't try lead - even the small sinkers are too much for the augers to push reliably) Anyway - freaking disaster from day one. Machine is obviously not outdoor rated - I made a little "roof" framed with 2x2's and used that corrugated stuff on top - for the most part kept the machine dry and never had any issues with it malfunctioning from being outside for the 2 months it survived. But boy howdy, them fishin' boyz are some cheap bastages - every one of them knew exactly how much a spoon costs at Cableas and don't appreciate paying even one nickel over retail - and I was haven a hell of a time finding wholesale tackle that anyone wanted. Had to service that thing every-single-day - Sat/Sun the trucks & trailers start queueing up at 4:00 am to launch and by 8:00 that machine would be nearly empty - and by 9:00 am some crack head tweaker would be go after that thing hammer & tong trying to get at the $$. I had signs I'd put up saying "machine serviced daily/no cash in machine" but that hardly slowed them down. Glass smashed within days, cleaned it up and stuck plexi in there. Twice had some jokers stuff fish in the delivery bin - english sole and a dogfish. Kept at it best I could, made some $$ but gave up when it finally got pushed off the dock - cost me over $200 to get it yarded back up on to the dock (leaving it down there was not an option - so I was told) Got many more.. ABC
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    Duh, read this forum instead of asking a generic, non-specific question like this. The forum has answers to probably any question you have. All you need to do is use the search box. The quick answer is you put snacks in a box. You place the box in a business. People want a snack and put money in the box when they eat one, you hope. You later swap the box for a full one and count the money in the removed box.
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    I was on a road trip last week and saw this at the hotel Tuesday night. Maybe we've been doing it wrong. Look at those bottles!
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    Buy a new AMS. The 797 National is already over a decade out of production and some parts are not available.
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    Use what you're used to. If you use and like USI then they have and have had plenty of good models of large machines. It sounds like you've not used AMS yet and they are a good machine as well. Just don't use any Sensit 1 models.
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    Low quality machines are not the answer and you rarely are they priced "cheap". If the location isn't consistently generating enough revenue down the road then relocate it. Adding substandard equipment does nothing but generate out of cycle service calls, lost sales due to misvends and possible eviction from the location because of complaints. Slow sales are part of the game at times. Be smart with your service cycles, change up candy variety if necessary, continue to look for good deals on quality used equipment and don't let a few bumps in the road bring you down.
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    Figured it out. Loosened the 4 nuts holding the plate thats holding the hinge and wedging a flathead in to give it a little more clearance for the folder to slide thru. Tested it about 10 times and no problems. Thanks to everyone for the help and suggestions!
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    Vending isn't very sexy for sure, but people never fail to astound me... early on in my business I was stocking a small account when a lady came in to tell me I needed to put healthy product into the machine. So of course I had to ask - is there a specific healthy product you want to buy from the machine? Her response: " oh no, I would NEVER buy ANYTHING from a vending machine!" Um OK, well thanks for the input......
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    Oh Jesus. You saved yourself a lot of money coming here first. I dont have time right now to address all the issues here. Quick recap of issues. Business based on combo machines is a joke, 17 machines is 1 day of work not 1 week, 45,000 investment to net $4,000 a year (lol), healthy vending scam, you cant transfer credit card readers if the old company never finished financing the devices ( I learned that the hard way) That would be $80,000 down the drain. Giving the vending industry another black eye. Keep looking if you do buy a business you better be there to run it yourself or you WILL fail. If you want passive income your money would be better served dollar cost averaging into the equity markets over the next couple years.
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    ***Trumpets sound*** Peasants, Gather around for a proclamation from your King. Underlings, Your King has been extraordinarily busy taking care of the Kingdom this season and you have suffered a total lack of wit while He was in absentia. Fear not peasants, you may once again bask in the warm glow that is your King and you can watch His rise to the throne in the final weeks. HRH would like to take this time to personally thank the peasant who dropped Tyreek Hill. He has been a welcomed addition to the kingdom. As the playoff picture comes into focus, the King would like to offer his condolences to the Blue Mooners as they are now mathematically eliminated from playoff contention and even greater condolences to the foes He shall meet in His royal path to the throne. Bringing Fire & Fury from here on out, HRH
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    You are wrong, legally, if it is in your possession it is theft and you are also subject to a civil action as well. It only costs me $125 to file a small claims action and I have personally secured a judgement for $5,000 over a “held” machine taken off property.
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    Harrumph, harrumph, harrumph, Week 8 is now officially history (and one I'll be happy to forget) First was Td's knocking off the King to maintain his strangle hold on 1st place. The King still has a couple of guys in play but there's little chance of him prevailing in this one.. Second was Kiwi (Barbarian) knocking off the Force (me) and ruining my perfect sweep over him this season. While my team played like chicken crap for the most part, there was some silver lining to the dark cloud. It appears Fitz has refound his one time glory with the new coaching change - too bad I can't say the same for Johnson. I'm getting the feeling here that everybody is planning on sticking me with 200+points a game here so I'm really pissed off at ya'll. We start our final round next week and I plan on venting my frustration off on the Bagpipe who's been a real thorn in my side thus far. And last was The Bagpipes of Futility picking off the Terrible Scrubs and thereby avenging himself for that embarrassing loss the last time they met.
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    Hail no. I sold my last free drink dispenser 7 years ago. I wouldn't pay that much for a 5800-1,2, or 3 that wasn't updated.
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    One of the most infuriating feelings known to man is being told to do something right before you were gonna do it.
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    Yep, timekeeper lithium battery. Here they are:
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    Florida is the Walmart of the 50 states.
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    That’s a lot to ask for with so few people. It’s going to take a couple of years to recoup your investment.
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    Good luck, interested to know how things work out for you! If you are going to sell your regular vending items in the market, why bother with the market at all? The point is to move to a more upscale (and busier) type of sales. More like a C-store or small deli.
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    Ok got it working, after removing and reinserting all fuses I noticed the conveyor fuse had some kind of buildup around the ends. I brushed the ends and reinserted and what do you know. No idea what happened? Maybe humidity? Thanks guys. Was no fun having to open the door to get my beer. Haha
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    1/4 -20 and length depends on how your attaching it, I have 1/2, 3/4 and 1in on hand. The less threads stick out the bottom the better
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    When we used a rolling warehouse , we had a P30 and still have a 16' box van bought from Budget and a Chevy Express 2500 for service and markets. Next truck will likely be a Ford Transit under 10,000. Read carefully, it is federal law (not always enforced) that if you operate a commercial vehicle 10,000+ GVRW, the driver must have a DOT Health Card (pass a DOT physical). DOT numbers are only required if you cross state lines. DOT can and do shut a driver down without a valid health card and the tickets aren't cheap. I'd go with a Transit or Nissan NV if you can. Best way to accomplish that is by prekitting. Not to mention saving time and fuel vs. the step van or box truck, especially as you grow. For those of you that think prekitting isn't beneficial for a single man operation, you can service approximately 25% more machines by prekitting and carry less inventory on your trucks.
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    Vending Life.. 🤷‍♂️
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    We dont ask for permission from locations to raise prices either. The cost of product goes up overtime and I dont ask for permission to maintain my margins. As far as taking over coke's machine you would have to talk to your coke rep. My bet is no because they wouldnt want you selling foreign brands in their equipment.
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    Depends on the type of business you have machines in. But for me, generally the warmer months, spring-fall do much better than the colder months.
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    Crane may be able to help you but they'll charge you at least $50 just to get to tech support and it might not be worth the time and money to bother with. Your next option is to try to find a local tech that works on vending machines or see if there's a local vending company that will let you pay them some rate to work on your machine. You could also try to see if there's a local distributor with a tech who knows how to work on them. Your final option (and best option in my opinion) is to cut your losses and replace the machine.
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    $50 a month from a single gumball machine... yeah i'd take a thousand of them. OP was looking for monthly numbers so I gave some figures... Wasn't talking about service cycle times or number of machines in a location which are important factors but not asked for. Are you just here to pick fights cause that's all it looks like your trying to do...
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    That's exactly why I sold mine, I have never gotten a call saying I need to come fix my snack box lol
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    He did change the coin acceptor. The short answer is... it depends. If your previous coin mech is MDB, then any MDB mech should work, and the same is usually true with MDB validators. You'll know if it is MDB by the 6-pin plug. I have to ask though.. when you replaced it, did you turn the machine off first? You have to do that to prevent it from sparking and possibly damaging something. You also need enough nickels and dimes before it will accept any quarters or bills due to an "exact change only" situation. The best practice is to just fill those tubes up. Also, the problem could be the board on the machine. Hopefully not, but those machines are about worthless. Did the machine take bills before you replaced the coin mech? Did it have enough change in it?
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    I am not. If there is one place I can talk the wife into going for a few days, it's Vegas.
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    it goes on the top of the door where the potato chip guy is
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    It gets pretty quiet in here, so I thought I'd make a quick video today of a new chocolate claw machine I placed. This is an upgrade of an older (13 year old) machine on the site. There were a couple of niggles I needed to sort out once I had it on site with getting credit card reader settings right, and the connector on the modem was loose, so SMS reporting wasn't working at first, so I spent probably an hour on the phone all up getting that sorted and troubleshooting. They are made here in Australia, including the claw gantry now as the quality of their previous Taiwanese supplier was slipping. Let me know what you think of it and feel free to ask any questions.
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    I use 16.9 in Dixie narco 501 E,T and the all wide 522E only jam I have is my 20oz Zephyrhills water Delivery port on 501T they get stuck if they turn sideways
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    What the hell is polular - sounds like a mackerel uvula to me.
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    I use tweezers or a small flat head control screw stick (screwdriver). To my knowledge you only need to change the eprom if the card reader doesnt work. Cash sales report more accurately through dex. At least that's what I'm told.
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    If it is a Triteq t-handle you can replace it with a standard one. If there is no visible lock you're stuck with them.
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    Honestly, do it yourself. Not discrediting Rodney or any other locating service, but if you want any sort of longevity in this business, you will NEED to learn to locate on your own.
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    You HAVE to have a telemeter on the machine to get wireless data. You don't need the swipe part though. It's like asking if you can make cell phone calls without a cell phone. You can check the historical data (hd) on the machine but you need to physically be there to do that. You get the total sales, write it down, then compare it to the next service cycle.
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    This location is one you can secure because most ecperienced vendors know it likely won't do a lot. It depends on how much access patients have, how visible it is, and how long patients have access. If they only wait in a lobby for 15 minutes, don't expect them to use it much. If it's the lobby of a maternity ward (which it probably isn't) then it could do decent. Either way, it may be good to get the experience but you will regret paying 6k for the location. A combo machine is the right size, but the price of the machine is just wrong. A 501E would be an excellent option if the price is right. If they do well with soda sales, consider a snack machine. Don't invest in both off the bat though.
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    Harrumph, harrumph, harrumph Well it's looking like week 4 is all but in the bag so we'll do our recap now. First and least interesting is Td's obliterating the Scrubs (shocking) and just when it was looking like the Scrubs were making their move. Second, it's looking grim for the Force vs the Kilted one down by 3 points with only one guy left to play against the opponents 2 players, I'm going to need Sanders to score about 40 points to pull this one off which is not likely. I do have contingency plans though. Plan A involves Andy Reed calling a trick play (hopefully early in the 1st quarter) whereby Hunt swings around for a statue of liberty style play and Mahommes accidentally turns the wrong way and both players collide head on and end up in concussion protocol. This would also put a dent in Hill's production . Personally, I think the plan is foolproof and the only other scenario I see as likely is that Mahommes and Hill get into a fight in the locker room before the game and Mahommes insists on only throwing to Sammy Watkins and Travis Kelce. Then I only have to worry about Hunt beating me so all is not lost. Lastly, and perhaps the most interesting, is the King facing off against Kiwi who currently has a 12 point lead but no players left while the King still has Mahommes yet to play. Plan A would definitely give Kiwi the win but I'm thinking the King will pull this one out and finally beat a real player. It sucks that Kiwi puts up 180 plus points and still loses (for the second week in row) That's quite a slide from being first. That said, it's looking like a big log jam at 2 and 2 for most of the league with Td's still in first and the Scrubs bringing up the rear. Next week I get the Scrubs so I figure to win that one at least
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    These accounts are bearly doing $35 a week. It's not even worth the gasoline to service them. In addition, none of those machines is anything to write home about. I would simply wait for something better.
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    No its above. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    Hackney body, Isuzu NPR diesel. Drinks load and unload from ground level, Snacks inside from the back step door. Since I am service and market equipment manager, I drive an F-150 Super Crew
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    thank you. mission vending. so what is the time frame that need to pay off the equipment is considered good investment in vending business?

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