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  1. You should be going through a TON, but they need to be name brand, Tampax is number one followed by OB. you are probably referring to bobrick machines which are complete junk, do not drive sales, and do not have the capasity to allow you to make this profitable. Look at protocol vending machines, they are worth every penny you pay, you will also be able to vend other items that will help drive sales.
  2. None of the things they talked about were really true, they just wanted the guy out more than anything..
  3. Funny story behind what you even see here, I live in vestal which is only about 2 miles from Johnson City NY. It worked good for me as I was the lucky one to be replacing this guy hahhahaha
  4. I am a franchisee for the largest Air/Vac company in the country, its not your typical type of vending business. It has a lot of logistics that you do not run into in other types of vending such as national accounts, and only having 1 main competitor verses hundreds. if you have anything you would like to know I am sure I could shed some light on the situation.
  5. I could go on for days about this, I operate tire inflation air machines at a few hundred gas stations and let me tell you the stereotype is just as you suspect. These people always want more money and newer equipment, the only advice I can give anybody is that you can not be scared to tell them NO and walk out the door. Most of the time with doing this they will come crying back when every other vendor in the area also tells them no and that they are out of their mind. I used to make mistakes like this and think it would be great to have a new location but at what cost is it worth their busin
  6. I have been caught up in the emotions of the purchase in the past and have greatly regret doing so. When you think there are no deals to be had they will start popping up all over. Just remember for large sums of money you can always buy very good used equipment and pay a quality locating service like blue moose and end up with a route that has the equipment spread out and thus adding some more security to the investment.
  7. it all depends on the area you are in
  8. Honestly in the right places these machines can work for a little extra income, you should have no problem getting back your initial investment in less than 2-3 months if you can get these placed after that they are all equity.
  9. be prepared for a cooling deck, and if there are a lot of people looking at it tell them all that it will need a new refrigeration deck that will ensure you are the only one bidding on it...haha
  10. Few things to add to this, First off if Snapple can not get their act together to place a machine there I would call Coca Cola and have a non carb machines placed next to it with either vitamin water or Powerade graphics on it and put a nice mix of both in that single machine, I have this situation at several locations and it will probably double your gross income or possible more. Now for the second point I would like to make, I would absolutely talk to the property manager/owner and get a machine placed in the trailer park, I currently have 2 trailer park locations averaging 300$+ per month
  11. The 4 change machines are worth way more than 600$ so if it were me I would go offer her 500$ and take the machines to the junk yard and sell the change machines on eBay and pocket a few hundred for the troubles.
  12. for me every time is was the filter on the light, I either removed the light, upgraded to LED or replaced the filter if I could get my hands on one. Until I realized what the issue was it was really killing me, I would have never in a million years guessed the light filter was bad..
  13. start knocking on doors has always worked for me in the past quite well.
  14. I can see it being possible, i have seen Pepsi come in the past and offer 45% on full service accounts in my area, I guess that if you are the bottler you are paying just a few penny's for the product and can afford to do such insane commissions.
  15. I would place it yourself, do not allow them to place the machine and just pay you commission. From my experience talking to several people you will never get a commission check unless its a very large volume account, they typically only cut commission checks for 50$ and above on a quarterly basis.
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