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  1. Hello! I Have a fastcorp 0d820 ice cream vending machine. The only weird thing with it is its backup battery is dead so every time the machine looses power it looses all the programming. This last time I reprogrammed the machine, it makes the credit people put in disappear if the first selection they choose doesn't work. Example: customer puts in $2, selects a ice cream that out, machine says out of stock, choose another and if they don't choose in a few seconds, the credit disappears and no refund is dispensed. I've read through the manual and looked online but I cant find anything on how to fix this. I thought maybe my coin mech was dead but it still pops coins out when I click the eject buttons. Its a coinco. My best guess is the refund message isnt getting to the coin mech for some reason. How do I troubleshoot this? multimeter to wires going to coin mech?
  2. I got a the hard start AZVendor recommended and its been working great ever since. I checked the heat of the wires, starter and compressor and they all were barely hot after running for an hour. been going for almost a month! Thanks AZ for the recommendation, saved me a lot of money.
  3. Yeah I agree, I would like be thrilled if it fixed the problem, but otherwise it seems like a useful part to have around. Thank you
  4. Thanks for explaining this to me! I'm not necessarily opposed to buying 2 grand in equipment as I doubt this will be the last time I do this. Seems like a better long term investment compared to replacing the whole deck every time? The link you shared is out of stock, but it looks like dsv has one? https://www.dsvendinginc.com/p-8543-d65701270-dn-bevmax-4-refrigeration-system-new-complete.aspx Is there anyway I can pull the deck out and get it refurbished? Thanks Spencer
  5. Thanks for the tips, I did readup on the hard start kits, but from what I understood that is for compressor that don't start with the normal relay, you think it would work for my situation for the compressor runs, but burns the wiring?
  6. I was thinking of just replacing the broken part, not the whole deck. But yeah I understand it can cost a lot but $1200 just seemed outrageous to me.
  7. Yeah I was looking at the exact compressor thats in the vending machine and its like $200 refurbished on eBay. To remove the compressor do I need to evac the freon first or can I just cut the wires? Ill see if I can find a compressor repair guy here, but to confirm you think its a compressor on its last leg? Also, how do I recharge it after I'm done, do you know of any videos or something showing how to do that. Thats what I read/understood about compressors, there all the same, thats why I was so confused why everyone was saying they dont work on vending machines.
  8. Hi everyone, I doubt anyone remembers but I made a similar post in 2015 back when I was in High School. Now I'm in college and I'm the manager at a laundromat, where we have 4 vending machines. I just bought a used "refurbished" Dixie Narco 5800 glass front vending machine. It worked for about a week, and then stopped cooling. I pulled the back off and noticed the thermal overload protector wire that connects to the compressor was melted. So I bought a new one and installed it. It cooled again and worked great for about two days, and then the same thing happened, the wire melted. I thought this might me the compressor going bad, drawing too many amps, so I called a bunch of refrigeration repair guys, but none of them work on vending machines for some reason except one guy who quoted me $1200. Now obviously I know this is ridiculously high, as I basically got the same job done for $250 back in 2015. The only problem is back then there were options and I can shop around. here in Reno, it seems like this guy is the only one that does this. So my question is, do you guys think its the compressor, and if so, can I repair it myself? I'm fairly technical, and wouldn't mind buying equipment because we have a few locations all with refrigeration so I could repair those when they inevitably go bad too. Any suggestions for the vending machine noob would be greatly appreciated Thank you, Spencer
  9. From what I can tell, it gives a refund (correct qamount of change). I'm not sure what you mean by "You need to see if the coin mech is giving change back at the time it give the credit too." Thanks How would I do this? I have a sensit 2 Thanks From what I can tell, its mostly two can dispensers on the bottom row. But that's just what ive seen, it could very possibly be happening on other levels too. Thanks The drinks are pretty secure, so I cant see that happening. Thanks
  10. Ok so I've talked to some people and they say it just gives them change sometimes after they get their snack or drink. I now think its not a specific slot, it just happens at random. Its not a wrong price problem, I check them all, I don't think a key is floating around, plus it would be too hard for them to open it up without anyone seeing. Its been happening a while now actually, I once got something and it gave me extra change, but I think its happening more now. Is there a way to like reset the change machine or something? Thanks
  11. i thought it was the wrong price too but I checked and it was the correct price.
  12. Thanks. I'll do that if I cant find any other explanation. What is CC check? I've never done it before but ill try and look at reported sales. Thanks I don't know if our lock is a "shipping lock" and I dont know the key number off hand, ill have to look on Tuesday. Thanks
  13. Hi everyone! My school has an AMS 39-vcb 1-0904-0556 and im basically in charge of it. Over the past couple of weeks, Ive noticed things selling a little too quickly. I would fill it up, and like 30 mins later all the drinks in one isle would be gone and all the rest of the drinks would have maybe one or two gone. I thought maybe someone just liked the flavor but the next time I filled it up, I put a different flavor in it and sure enough, the same isle was emptied quickly. I tried seeing if someone figured out how to trick the sensor but I couldnt find anything. I just searched online and there are cheat codes or ways of hacking a vending machine but im not sure if they work on my vending machine and or how to prevent them. And its not just drinks, though its more noticeable (maybe because there are less). once, my cookie isle disappeared really quickly too. Does anyone know how to fix this? Or have an explanation? Thanks
  14. Thanks AZVendor! The machine is an AMS 39-vcb 1-0904-0556 You said 38-42 for drinks and warmer than 75 for snacks. What if they're in the same machine? Thanks
  15. Hello, My school has a vending machine which has the option to turn off the refrigeration during times its not usually in use i.e. night. While this seems like a good idea at first, I now cant decide whether or not to use it. The argument against using it is that it might be easier and cheaper for the compressor to maintain its operating temperature 24/7, compared to turning off every night and re cooling in the morning. Its like a car. A car takes more gas to accelerate, than to maintain a speed its already at. What do you guys think? Also, what is the ideal temperature to run the vending machine at? It has both sodas and snacks. Thanks
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