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  1. ok? but how would i use a mei 2501 with older coin mech non control board machine?
  2. i have given up watching ebay i have a friend that his validator died and he does not make any money on his machine he does it for the kids but his validator broke its a vfm3-l1-u4c and i cannot seem to find working ones for under $100 on ebay so maybe some one knows other places to find them?
  3. What kind of price you wanting also kinda intrested in a remote to if price is right
  4. so i have a 501e HVV with a triteq lock in it works great love the electric lock but trying to find new motor for lock as mine has broken both mounts for the motor i contacted triteq but minimum order is 5 and i only need 1 any ideas where i can get one? or the whole unit for a fair price?
  5. 24oz bottles are the way to go cheaper then 20oz meaning bigger profit margins
  6. need to find new face for DN700CV as mine kinda got destroyed the other day
  7. its the reeses one the pepsi one is a 501E HVV love them 501e machines good work horses
  8. KANSAS Step 1. What type of business do you want to start? Food Establishment. Any operation that offers food directly to the end consumer is considered a Food Establishment. Common examples are grocery stores, convenience stores, restaurants, school food service operations, bakeries, mobile food operations, bars, taverns, and delicatessens. Any place where food is served or prepared for sale or service on the premises or elsewhere. Any other eating or drinking establishment or operation where food is served or provided for the public with or without charge falls under the Food Establishment umbrella. Food vending machines. In Kansas, food vending machines are defined as any self-service device, which, upon payment, dispenses unit servings of food, either in bulk or in packages. Such device shall not necessitate replenishing between each vending operation. Food vending machine companies are defined as “any person in the business of operating and servicing food vending machines.” Food vending machines are exempt from licensing as long as three requirements are met. First, the facility that services the machine is licensed as a food establishment, or if located in another state, licensed according to the laws of such state. Second, the food vending machine company/operator of the food vending machine must maintain a current record of the location of each food vending machine it operates or services. The records must be made available to Food Safety Program staff on request. Third, each food vending machine must conspicuously display the food vending machine company/operator’s name and phone number. Any vending machine that only dispenses canned or bottled soft drinks or prepackaged food that does not require temperature control for safety is not subject to these requirements. last part would be most important for most vending in ks
  9. thanks but they dont D&S dont have it to what i can tell and what do you mean the machine never flew? thanks.
  10. trying to find out the best place to get parts i am needing to find rollers for the tracks locks for the trays mainly
  11. what i have done so far is tested board in another fully working machine still displays 1 1 1 1 checked wiring checked pins checked fuses i am at a loss here
  12. idk what kinda of freon it takes and it was bone dry i put r134A in it at 25psi and it seems to be cooling like a beast now so hopes for the best.
  13. what type of freon does it take so i can recharge it as its not cooling but condencer runs fans run
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