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    awesome ill buy some off of you. and for labels I can make any price you need etc with my vinyl plotter as well as shirts logos decals hats lanyards you name it. email me the show LLC g mail I've got you covered


    emailed you and no response

    whats your email

    In need of shelf dividers for a use 3014 contact me with sites/sellers
  6. Royal Vendors GIII Broken into

    I will upload a few photos. If you have time to give me some more feedback on what you see that would be awesome (as far as it being warped ) Thank you!
  7. Recently had my machine broken into from the left hand side (none lock related) I am looking for a security cage and parts to repair the machine. If anyone has a cage for sale in the Los Angeles area contact me and parts online or local as well. Thank you
  8. Unplugged it to let the ice melt. Plugged it back in and the error now read SeNS the temp shot up to 103 but the inside was cool. The compressor won't start again until it hits the 40's Im guessing I need a new temp sens harness correct?
  9. For some reason the machine reset and I had to manually go in and adjust the DSP for it to show. The issue I am now having is that the area below the shoot is still frozen although not as bad as before but still frozen and the error reads "copra" and tells me the compressor is not cooling. Is this due to a leak or low freon? Thanks a million for all the help
  10. Temp is not being displayed and beneath the drop shoot is completely frozen. Door switch is fine. Checked my fan blade etc everything checks out to the best of my knowledge but the temp just isn't displayed so I'm guessing there is no signal for the machine to cut out the compressor. New temp sensor ? Thoughts ? Thank you
  11. I recently added a new selection and priced it at $3.00 however, when I try vending the item as a test on the outside, the machine only accepts $2.00 then stops accepting money. How can I go about fixing this?
  12. Mei bezel plate mounting

    Any idea where I can purchase a few of these? Thank you
  13. I have the acceptor however I tried connecting the harness but I did not get it to power up. it's the mdb adapter but I'm not sure if I forced it and messed with the harness or if it was the bill acceptor that is missing something. I have it working on another machine but it has the harness that comes with a green ground wire attached. my question now is do I buy another harness or a complete setup already assembled and ready to connect to the mdb.
  14. I have been having a few issues with my cinco bill acceptor. It works fine but every other day a bill gets stuck halfway. I've noticed it flashing 5 times so I cleaned my sensors and it seems to be doing fine. However, I would like to replace it with a Mars 2000 Bill acceptor what do I need to accomplish this?