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  1. Its not too evil, just a little time consuming. 1. Empty and remove the bottom two shelves. 2. Remove the top cover over the refrigeration area (8 screws) . You will have to angle it to get it in and out. 3. Remove the cover from the front of the evaporator. 4. Carefully remove two sensors from the front of the evaporator. 5. Remove the slanted cover on the left. 6. Disconnect the electrical connectors to the compressor and fans. 7. In front of the condenser there is handle clamp. There should be a zip tie holding it down. Cut the zip and release the handle. 8. On the left side of the deck is a bolt that pushes in a clamp to hold the deck in place. Unscrew till you get maximum clearance. 9. Carefully slide the deck to left and lift it out. You may want to put padding down over the bottom carriage assembly. It can be done by one person, but easier if you have two people. 10. Installation is in reverse order. 11. Be sure to reinstall the permagum when reinstalling the covers. You don't want any airleaks. If its hard, unpliable and unusable you can get a pound package at Lowe's for a couple dollars. 11. Be sure to wash your hands before installing the cover panels. They are a pain to get clean if you get grease or grime on them. 12. Bonus tip, before putting the panels back on. Go into service mode and run a relay toggle test on the compressor and fans. AZVendor: I have found it a lot easier to pull the deck out to work on the fan motors. Some seriously demented engineer designed their location.
  2. Any luck with your coffee machine? Sorry I haven't got back to you earlier. I have been on call and covering for another tech on vacation this week and have been slammed with service calls. The other techs I checked with said either a bad MCB or check your power and grounds like AZVendor suggested.
  3. I am still leaning towards another bad motor control board. Its a pretty simple system. Signal from the logic board to MCB, voltage from MCB to water valves. How does the wiring look from the MCB to the water valves? You might also pull the MCB off and check the front and back for any burnt spots or loose components. I am going to run this problem across the other techs in my branch tomorrow and see if they have any other ideas.
  4. That's about the way I have seen them. They do get pretty hot. Did it happen again since you changed the last board?
  5. I misread your earlier post. Did it change from coffee to tea or vice versa after you changed the motor control board? Hopefully it keeps working for you, but the new motor board might have a different problem.
  6. The motor control board you replaced should take care of that problem. The relays are sticking causing the solenoid to stay powered and eventually melting the casing. It was giving you the full bucket issue. We change a lot of motor control boards. They are definitely showing their age.
  7. Any luck with the logic board? Don't have too many problems with them and we probably have a couple hundred AP 213"s in our branch. A screwy display does sound like a logic board issue.
  8. Did you change the driver board or the logic board? The original problem sounded like a driver board issue.
  9. If you have a constantly flashing CC light on your acceptor you have an error within the coin cassette or the payout arms of the cassette. That will cause you to have a correct change light and acceptance problems. Check and make sure the cassette is in right, no coin jams, coins in the right tubes.
  10. It is a lot easier with piano movers like cvending suggested, but there is a lot of variables involved. We always try to go machine first followed by the door, but it depends on the layout of the room. Is it a straight shot in the room? Is there any walls or other obstructions next to the door? Its hard to recommend with knowing the layout.
  11. If you have never done it before, I would highly recommend hiring professional movers for your install. The machines can easily become unstable while on a pallet jack with door open. The last thing you want do is to possibly damage your clients property if the machine slips and falls or embarrassing yourself if the machine gets stuck in the doorway.
  12. It could be a faulty temp sensor, but I am betting on it being low on Freon. I have changed or charged many compressors that were massive blocks of ice that were low on Freon.
  13. There is more to this story or this is a big troll. Lot of things that don't add up.
  14. I think you need to give up messing with that machine and call Pepsi for a service call on their asset. Your machine has been down over a week, I am sure your customer is not very happy with a dead machine. You really need to study up on basic electrical theory at the minimum before attempting to play with a machine. If you still want to spend your money, hire a qualified service tech.
  15. You may also want to check your shelfs and gates. You can get the same problem if they are dirty and or sticky from spillage.
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