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  1. vender4321

    Bev Max 4 - Y HOMING ERROR

    Yes thank you. I figured the micro switch is it. The switch says DC3 on it.... do you know of a good source to get new ones?
  2. Hey Guys, I am periodically getting a Y HOMING ERROR on a BevMax 4. The machine will work for a few dozen vends but then stop and the error will prohibit the elevator from functioning. I don't see any loose harnesses and the DC3 micro switch seems to be touching the bottom correctly. Any ideas? Can that micro switch be going bad slowly? What else should I look at? Thanks!
  3. vender4321

    RS900 Seaga

    Hi all, Does anyone have a manual for this machine? I can't find it anywhere. Does it usually come equipped with a sure vend system? is it MDB? I have a special need for a machine to fit into a space and this is the only one that may work. I know these aren't fantastic machines but will do for the location I need it for. Thanks!
  4. I suspect that I won't have that issue because we pull the DEX from the machine directly via cord....... want to email me at mslickist@aol.com so we can discuss this offline? thanks.
  5. No issues sending scheduled DeX reports to my VMS? I use a different Handheld with Dex cable to grab Dex data currently. is slowness just with iPad Dex?
  6. hey . what don't the g8 do vs.newer g9 and g10s? I may be interested. thanks.
  7. vender4321

    Coin Mech Replenish

    great thanks. does the old one remove simply by pulling out? any special tool?
  8. vender4321

    Coin Mech Replenish

    Hi I received my new eprom. question does this piece just snap in and out? anything need to be considered? programmed? thanks!
  9. vender4321

    Coin Mech Replenish

    Thanks a lot. I am definitely going to replace the EPROM asap. I do find it odd that i don't have a lot of cc charges on that machine . i am thinking that the device is emptying out a lot of coins at a time....not just the like amount of the purchase!
  10. vender4321

    Coin Mech Replenish

    yes I do.
  11. vender4321

    Coin Mech Replenish

    Hi all, I am usually pretty good at troubleshooting this kind of thing but I have a situation where my coin mech, mei cf7000, is empty every time i visit my AP studio 2d machine. The machine goes into exact change mode/credit card shuts down. I have changed out the mech, I have forced vend on, .... I test vend it over and over and i get the right amount of change back when there is money in it. The bill stack does not offset the change in the cassette. It seem as though people are getting free $. But I cant identify the cause.....any ideas? Thanks
  12. All, Trying to simply replace a motor on a AMS 39 machine. For some reason the machine won't recognize the motor count when I config. I don't see any crossed wires. The ground wire is on top and selection wire on bottom plug of the motor. The motor will test vend (has power) but when you config the machine motors it oddly just turns this one motor and the motor count doesn't change. When you remove it completely the motor count displays and no other motor turns. When the motor is attached....you are able to vend from the line 1 time but the second vend tells you to select another item. We also get a HOME error. Am I missing a step on this machine? Any ideas? Thanks
  13. vender4321

    AMS/USI Coils

    Does anyone use USI coils in AMS machines? The black AMS clip seems to hold the USI coil well. Are they all interchangeable? Thanks.
  14. vender4321

    Chip Card Reader

    curious what you think doesn't add up?
  15. vender4321

    Chip Card Reader

    I agree 100% with Charlie here-- Nayax as a company and getting readers with a chip reader. To start, he is right they are the same price as competitors, give or take, and if you can get units with the chip reader it's a free option. They have told me they will turn that feature on very soon. Devices are simple to install -- takes about 15 mins max once you learn it. I have installed about 50 of them. I also took advantage of their buy 20 get 10 free deal after buying my first set. Their customer service is great. if you have a problem you pick up the phone and 95% of the time get someone immediately. They are the guys who write the code, not the sales people who have no idea what it going on. They answer everything, I have had zero issues hooking them up to all my AP 111, 932, any USI, RV500, DN3800, DN5800, I plug all my readers into DEX and the unit sends all my info to my VMS for pre-kitting and analysis. They also just bought vendsys, which I also use. USA tech, on the other hand, is terrible. It takes days and weeks to get anything done!