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  1. Hey guys, thanks for the replies on my post. I think the advice on not getting a snack machine might be good but I my locations I will be starting in may already have drink machines (I know 1 does), and I told the guy who owns the business that snacks could be offered for his customers because they might actually need them and he thought this was a good idea but I actually told him I would have to start with bulk candy because of my budget and which he said was ok. Just kind of puts me in a situation because I know i can afford bulk candy machine and not sure if it would be a good idea to tell him no candy or snacks, just drinks now. It was kind of the premise that 'may' have got the guy liking the idea but I am being told by more experienced vendors to start with drink machine. I feel like I might need to go ahead and try the bulk candy at first though, I know drinks sell better because the traffic age range is 18-30's in age mainly but I have been given access to 5 places all owned by the guy and that seems phenomenal for a beginner to get that many places right from the start. I know ultimately I make the decisions but I am wondering if the advice of starting with drink machine is just good advice on where to start or is it concrete, this is how you and most people need to start in the vending industry. I could have 5 bulk candy machines pretty quickly but then if candy isn't the seller at the place I struggle to find more places to put them. I was thinking of starting with 2 bulk candy machines and use these as trial runs.
  2. I am new to vending and am in the process of obtaining my license now. I know a guy who has given me access to 5 of his businesses right from the start. I am a complete novice and am wondering what is truly the best rout to go starting out. I will be working with about 5-$700 starting out. Yep, this is a complete from the ground up beginning for me so I am reaching out to you more experienced players in the game. What is truly the best way to start? Drinks, combo, snacks or bulk? I will be placing my machine or machines in a place where it might be a good idea for people to eat something before they have a procedure done so I was thinking a combo machine but I am not sure if I need to invest such a low amount one 1 item. Pretty much ebay is looking like they have either cheap used machines or the expensive well made good operating machines which I can't afford right now. I am aware I can look at used machines locally but don't want to start that until I at least have my license and permit. So what do you say guys? Also, any good verified places on the net to obtain decent priced used machines that I won't have to start spending money on as soon as I get it? Thanks!
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    Hi I am new here. I am 28 and from TN. I am new to vending and am in the process of obtaining my license and permit where I live. Look forward to discussing!
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