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  1. So when you get to OK and press * it will only go between that and NOVALIDATOR? I was pretty sure the last 160's we got had 160.01 and mdb validator was still an option but now I'm second guessing myself. But we did have to upgrade it for card readers anyway
  2. The EPROM you have will be fine with me validator but will probably need to be updated if you want to add credit card reader
  3. Go into SETUP. The validator setting will probably say SER followed by some numbers. Change that to mdb. The numbers that follow will be which bills it will accept. MDB 1 means mdb val will take ones, MDB 1,5 means it will takes ones and fives, etc
  4. It depends on the location for me when I'm selling. If there is a contact at the location that I have been dealing with for years or see on a regular basis then I let them know what is happening. Also never tell a potential buyer where the location is until a contract is signed and/or you have received payment. Type of equipment, type of location ( not the actual location ) and revenue is all that should be given beforehand
  5. Probably bad X motor. I had the same problem last week with a "refurbished" machine from Coke
  6. I have one of the usi/federal 40 select drink machines from your link. I've never really had any problems out of it other than the product/prices labels on the bottom shelf constantly breaking from drinks dropping. I got this machine from a buyout. That being said I wouldn't personally buy one. USI parts are overpriced. Bevmax 4 is my go to for glass front drink machines. We have about 40. AMS make great machines but I've never had one of their drink machines. Just snack and food
  7. We use AMS food machines. I love them. Most we bought new so they are all sensit 3 and we make sure any refurbs are as well. We replaced the last few 431's. As far as sales to justify food machines, we mostly base it off of employee count, type of location, and/or availability of other food sources. Our lowest volume location with food is about 15k and that's a large nursing home.
  8. You can get the 4 in 1 refurbished for ~130 or new ~250. You will still need a telemeter (we use usat), a power reducer and an adaptor harness. And the 4 in 1 will do swipe and contactless, just not chip
  9. If you are sure the rods and depth are correct, then I'm with Southeast Treats on checking the drop sensor sensitivity
  10. Is it only 2 columns? And are those 2 columns the same selection or different selections?
  11. Yep the P series are junk. Pepsi delivered one for us again yesterday and we made them load it back on the truck and take it back
  12. 621/721 doesn't use shims, spacers or whatever terminology you want to use. There is a slide under the column you slide back or forward to change from cans to bottles, then the back spacer, then depth setting in the program and that's it
  13. In programming enter dSEt which is the depth setting and program depth for each column
  14. It's part of this business. You provide the vehicle and you provide the insurance. Yes it costs more but again it's part of the business. Eventually it will catch up to you and could cost you a whole lot more. Only the people on our insurance policy can drive our vehicles period! Every time someone is hired, Thier driving record is ran and our insurance agent will tell us whether or not they will cover them. And yes they have denied some, so we were looking for another driver
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