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  1. You can either buy the mounting plate for a Royal from USAT (different from what comes in the box) or remount the knockout plate after putting the card reader on. In the second option, mount the card reader to the plate included in the box and put it in the opening and reinstall knockout plate running the wire out the top. Just don't tighten too much and pinch the wire
  2. I have a similar account that has two locations. They probably have around the same amount of students yours has. They are nursing, dental and cosmetology. We have 157's, a Coke, and a Pepsi in each with credit card readers. One is doing about $9,000 and the other a little over $10,000
  3. On an lcm original board all you will only get credit card sales. You will need an aftermarket board ( VE UCB or inone) to get cash and credit
  4. For 60 employees, the investment in a food machine is not worth it in my opinion. For the cost of the machine and the short shelf life of the food. The lowest employee count we have with food is about 125. As for the card readers they make a huge difference for us. We have multiple places that we pull less than $10 cash out for a week but has well over $100 on cards. Most places are doing direct deposit now and not many people are carrying cash anymore
  5. AMS machines are great in my opinion. Like tc vending said, stay away from sensit 1, but other than that they are great. All of my food machines are now AMS. If I were to streamline and only have one brand snack machine it would be AMS. I'm not a fan of usi myself. I do like some of their newer machines I have acquired but they cost too much and parts can only be bought from vendnet at a premium price. As for drink machines, royal, Dixie narco and vendo v21
  6. A few years ago we had a healthy company call on a location we'd had for about 12 years. They told him that he could replace us. The manager didn't have the balls to tell us but instead sent a warehouse guy to tell on the next service. I approached the manager (calmly) and asked if there was a problem with service or the the machine or any other complaints with us. He said ' no you guys are great, I just like their fancy machine with the screen and card reader'. I said that we could do everything he was selling with better service, better machine and actually have the products his employees want. He called the healthy guy to tell him to hold off a week on delivering the machine so he could make a decision. The guy never answered the phone or called this manager back. That was all the proof this location needed to not deal with these people.
  7. So when you get to OK and press * it will only go between that and NOVALIDATOR? I was pretty sure the last 160's we got had 160.01 and mdb validator was still an option but now I'm second guessing myself. But we did have to upgrade it for card readers anyway
  8. The EPROM you have will be fine with me validator but will probably need to be updated if you want to add credit card reader
  9. Go into SETUP. The validator setting will probably say SER followed by some numbers. Change that to mdb. The numbers that follow will be which bills it will accept. MDB 1 means mdb val will take ones, MDB 1,5 means it will takes ones and fives, etc
  10. It depends on the location for me when I'm selling. If there is a contact at the location that I have been dealing with for years or see on a regular basis then I let them know what is happening. Also never tell a potential buyer where the location is until a contract is signed and/or you have received payment. Type of equipment, type of location ( not the actual location ) and revenue is all that should be given beforehand
  11. Probably bad X motor. I had the same problem last week with a "refurbished" machine from Coke
  12. I have one of the usi/federal 40 select drink machines from your link. I've never really had any problems out of it other than the product/prices labels on the bottom shelf constantly breaking from drinks dropping. I got this machine from a buyout. That being said I wouldn't personally buy one. USI parts are overpriced. Bevmax 4 is my go to for glass front drink machines. We have about 40. AMS make great machines but I've never had one of their drink machines. Just snack and food
  13. We use AMS food machines. I love them. Most we bought new so they are all sensit 3 and we make sure any refurbs are as well. We replaced the last few 431's. As far as sales to justify food machines, we mostly base it off of employee count, type of location, and/or availability of other food sources. Our lowest volume location with food is about 15k and that's a large nursing home.
  14. You can get the 4 in 1 refurbished for ~130 or new ~250. You will still need a telemeter (we use usat), a power reducer and an adaptor harness. And the 4 in 1 will do swipe and contactless, just not chip
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