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  1. Bvending

    Insuring drivers

    It's part of this business. You provide the vehicle and you provide the insurance. Yes it costs more but again it's part of the business. Eventually it will catch up to you and could cost you a whole lot more. Only the people on our insurance policy can drive our vehicles period! Every time someone is hired, Thier driving record is ran and our insurance agent will tell us whether or not they will cover them. And yes they have denied some, so we were looking for another driver
  2. If you must get a combo, I would recommend AMS. Very reliable and will do everything you need it to. Check out amequipmentsales.com and look at AMS 35 or 39 combo. They have refurbished one for about $3400
  3. Bvending


    You would get laughed at if you offered a route driver 8.50-11 an hr here. Our drivers make between 35k and 45k a year. Supervisor starts at 50k
  4. Bvending

    Regional Airport

    We have one that does about $60 a week snack and drink but we got all the hangers at the airport out of it. Three maintenance hangers and one that customised jets that does about $500 a week now and adding 200 jobs next month
  5. Bvending

    Vistar delivery

    They have a key that opens our gate and one bay door. They also have a code for our alarm that is unique to Vistar, if they come after hours. We have had no problems with this over the years
  6. Bvending

    AMS-39 VCF

    In my opinion AMS makes great machines. We bought 10 new snack machines about 6 years ago with almost no service calls other than a couple of changers. A couple of used combos that have performed well. Bought two new food machines in the past 6 months and have been pleased so far. These were our first AMS food machines and are buying two more this month
  7. Bvending

    Vendo Vue 40 calibration error

    That is Vendos newest glassfront. Pepsi sent us one instead of a bevmax. In the first 2 months there were 6 service calls on it. So basically another piece of junk
  8. Bvending

    Credit card reader compatible

    What orsd said. And with regards to the 159, if it's not already mdb, it should only need an mdb board harness and maybe eprom. Then mdb mech and validator
  9. Bvending

    Vistar Distribution

  10. Bvending

    Vistar Distribution

    We use vistar for a small portion of our products. Vendors Supply gets the majority of our business. Vendors Supply pricing is better than Vistar. If I remember correctly they deliver in the southeast and east coast
  11. Bvending

    How Much Should I Pay For a Large Vending Route?

    As others have stated, quality equipment, sales records, contracts, etc all add value to your business. The routes we bought had alot of good locations but poor equipment. We offered low because we knew there would be equipment upgrades needed. One company approached us about buying him out almost 2 years before we bought him. He was asking way too much for what he had (90k yearly gross asking price was 100k with average to poor equipment). He bugged us for almost 2 years and finally told him 30k take it or leave it. With some upgrades ( machines and cashless ) and good service those same stops are right around 180k. My point is that if you want to sell one day, you need to keep up with the times. Upgrade equipment and keep current with technology and pricing
  12. Bvending

    How Much Should I Pay For a Large Vending Route?

    We've bought 4 "routes" over the past 3 years. We've paid between 30-50% of yearly gross. The one exception was a location we bought that had brand new equipment in place for only 2 weeks ( the guy had an accident and could no longer service) so we paid the amount of the new equipment. He said it would do $500 a week and we've been pulling $700+. As far as keeping the original person on the contract, something seems off to me. I personally wouldnt do a deal like that
  13. Bvending

    Teachers lounges?

    We recently got 4 teacher's lounges from a buyout. I wasn't excited about these at all but surprisingly they all do $60-80 a week. All are middle and elementary schools. The last 3 or 4 middle and elementary lounges we had about 6 years ago averaged about $15 a week
  14. I only have bev max 4s out so this might be different for the 5591 but we got one in that had space to sales set up and if we changed a price it would do something similar. We changed sts to where no selections are linked and were able to set all prices correct. Might be the place to check
  15. Bvending

    Coke prices have gone up

    We get a price increase from Coke and Pepsi every year. Coke was very kind to us on our increase this year though