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  1. I had a Chinese buffet that wanted 50%. They said that others had offered 50%. I asked them why those 'others' weren't in there right now? They had nothing to say about that. I got them down to 40%. I ended up putting in 8 single head machines, with 6 of them set for 50c. They complained that the price was too high. I said, "sorry, but that's my price. If you want to take 25% commission, I might lower it". The turned and walked away. They were my worst customers. They would call and say that the machines were empty. I would come and service every 2 months and ONE machine would be l
  2. Wife? I *have* been away awhile, haven't I?
  3. I sold the sweet tattoos and the classic tattoos and they sold very well. You can get the spongebob tats and mix them with other tats too to bring down the price per vend.
  4. I created a gallery album to show some of my projects. There are some that show some pipe-stand ideas.
  5. Correction. That's MDF board, not MDV.
  6. Many of the stands I made were made with 5/8th in particle board. Yes, they start to deteriorate after awhile. I got my idea from Simon, but his design uses some replaceable feet. So if they start to degrade, just replace the feet. I've also made some rack stands out of 2x4's and they hold up well. Use exterior paint.
  7. I've made many wooden stands, but never any pipe-style stands. I tried once with some 2" PVC pipe and some wooden feet, but I didn't like the results.
  8. In another forum, years ago, Bob Butler uploaded some pix of a mod that he had done. He took 4 oak vista cab heads and put them on a square piece of 1" plywood. I forget how he managed the swivel base, but he managed to make a U-Turn-style setup. I don't know if he ever put it out into the wild tho.
  9. Or you can sell 1080ct gumballs for 10c. It's another way of catching those coins. When you think about it, the COGS for gumballs at 10c only a little bit less then when you sell them 2-for-1, and another way to compete with others in your locations. I used to sell 10c double-bubble and got about $20 a month. It was right next to another machine that sold double-bubble for 25c, and mine always did better than his. Until the location got broken into, and my machine (and his) got stolen.
  10. Erasers always do well for me. I just got some Domo erasers. I'm going to be selling them for $0.50. TNT always seems to have some good erasers and good deals on them.
  11. I've stopped selling on ebay. The fees are just WAY too much for me. I have to sell a used machine at new prices just to get a good deal after paying ebay's fees, and paypal's fees. All told, I think I pay 25% in fees for every sale I make. Plus paypal won't release my funds for 30 days if I don't buy and print out a mailing label. Well guess what paypal and ebay! Not everybody knows the exact dimensions and weight of their packages BEFORE taking them to the post office/UPS/Kinkos.
  12. With regards to putting items in capsules as some sort of leader item: I wouldn't do it. You don't want to mix gumballs with non-edible items. Can you imagine the lawsuit if some kid tried to eat the capsule thinking it was a gumball? Don't think you can get out of it just by thinking that the kid should be able to tell the difference. In one of my gumball locations, a little boy (about 2 or 3) put a quarter in my machine when I was done servicing, and he immediately smashed it on the ground. I suspect he thought they were superballs, and expected it to bounce. The 'Winner' gumball migh
  13. dperry


    The blisters have gotten bigger. I'm thinking of popping them.
  14. dperry


    For $35 plus shipping ill give you a true gumball machine that you don't have to convert. I've a few vista 300's that will do the trick.
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