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  1. pjnielsen

    AMS-39 VCF

    I am looking into maybe purchasing one of these. Was wondering if anyone has any and how reliable they are? I am looking at a brand new one. Any info would be appreciated.
  2. pjnielsen

    Dixie Narco 368R

    Does that include shipping or just the machine?
  3. pjnielsen

    Dixie Narco 368R

    Thank you for the input guys it is very much appreciated! I own a laundromat and want to put it in there. I had one in there when I bought the laundromat and it was not taken care of, in bad shape and breaking down constantly. It was a Dixie Narco but didn't have a serial # on it so don't know what model. I had new floors put in and tried to sell it and it didn't sell so I gave it to the flooring guy. I just got a quote for a 501E that is a refurbed 21 yr old with an Aquafina front, delivered and setup for $1500. I think that is alot of money but it seems to be the going rate around here. I want one the does cans mostly and bottled water.
  4. pjnielsen

    New or Refurbished???

    Thank you for all of your input! I will start looking for a 501E refurb I believe. They are running abot 1200 to 1500 and thats without delivery.
  5. I want to get a Soda machine that does both cans and bottles for my laundromat. I am willing to spend $3000 for a new machine. Or would it be wise to buy a refurb for half the price? I plan on having this laundromat for 10 yrs+, thats why I am leaning towards a new machine. I figure it would pay for itself in about 3 yrs. Any info or comments greatly appreciated! Where is a good place to buy a new machine?
  6. pjnielsen

    Dixie Narco 368R

    Ok thank you for all the info. It is a 1997 according to the serial #. It has sat not running in the guys garage, I don't know how long. He plugged it in and it was getting cold. Is that a problem sitting for a while not running??? Both bulbs weren't working so I found 1 that worked and put it in and that side worked. Then took it out and put it in the other side and it wouldn't work. I know you have to have both bulbs in right? He told me you can get bulbs at Lowes and Home Depot. Not those bulbs you can't that I can find. It seems in pretty good condition and he wants $500 for it.
  7. pjnielsen

    Dixie Narco 368R

    I have been looking to buy a 368R. Could someone tell me if this is a good machine to have? Positive and Negative? The owner tells me it is 5 yrs old? How can one tell the age? In the serial # somehow? I know it only is a single price which I am ok with. Does is vend bottles? He tells me it does. I know very little about these, so sorry about the questions. Any help would be great! Thanks!
  8. pjnielsen

    MEI- TRC-6800H Problem

    Yes, it was working and all of a sudden the coins started going to the return???
  9. This soda machine was in my store when I bought it. The coins are just going through to the return. I took the mech out to see if there was a jam and no jam. I cleaned it also and it is still going through to the return. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. pjnielsen

    Which soda machine is better?

    I am looking at used machines and they are over 10 yrs old. Is that normal for a machine to be that old being used? Sorry for the stupid question?
  11. pjnielsen

    Which soda machine is better?

    Thank you very much for your response!
  12. I am looking to buying a soda machine and was wondering which brand was better? I am looking for a used can and bottle machine, multi pricing and coin or bills.
  13. pjnielsen

    Crazy Bananas

    How many do you vend for .25?
  14. pjnielsen

    Crazy Bananas

    Thank you I will try that. Do you run them?
  15. pjnielsen

    Crazy Bananas

    I just started running Crazy Bananas and when you put the NW wheel at the last spot, the candy can get between the space between the gap of the wheel and the silver adjuster. Also between the wheel and the springs, because the candy is so small. Any suggestions????