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  1. Thanks for the tips. I went back to the location and double checked everything. Looks like I got confused on the sdep settings. I set to columns instead of selections. Don't know why it didn't effect the bottles in selection 6, but I changed it back to 1. Tested everything and all is good. Thanks again for the responses. (yes it is a G3)
  2. I help the family from time to time with the small vending business mostly setting and picking up machines and do some minor repairs. I recently set a Royal 804-13, GIII, 8 Selection drink machine at a remote location. Machine works great except for one issue. It vends two 12 oz cans every time the selection button is pushed. The rest of the machine is either bottles or 16 oz cans, they dispense properly. The Custom Space to Sales is Selection 6 with Columns 6 & 12. SDEF is set to two. I am not entirely sure I have the packages set properly. There are two rods that travel through the long and short product stops. One (the lower positon) has a plastic retaining cover over it. I lift it up and am able to pull it out and set the paddles/stops in the right/bottom hole. The second rod is directly above the first but it is secured with a metal plate that you have to unscrew to loosen enough to gain access to it. I thought that since it was secure differently that I should not adjust. But after reading through the manual and some of the post on this site, I am not sure. Do I also set that rod to the same position as the lower rod? Should that fix the problem? Just asking before I drive out to location which does not have cell or internet connectivity. Is there anything else I should look at?
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