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  1. Hi guys, I have an older toy soldier crane. I have tried adjusting the VR1 and VR2 settings and the machine doesn't take the adjustments. It goes full strength everytime. The voltage meter goes all the way up. I've checked all connections and everything seems to be fine. Looking for some help with this issue.
  2. Ok thanks. I wasn't sure how much candy crane was giving away each time when I was trying to figure out cost & commission to the owner. This gives me a better understanding and I think I will be ok still at the .50 cent price point. I was thinking it gave away 3-4 pieces at every play.
  3. Does anyone run their candy cranes at $1 per play? Just curious as I was thinking about going with a better mix and bumping up the price. Its set to play til you win.
  4. Thanks. This is why I asked. This mech didn't look like the best quality, so I figured that there was a lot better one out there that I could use.
  5. Hi guys, I have an older toy soldier I picked up that I'm getting ready to put on location. I had a question about the coin mech that is on the machine. It is a LK100M. It has a coin compare on the inside of it. My concern is putting this thing on location in a high traffic. Is this a good mech? What are your experiences with this mech? Is there a better one I could put on this machine? I appreciate your help!
  6. Found out from Beaver that there is indeed a modification fix that needs to be done. Some kind of new spring adjustment they are sending me along with instructions. They made the correction on their mechs as recently as this past November in production. So, there are going to be some mechs out there that will have this same problem.
  7. I've really tried about everything at this point. I agree that you would think the $1 beaver coin mech would be very similar to the 50 cent mech in that I should never be able to get almost a half circle turn (then jam) with the incorrect change.
  8. I'm thinking maybe the mech needs some lubrication because it seems like its sticking when I turn it. But, what kind of lubrication should I try?
  9. Still the same result even when I try to loosen one screw at a time. I have to use a lot of force to crank back to the left to get the quarters unjammed. But, it shouldn't even let me go half circle with the incorrect amount.
  10. I agree, I was surprised myself as I've never run into this before with a beaver mech. I checked the quarters and they were fine. I've even run through different quarters and get the same result. I will try to loosen 1 screw at a time and report back.
  11. Hi Guys, I just got a new generation $1.00 Beaver Coin Mech. Everything seemed to be working well. However, when testing it I ran into a problem. When I put in the incorrect change (2 quarters on 1 side and 1 on the other) or even 1 quarter on each side, it turns over a bit and jams and I can't turn it back. Is this a warped or faulty mech or is there an adjustment that can be made?
  12. Thanks. I'm definitely going to try that stuff
  13. Guy says this northern beaver is setup for gold coins. Can I just swap the beaver mech to a regular .50 cent mech and everything be ok?
  14. I've attached the globe I'm trying to clean up below. I've already did an intial hot water and dish soap clean and am still left with a dirty residue. To get this globe shining again like new, is the isopropyl alcohol the best thing to use?
  15. Hi guys, What is the best stuff to use to clean dirty plastic globes? I've tried using solutions such as goo-gone, but it actually makes it worse by leaving a fog on the globe. What is your best advice? Thanks!
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