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  2. cblomqui

    account machine setup

    Micro markets are never automatically out due to the location being blue collar. One of the biggest micro market setups in the industry is located in the Tesla Gigafactory - nothing but blue collar there. Just need to make sure people are held accountable for theft and that you have safeguards in place.
  3. cblomqui

    account machine setup

    Sounds like a prime micro market location to me.
  4. cblomqui

    P3 Portable Protein Packs

    They do well in our markets.
  5. cblomqui

    Quick books?

    I saw on vending market watch that Parlevel integrated with quickbooks.
  6. The location that is closing around here is offering 25% off of most items tomorrow. Good time to stock up.
  7. cblomqui

    CC Readers and Telemeters

    Parlevel, Nayax, MEI. I know Parlevel has no minimum on hardware purchases, so that might be helpful if you are looking for 2-3. Just call each company and shop around. Someone will certainly give you their business.
  8. cblomqui

    Is Parlevel for me?

    Every operation is different, but I always think technology can help any business, especially in vending. If I were you, I would give them a call and describe your situation to them. You might find that they have tools besides prekitting that can help you, or you might not think it is worth the investment. The best why to find out is to talk to them directly.
  9. cblomqui

    Thoughts on USAT acquiring Cantelope?

    Customer service and support from Cantaloupe won't translate over to USAT with the purchase. The devices, protocols, and technology are completely different. Plus, USAT has hundreds of thousands of connections more than Cantaloupe that they have to support. It is not as simple as having a good support team and moving them over. If anything, it likely means that Cantaloupe's customer service will get worse. Mergers and acquisitions are always messy. In their press release, they stated that they won't even complete the merger until 2018, and I expect it to take much longer to work out all the kinks.
  10. cblomqui

    Two Tier Pricing

    In my experience, people do not notice it or they do not care. As a consumer, I would gladly pay a 10 cent tick for the convenience of using my card.
  11. Wouldn't necessarily look for something cheap. A lot of the "cheap" management systems are old, don't get updated, and don't help you accomplish a whole lot. If you are looking for something to help you monitor your machines, it really should be about VALUE. Does what I pay each month per machine justify the savings / increase in sales / peace of mind I get from remote monitoring? If you just look for something "cheap" or "free," then you likely aren't going to get a lot out of it.
  12. cblomqui

    IPad signature app for deliveries

    Any update on this? Was curious if a full fledged OCS system is worth looking into.
  13. cblomqui

    Apartment complexes

    Depends on the demographic of the complex. If the apartment complexes are a little more high end, then they might perform well. Low income complexes will have a lot of theft and vandalism.
  14. cblomqui

    Avanti Hack

    What provider do you currently use? And what crazy things are happening with your kiosk? I've been looking at different kiosks in the industry trying to find the best one.
  15. cblomqui

    Avanti Hack

    Did any of you guys see this? Avanti's micro markets were hacked last week, and the hackers stole both credit card and biometric data from end-consumers. I worry about what negative impact this will have on micro markets as a whole. Will customers be more reluctant to use micro markets in the feature? And will they be more reluctant to use their fingerprint when purchasing items? I don't know if any of you have micro markets or are looking to get into the business, but it will be interesting to see how big the impact of the breach is. Does this news affect your desire to place more micro market locations? Also, it would be nice to have a micro market section on the forum like we have for food & beverage, bulk vending, OCS, etc.