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  1. Cleaning plastic?

    I personally would only purchase new globes if there broken or extremely scratched. I've bought new globes and you will soon realize they scratch easily.
  2. Oaks are jamming

  3. Oaks are jamming

    New from Oak
  4. How many of you are still selling 1" Capsules for .25?

    How much of an impact does the sale of northwestern have on your business? I know your someone that has a large business and your primarily a NW guy?
  5. How many of you are still selling 1" Capsules for .25?

    Have you heard anything as to wether or not NW will be selling parts after the sale?
  6. How many of you are still selling 1" Capsules for .25?

    I was just curious. A lot of the racks I see for sale are still set up for .25 and .50. I gotta get these machines out of my garage.... lol Upgrading mechs has definitely gotten complicated by the NW not selling parts.
  7. I know you should be at .50. How many are still at .25 just because that's what you have?
  8. New landmark

    You've grown quite fast I think. Are you buying routes? If not what are you doing for machines?
  9. Oaks are jamming

    Is that the spring attatched to the coin mech? If so I have them. Thanks!
  10. Oaks are jamming

    Here awhile back I bought some .50 cent mechs for some vistas. I did some test vends and there all jamming up. The coins are gathering on the chute covers I believe causing them to jam. Anyone have a remedy for this?
  11. Parts For Sale

    Also have 6 double plates. $10 each or $50 for all.
  12. Parts For Sale

    Vendworx Parts lot. I have a coin mech,lid, and chute door. $20/all
  13. Parts For Sale

    Northwestern Triple Play Parts: 2 Coin trays - $10 each or $15/both 1 brush housing - $5 1 candy wheel set - It's a generic set but I believe it will fit a triple play - $10
  14. Parts For Sale

    Northwestern Super 60/PN95 parts: 3 Candy Wheel Sets - good condition - $10 each 2 Candy Wheel Sets - springs have rust - $5 each 4 candy wheels - $10 all 2 gumball/capsule wheel sets - new condition - $10 each 10 risers - $15/all NW coin mechanism for parts - $5
  15. Parts For Sale

    Oak vista/Eagle/A&A Global PO89 parts: Coin Mechs - 4 available - $40/all Base Plates - 6 available - $5 each or $20/all. Most are new. Gumball/Capsule Wheel Sets - 3 available - $10 each or $25 all Rocket Wheel - 1 available - $5 Gumball/Capsule Wheels - 5 available - $5 each or $15 all Oak Brush Housing for candy wheel - 1 available - $5 Risers - 3 available - $5 all