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  1. AMD Snacks

    Racks in laundry mats

    I have a rack in one, it's slow and a slow town, so it's been okay,no issues not vandalism. The other one I had, same owner, different city, got stolen right in front of a camera. It did good number until it was stolen. I agree an attended location is much safer.
  2. For mixed product use a mix display. I believe cardinal's is called "fun time" AA global's is "treasure chest" ssm vending's is "Good stuff" they're all mix displays.
  3. Depends on what product your selling and what area you're in. I only sell 2" at $.75 and $1.00 haven't had an issues moving product. I don't know that particular machine, but most times the knocks off's will use plastic in places that metal should be, and they normally have cheaper mechs.
  4. AMD Snacks

    so little heads so many choices

    I always like to start with GB, if they dont' sell that's when I change, normally to another cheap candy like skittles. Mike and ike's do great, but aren't as resilient. I have no idea who ships to Canada, all star has good prices, you might check out AA global
  5. have you checked out he beginners thread?
  6. AMD Snacks

    Gumball Racks

    Anything is possible in the right location. I personally don't have any location that would support 4 different GB, though to be honest I've never tried. Theoretically, that's the same amount of GB as a spiral more or less, so I guess it's worth a try.
  7. AMD Snacks

    Gumball Racks

    Are you actually talking about a for head rack with only gumballs?
  8. AMD Snacks

    Beaver machine-Good deal??

    Had to google fuzzy brush, very strange lol. That's a good deal for NIB beavers, even with the added conversion kit costs. I'm not a fan of beaver, even though they're good machines, but even I would jump on that deal. You can get stands either online, or buy local junk machines with pipe stands, on craigslist, offer up etc, and just use the stands. Keep in mind with a $.50 mech you're probably going to be selling either toy capsules, or, if you get a candy wheel you could sell a big vend of PMM. Otherwise I don't have any candy that vends for $.50.
  9. AMD Snacks

    Beaver machine-Good deal??

    8 beavers in good condition and a stand, are easily worth over $200 depends if they have locks and keys could be worth more than twice that to me. I've never seen a 1" machine with a $.75 mech, are you sure it's not for another form or currency, something Non-USA?
  10. AMD Snacks

    PMM and MM containers

    lol but there's only so much you can store. I went through like 60 of those things last month. I wish at least they offered both packages
  11. AMD Snacks

    Possible Siphoning Theft?

    How did you test it? I only ask because you said you're new, and maybe your wheel alignment isn't right. Or you have a tooth jumping problem. What brand machine is it? But all in all I agree with others, probably not the location, and counting inventory would give you piece of mind.
  12. AMD Snacks

    Buying a large route

    I've never bought a route that big, and in fact I don't even have a route that big now. (I do this on the side) But I have bought routes, and I do have a business, so I can tell you this: even though this is a cash business, if he's legit he should have records and tax returns. Especially for a route that big. Another thing I've noticed, is no one likes to sell themselves short when selling routes. Understandably they had to establish the route and so they think it's worth more than it probably is, not to mention we all have different standards of what is a machine in good condition. As for price, I've shot for roi. If I can get my return in a year I feel that's pretty good. So I'd price like that, and make sure I could check out a comfortable amount of locations to see what's what.
  13. AMD Snacks

    Buying a large route

    how large are you talking? 1000+?
  14. AMD Snacks

    Should a location buy their own machine?

    Good points. That's probably the mindset I'll try and keep when another locations asks about it. This isn't the first time i've been asked to sell equipment. I never do, it's just way too hard to find quality equipment with the right mechs and in good shape, that's also not 100's or more miles away.
  15. While doing a route yesterday I ran into a guy who owns a pretty large, auto shop/uhaul/uber inspection site. He says he gets pretty good traffic and is already selling chips, cell phone chargers, ice cream and little toys. He wants a capsule vending machine and asked if I'd sell him one. I can't do that, because the supply is so limited my machines are hard enough to acquire, but I tried to let him know about my commission and try and break down the benefits of me coming vs having his own machine. Mainly product rotation, I have spare parts, no hassle etc. But now i'm wondering, is it better, in reality, for a location to buy their own machine since they'd get all the profit?