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  1. AMD Snacks

    Gumball at sams club

    you have to change the wheel when you change to 1080 don't you?
  2. AMD Snacks

    Gumball at sams club

    I've been ordering them online anyway since they closed all the sams clubs in my state. With the higher membership tier I think it's called plus or advantage or whatever, you get free shipping. So it's not so bad.
  3. AMD Snacks

    Tomy Gacha Machines

    Hopefully this is what you're looking for. Let me know if you can see it.
  4. AMD Snacks

    Location Services

    welcome, what type of vending are you doing?
  5. AMD Snacks

    Tomy Gacha Machines

    That center cone shaped deal has a pin underneath, if you take that out and then take all the other stuff out, that product wheel is adjustable. It looks like you're also missing a long spring that goes across the opening for the product drop. I'll have to check when I get home to be sure though.
  6. AMD Snacks

    Convert Quarters to Cash

    Chase bank gives me free bags and I deposit them in either $500 or $1000 increments. Those are the only two increments they accept in quarters. Other change is different. I think it's like $200 for dimes, $50 for pennies etc. It's stamped on the free bags they give you. But you have to have a Chase business account, they wont do it for regular accounts I'm told. Like others said some banks, especially credit unions will accept coins and they have a free machine like coinstar right in their lobby. The closest one for me is an hour and a half away and they have a $400 a day limit so not practical. But I've gone to several chase's and they're all the same. Just ask around they might not all know how to do it, but it's something they all can do they just have to learn. And yes, banks will normally exchange rolled quarters for cash for free. Another option, is ask some locations you service if they need quarters. Sometimes they'll buy hundreds of dollars of quarters because they need them. Especially small stores and restaurants.
  7. AMD Snacks

    all american chicken

    anyone know what the all american chicken would be worth these days? I have a couple i'm not sure I want to keep.
  8. AMD Snacks

    Ridiculous Competition

    This happens to me on occasion. I normally leave my machine there if I was there first, and try and find a unique way to stand out. Different product, more product per vend etc. Eventually the other guy will leave because the sales aren't great, or I end up with a machine doing half what it did before. But half is better than nothing, and that means my competitor is only getting half too, so if I can focus on other locations, hopefully my business overall will do better. If we all have the same machines and product, the best thing I can focus on is better service than anyone else.
  9. AMD Snacks

    Premium gumballs?

    I mix in some watermelon or other flavors with my assorted mix sometimes. Only place i sell gumballs or bouncy balls for $.50 is if it's in an interactive machine. otherwise it would have to be a case by case basis. Because for instance if you're the only machine and people are desperate they may buy GB for .50, or maybe they'll complain, or maybe someone will come in with a .25 machine and steal the business. Eitherway the profit on GB is pretty good at .25 even for the seedlings or runts or anyother special GB
  10. AMD Snacks

    Skittles gone from all of SE Michigan SAms Club

    So where are you guys going for skittles and mike and ike's now?
  11. AMD Snacks

    New Guy Here

    Plans are good, and vending in principle isn't hard at all. The factor that separates all the people who see us vending from people actually vending is really just putting in the work. This business really is the more you put in the more you get out. But time will show you more than anything I can say, your plan is a good one to me, and as time goes you'll see if you can stick with it or have to slightly modify it. Really depends on your area and determination, what works for one guy in one place, wouldn't work for the same guy in another place. Your plan to keep things simple and grow as you need is pretty much the best one.
  12. AMD Snacks

    New Guy Here

    Welcome. Charity boxes in my opinion are great if you have time, patience, and quantity. I tried 50 and have 4 left at decent locations. Sold the rest, didn't have time to keep relocating and there's a guy in my area who has literally thousands of boxes all over the state. Didn't want to compete. I do all bulk and am slowly going to add some full line within the next year, and I'd say bulk is easier for me than honor boxes because if the location lasts past the first couple of collections, it normally can last for years. Also my honor boxes had way too much theft and I don't have time to keep track of all that. But I will say Bhumphrey does well in the honor box section, be sure to follow him, he's doing snack honor boxes, and seems to be killing it.
  13. AMD Snacks

    Yay, I have no idea what I'm doing!

    Welcome. Better to ask in the food and beverage section if it's for one of those machines, this is more a welcoming area.
  14. AMD Snacks

    chewey spree candy

    Thanks, yeah I see the tjking product, I don't see it on ford's site. Not an issue for now, just like having options for the future.
  15. AMD Snacks

    chewey spree candy

    I don't see it on fords site. Can you drop a link?