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  1. AMD Snacks

    What are you selling?

    That is crazy, though I should clarify that when I say 2" jewelry I mean the diamonds and diamond necklaces. Not like the gold stuff. Tho the gold stuff sells too, just not as much as the other.
  2. AMD Snacks

    What are you selling?

    2" fidget spinners still sell even tho that fad seems gone 2" jewelry necklaces do well for me all year round 2" flashing balls do great too, but not always easy to find
  3. AMD Snacks

    Skittles gone from all of SE Michigan SAms Club

    Yeah I just checked, and sams tells me they're out of stock online of both mike and ike and skittles.
  4. AMD Snacks

    Skittles gone from all of SE Michigan SAms Club

    Is that a sams plus membership? And are you saying they ship it to your house or the store? I'd love to get all my candy delivered if I could, half the time I go to costo they're out of mike and ikes or skittles. All costos are discontinuing skittles?
  5. AMD Snacks

    Been out 10 years and have some questions...

    Sounds like Eagle and Beaver are your best bet right now.
  6. AMD Snacks

    Stolen Machine, Machine Hit By Car

    Yea but I don't think leaving a number would've helped in any of these situations. Sorry to hear about the machines, i've had a year of thefts so far, I think i'm up to about 2 doubles and a triple so far this year, which is a lot considering I didn't have any last year. But hopefully you can at least write it off on your taxes
  7. AMD Snacks


    Is oak gone? I haven't heard from them in a while actually.
  8. AMD Snacks

    Jetsort issue

    As an update, I called a jetsort local representative. Very nice, however said they could only send a tech out and he could only change the black rubber pad (my machine must be too old for other parts) for like $300+. I ordered the pad on ebay, changed it in about 5 minutes, and it seems to be working right now. I'm a big fan of these machines, and it seems like that's probably the only maintenance it's going to need for a while.
  9. AMD Snacks

    Jetsort issue

    gotcha, ok I'll give them a call, thanks.
  10. AMD Snacks

    Jetsort issue

    I may post this in the full line section too. Has anyone with a cummins jetsort ever had the issue where it puts mixed coins together? I get pennies in my nickel slot, and really that's the only issue it has. The pennies are all pennies, quarters all quarters etc. But the nickel slot get's nickels and pennies mixed..I have the Jetsort 2000.
  11. That's a good question, i'm curious as well. I pay anywhere from 20% sales to 35% sales depending on the location and price point of my product. Some people like to play games with numbers and calculate commission after taxes and product cost..but I count the money right there, multiply my percentage and give them that in quarters. 99% of my locations prefer the extra quarters. Though nothing says i'm doing it right, that's just whats worked for me so far.
  12. AMD Snacks

    50 cent 1" mechs

    50cent mechs on oaks have a groove/cavity for the chute door to not hit the vista's. they don't need it on the big oaks, even tho physically the mech fits both machines. Not sure what the 50 cent eagle mech looks like, but that might be the issue
  13. AMD Snacks

    Lost machine

    well, in the same city that my rack got stolen from a laundromat, I lost another machine. Placed a machine about a month ago, went to check on it yesterday, and the lady tells me, "yeah the manager changed his mind, left you a message that said you have 24hrs to pick it up or he's putting it outside, and then he put it out the next day" . I never got that message, or a missed call or anything, but low and behold, here I am one less machine and all the product Ohwell, aside from lost sleep and a bit of day dreaming to go punch that owner in the face, I didn't lose a lot. Another good reason to be a legit business, cuz you can write off to some extent your losses. I got over it by keeping focused on the big picture, my goal is to make a certain amount from the route, and that one location and one machine doesn't stop that goal.
  14. records and people are the hardest part of this business to me. But they're both important. What information you need differs from state to state. I have a big spread sheet that I keep track of how much I collect from each location I have. In my state, I have to track my sales by city, since each city requires me to pay taxes to them quarterly. That's just for taxes, I also keep track of miles driven, machines purchased, product purchased, taxes paid, commissions paid, parking or traffic tickets while vending, charity donated, machines lost or stolen, etc.
  15. Aside from the generic "talk to a local tax person" answer (which you should probably do), I can tell you that I report quarterly to the state my income from various cities, and pay income tax based on my sales, and yearly I pay the feds for income throughout the year. Business don't normally send you anything, it's your job to keep track of your figures.