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  1. Hello! New to Vending

    Welcome to the forum. Sounds like you got two little great locators right there lol
  2. hair salon/nail places

    Man those are some good numbers. It seems like a great idea. Kids sitting there waiting for mommy, nothing to do. Idk, I went to three different decent sized cities that day, and I swear it was like the exact same reception each time no matter what. Not even any "maybe's" or "the managers not here" or "leave a card" Barbershops on the other hand do well for me and at least their no's are a little more toned down. Maybe I need to send my wife to the hair salons lol
  3. hair salon/nail places

    Went locating yesterday for the first time in a while. Decided to try and get some new kinds of locations and saw dozens of nail places and hair salons. Plenty of bored kids, so i figured i'd do well with some GB and BB. Well long story short, I was 0 for 30. Not a single one was interested, the old ladies were kind of rude, more than any other location and they all seemed against the idea of anything for kids. Ohwell, not going to ruin my sleep or anything, i'm just curious if any other vendors have any and if they do any decent numbers? Otherwise I might just avoid them all together. Like I pretty much avoid transmission places, since they have just all been slow for me. I know there's always potential in a type of location, but I'd rather not waste my time barking up the wrong tree..
  4. I can't speak for that machine, since I don't have any, but I can see a gumball not vending if the teeth of the coin mech and gumball wheel aren't engaging properly. Otherwise, GB for me don't stick or fail to fall into the holes of the gumball wheel. And if they do that, and it turns, i'm not sure where a misvend could be. Though it also depends on the size of your gumball wheel and the size of your gum, I'm just assuming they're all normal.
  5. What type of machine? But regardless, no is my answer, GB are hands down my most reliable vends
  6. Follow Ups

    I don't have any tips per se, since i'm no all start locator. But all my rack locations have been on 2nd, 3rd or more times, and what has helped (in my opinon at least) is to have notes. The name of the person I talked to, what day, what about etc. I try not to get too wordy and talk myself out of a location, and if I can try and get a machine in there at least to look at, once they see it in place it seems to help.
  7. Hey, I have no idea how to help with your situation, but aren't you in Seattle area also? I'm closer to tacoma, but if you feel like getting rid of some of those slower locations message me
  8. Considering a purchase

    Ok thanks, I emailed him an offer of $2k. If he doesn't accept then at least i'll have more time to do research and actually start the business off right. I really only wanted to do can sodas, keep things simple and not have to learn a bunch of new machines.
  9. Considering a purchase

    How can I go about verifying that?
  10. Considering a purchase

    Again, thanks for all the help, I'd much rather do a bunch of reading, but time was a factor. I'll talk to him, and if he's firm on the $5k I'll just pass. Did you factor 60% to account for 40% COG? I know very little about full line vending, and though I don't plan on growing big in that area, I wouldn't mind 5 or so machines. Are the 5900 not reliable? or just old and don't offer much for growth? I know I read that upgrading them to MDB would cost $600 or more, but i'm wondering if I can just keep them downgraded to get my feet wet. The city this guy's in is a slow farm town. Bigger than my city which doesn't even have a fast food joint, but it's still slow. My bulk machines in that city are my slowest of all, so I figured his figures just reflected the foot traffic of that town. I was hoping I could perhaps move them later to a better city, better location and improve things a bit.
  11. Considering a purchase

    Ok thanks. To be clear, lacanteen, you're saying the whole route, machines and product is only worth $1,500 -$2,500? I'ts actually two of the rowe 5900. this is what he sent me when I asked for figures: site snack s0da jan feb march april may june inn rowe 5900 $ 70 70 68 93 97 101 auto rowe 5900 d/n 5591 333 241 161 291 281 301 dnr vendo 721 12 21 11 17 24 32
  12. Hello all, I'm a bulk guy slowly researching the soda side of things. I just happened upon a guy selling a route with three locations (4) machines and product for about 5k. I normally wouldn't even consider it, but it's pretty close to my house. I just was wondering for some feedback on these machines: rowe 5900, d/n 5591, vendo 721. So far i've read the rowe is old and might need to be upgraded, and that the vendo 721 is old but some people on here love it. On a side note, it sounds like 5k is his annual gross all together too. Thanks for any feedback.
  13. Area saturation

    I can agree that there's always potential in an area. Businesses close, change hands or management, vendors get lazy (how I just took over a location recently) or retire and what not. But for rapid expansion, i.e. growing tenfold, I think you'd have to cover a large area and branch out. The time just wont work out that there's good locations to be had in abundance in one area. Otherwise no one would ever leave a certain city and save all the hassle of gas and traffic. I'm spread across several cities with my route, and there are cities I don't really go crazy trying to locate because there's just soo much competition it would tie up all my time weeding through the scraps. That being said, I have a regular job too, if I had all day to locate and focus on vending, (which you might) it's a different story.
  14. Area saturation

    Wasn't your original question about over saturation? If you take your example and do that repeatedly, and 3 dozen other vendors in your area do the same, you will eventually run out of places to locate. If you're in a city like Los Angles, which has plenty of competition, you will find it very difficult to find 4000 locations like you mentioned you wanted. But if you're saying just hustle and you'll never run out of locations, then i'm not sure what your original question was even asking.
  15. Area saturation

    The limit of how many machines per area? Care to elaborate, i'm always learning myself..