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  1. These are gorgeous! I have no idea if there's a market for them, but they would sure do great to set your machines apart from competition.
  2. Without a lot of math and if everything is in the condition you say and you could prove income, me personally, I'd pay 6k+ for your route. I say 6k+ because some people might find the extra machines very appealing. If I was going to pay more than 6k I'd start looking at more details like the previous post mentioned. But i personally would never pay more than 10k for that deal, mainly because that's a lot of capital to tie up. Best of luck, maybe try your feelers online see if you can start at 20k and work from there.
  3. I've only purchased a couple of small routes. And they we're semi organized, and even they were a headache. All sorts of keys, product to figure out and machine parts everywhere. So what you're talking about would be a huge undertaking. Also, why does he have so many machines and only 19 locations? I think i would pass, and ask yourself how much would it costs to just buy brand new eagle machines and place them yourself. 19 locations sound good, but depends on how they're doing, and even after I've taken over locations, just naturally you have to pull some anyway. Places close, change ownership, remodel, you name it, all of which i've experienced.
  4. I believe the higher the count, the smaller the gumball. If you take a certain size box and fill it with 850 GB, then the same box could fit 900 GB's if the GB's were smaller. I don't know the different sizes off hand, I only use the 850 ct ones, which are roughly the size of a bouncy ball or close to 1". If you're having a dispensing issue, it could mean you have a small disc under your gumball wheel that needs to come out, or maybe you need one there, which acts as a spacer to let just one GB in at a time. I've never had the issue your speaking of and I have plenty of oaks, 300's 450's vistas etc. Try uploading a picture, or hopefully someone else comes with a better answer.
  5. It can be very profitable, and I have no idea what your background is, but with only 10 machines you can get a little taste of the pros and cons of the business. Some people think it's super passive, some think it will have no issues, or you name it on the reasons people decide its not for them. But with 10 locations it might be very difficult to get a decent ROI if you have to first get all the licenses and fees that go along with them.
  6. Every state and sometimes even cities are different for what they require. So my unofficial advice would be listen to what other vendors are doing. I'm no lawyer so take that advice with a grain of salt..but in my experience, there's no one going around policing gumball machines. I wouldn't even worry about a license for 10 machines, you might not even want to pursue this business after you get a taste for it.
  7. As an update, My local chase explained that they also accept a bag of change under $500 you just have to fill out the bag differently. I'm not sure how low you can go, but you definitely need a business account, and it's not too hard to set one up. Also it all has to be the same kind of coin, no mixing dimes with quarters or anything.
  8. I agree with both comments above..I've done both, didn't really see the point of the acucount at first, but man it's a time saver. Especially if you have more than just quarters to count. It can only count one type of coin at a time..but if separated it can also count pennies, dimes and nickles.
  9. Yep I know how it is to start out and wonder if things will pan out. After a while of buying machines, placing machines, collecting money, rinse and repeat, you start focusing on bigger more complex issues. But this business is very much you get out what you put in, so just put in the work and it should pay off.
  10. Depends on the type of business you have machines in. But for me, generally the warmer months, spring-fall do much better than the colder months.
  11. Chase will take unrolled quarters in their money bags in $500 and $1000 increments if you have a business checking account with them.
  12. BB do pretty well for me as well. I sell most for .25 but if i have an interactive machine it's normally .50. I've learned to get them from a location as close as possible because when you start getting a lot at once the shipping can be rough due to weight.
  13. Anything similar for around $300 out there? As long as this one isn't complete junk I'm ok with all the issues, chances are i'll buy it, try it and if that account is all talk (because they swear people would love to buy sodas all day) then i can just sell it to them or sell it to someone else for $300 and break even. I also don't have a truck so i don't wanna get something really big that i'd have to rent a truck for.
  14. Yeah I would only do cans anyway, how big and heavy are they? You think i could get it in a mini van? Also can you lay them down for transport?
  15. I don't do full line, but i have a barbershop that keeps begging for a soda machine. I probably wont ever get a machine for that location because i have no idea if it would make money. But someone is selling this for a couple hundred bux and if it's even half decent it would be a nice experiment. However he doesn't know what brand it is.
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