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  1. maestro489

    Mars upgrade

    I’ve got a national 145 with a Ba30b validator that I want to upgrade to a mars validator ive also got a Dixie 368 with a Ba30b that I want to upgrade to a mars validator. Im still new at this but I’m thinking since these aren’t mdb that I want to go with a 110v 2501 or a 2511, am I right? Also What harness will I need and will I need a conversion kit?
  2. maestro489

    Gum and mint tray

    Can I leave the gum and mint tray off on a National 147. I had to change out the delivery bin and will not be using the gum and mint tray but will it work without it plugged in
  3. I’ve got a national 147. It currently has 4 chip/pastry shelves and 2 cracker/candy shelves. Can I replace one of the cracker/candy shelves with another chip/pastry shelf?
  4. Trying to remove the delivery door from a national 145 and I was wondering if you have any suggestions. I want to keep the door as together as possible while still removing it to install on another machine.
  5. I have a snacktron1 National 145 with a super old validator. I’m not even sure what kind it is, my guess is a maka. But I want to upgrade the validator to a mars. What mars validator can i put in and what kind of harness or kit will I need to make this work?
  6. maestro489

    Buying bottle drinks

    I have a pretty large variety of machines. I’m pretty sure my royal 650 machines would be fine with bottles. It’s the Dixie 368, 501, 414 that I would be concerned with. What would I have to do to sell bottles in these machines if it’s possible at all
  7. maestro489

    Buying bottle drinks

    How many bottles in a case?
  8. maestro489

    Buying bottle drinks

    Is that from SAMs club? My SAMs only had coke, Diet Coke and sprite
  9. maestro489

    Buying bottle drinks

    About how many units do you order?
  10. maestro489

    Buying bottle drinks

    I’m in the Atlanta area and I’m a small vendor(less than 100 accounts). Right now I only sell can because it’s whats available. However I just lost an account because they wanted to switch to bottles. I buy my product at SAMs and some at vistar. SAMs doesn’t carry 20 oz. bottles and vistare price is $1.28 per bottle. So my question is where do you buy bottles from if you don’t get them from vistar and if you do get them from vistar how do you make any money?
  11. Anybody know where I can get two tier pricing labels that start at $.50. I found them at D&S but they start at $.75
  12. maestro489


    I need a royal 650 compressor. My normal source has gone out of business. I’m sure you can order them from somebody but who?
  13. maestro489

    Vend Purchase Group

    Anybody heard of Vend Purchase Group or VPG. THEY Cclaim to give you rebates based on your wholesale purchases at places like vistar and other wholesalers. I’m suspicious because it doesn’t cost anything and I have to give them my account numbers for all my wholesale accounts.
  14. maestro489


    I’ve got a royal 650 with an mdb coinmech but it has a ba30 validator? Never seen that before. Is that normal? And if so can I just pop in an mdb validator now?
  15. maestro489

    Cold drink fronts

    Awesome. They’re cheaper too. You can’t beat that.