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  1. So I am painting the trim on my national 147’s this summer. I have about 8 of them to do so you can see why I am choosing to paint rather than replace. The problem is which paint. I bought a dull aluminum spray paint because I saw it on and assumed that’s why they would have it. Not the case. It’s too dull. Any suggestions?
  2. Actually I did have a repairman come out several times on each. The issue seemed to go away for a few weeks and then we were right back where we started
  3. I’ve got two Dixie 501 single price machines in my garage that I had to pull off location because they were “crazy”. They would give the wrong drink, take peoples money and any number of other strange things so I replaced them my question is should I scrape them or should I replace all the electrical and put it back out there?
  4. If you have frozen drinks usually that’s a thermostat issue. If you have a huge block of ice and the drinks are cool but not cold is that a Freon leak?
  5. Have you tried the ones from capital? I saw those too. I guess it would be worth the investment not to have to replace a validator every few months. But I’d like to know if they work. My situation is the dust and particles from a machine shop.
  6. I’ve got two national 147s that I took one of the candy rows and coupled the motors to create another chip row. Every now and then I get a fault error that says coupling and they have uncoupled back to nine individual motors. I can’t figure out why it does so I couple them back and it’s good for another couple of months. Any ideas?
  7. Do you happen to know which harness I would need
  8. It is a single price. What about a ba30 or mag50?
  9. What are my options for a validator on a dixie 501E. Its got a TRC 6800 coinmech and currently has a XLC-5200-U23 validator.
  10. Check out their website or their Facebook page. They have good videos that explain everything.
  11. They do drink beer but not everybody wants a beer. Here in GA golf courses are usually open year round with peak times being from mid March to early November.
  12. Found about 10 of these in a box in my garage. What kind of motor is this, anybody know?
  13. Anybody ever put machines on a golf course. I'm concerned about getting the machines out onto the course without ruining the grass. I use a moving service and they have a box truck. I'm thinking the golf course isn't going to allow him to drive on the course to set it up. Any ideas?
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