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  1. I’ve got two national 147s that I took one of the candy rows and coupled the motors to create another chip row. Every now and then I get a fault error that says coupling and they have uncoupled back to nine individual motors. I can’t figure out why it does so I couple them back and it’s good for another couple of months. Any ideas?
  2. Do you happen to know which harness I would need
  3. It is a single price. What about a ba30 or mag50?
  4. What are my options for a validator on a dixie 501E. Its got a TRC 6800 coinmech and currently has a XLC-5200-U23 validator.
  5. Check out their website or their Facebook page. They have good videos that explain everything. Www.parlevelsystems.com
  6. They do drink beer but not everybody wants a beer. Here in GA golf courses are usually open year round with peak times being from mid March to early November.
  7. Found about 10 of these in a box in my garage. What kind of motor is this, anybody know?
  8. Anybody ever put machines on a golf course. I'm concerned about getting the machines out onto the course without ruining the grass. I use a moving service and they have a box truck. I'm thinking the golf course isn't going to allow him to drive on the course to set it up. Any ideas?
  9. But to permit you ha e got to have a reader on every machine ami right? If not you’re just guessing and you won’t be prepared for when they’ve eaten or drunk more than normal
  10. For those of you who drive cargo vans and you reload everyday where do you store your inventory? I would think the gas mileage savings (cargo van vs box truck) versus paying for a storage unit would cancel each other out.
  11. Yes I have trouble finding a good place to take my npr. Hard to find a place to even change the oil not to mention the tires. I have to go to a commercial dealer. Pretty sure the cargo vans have normal sized tires and you can get your oil changed anywhere.
  12. I forgot to mention the lift. It’s a must with a box truck. No wheel wells getting in the way and when it rains you just roll your cart inside the box and load it without getting wet. Also you don’t have to pick everything up twice. You just park your cart in the lift load all your drinks then load your tub with the snacks you need ride the lift down and your off. With a van or without a lift you’d have to stack everything at the edge of the van, get down and then load it again onto your cart. I can hold 5 $1,000 days in one box truck easy. That way I can reload on Saturday which means when I finish my last account each day I go home and not to load for the next day. My uncle would load every morning before his route which meant he had to get up almost 2 hours before I do. Love my sleep
  13. If you can get a whole day in a transit you could get at least two days in a box truck. It might not be worth the dot hassle but it’s definitely bigger
  14. Can you fit everything thing on the transit van or are you having to reload every day?
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