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  1. maestro489

    Credit card reader compatible

    Well I went shopping in my garage and I have a few other options. Which of these if any are card reader ready National 145 National 147 Dixie 414 Royal 650 GPL 159
  2. maestro489

    Rowe 5900 no power to validator or coinmech

    The mech isn't bad. I had it rebuilt, put it in the machine. When it didn't work, I pulled it out and had it tested and it was working. My thought is that the power supply is bad. Am I wrong?
  3. I currently don't have any credit card accounts, but I have gotten a request for one from one of my accounts. That account currently has a FSI 3014A snack machine and a Dixie 368 drink are either of these machines able to have a credit card reader?
  4. maestro489

    Rowe 5900 no power to validator or coinmech

    The breaker didn’t seem to be tripped. I pressed it a few times but it didn’t help. I examined the power supply a little more and noticed that one of the lights was out. There are four lights and the one on the far left is out. Does this mean the power supply is bad?
  5. I've got a Rowe 5900 that isn't getting any power to the coinmech(9340L), no red light when I pull down the deck, or the validator(ba30). The machine is still getting power though. The machine chimes when you open the door and the display on the outside of the machine works. I changed out the power supply but nothing changed.
  6. maestro489

    New Deer Park 20oz bottles

    I didn’t know that. Thanks
  7. maestro489

    New Deer Park 20oz bottles

    The deer park has been getting stuck in my royal 650s. They get stuck halfway up leaving a gap underneath. I’ve noticed that the bottles seem bigger on one end than the other. So I started putting one in with the cap facing me and the next one with cap away from me to make them stack more evenly
  8. maestro489

    Bill Reader returns bills

    Are you getting any flash codes. When the validator is working properly youll have a solid red light. When its not it will flash a number of times. ON the bill box it will indicate what that many flashes means.
  9. maestro489

    ba30 not giving credit

    My question is, is this a validator issue or coin mech issue?
  10. maestro489

    New Deer Park 20oz bottles

    We've been using the deer park 20oz bottle for a few years now with no problem. I have noticed that the new bottle sometimes causes the bottles to sit crookedly but I haven't had any jamming problems as of yet. I did notice however that the older bottle came in packaging that read "It Vends", and the new packaging does not so I am wondering if I will run into trouble.
  11. maestro489

    Bill Reader returns bills

    The easiest thing to do would be to have that bill validator refurbished. It would most likely cost you around $125. You could replace the bill validator but that will cost you a lot more. You don't want to mess around with changing belts etc. But if $125 sounds like more than your willing to put into it you could always just go change only. Everybody at your firehouse would know that would need change so it shouldn't be a problem. I've even had some accounts that would keep change on hand for their employees.
  12. I've got a ba30 in a Rowe Jr, with a 9340L coin mech that's not giving credit. It accepts coins and gives change. It accepts the bill but doesn't give credit so you can't buy anything. Any ideas?
  13. maestro489

    Atlanta Vending Mover

    Hate to keep bugging you about this Kentucky vending but I can’t find an a&e vending in Atlanta. Found one in Louisiana. Also found an a&m in Atlanta area but they don’t move equipment. Do you have any contact information for them
  14. maestro489

    Atlanta Vending Mover

    Central Kentucky vending is a&e in Atlanta
  15. maestro489

    Atlanta Vending Mover

    Just one in and one out.