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  1. maestro489

    Polyvend 6640 upgrade

    I can’t believe I got three responses but not one of them answers the question. Lol!! I still don’t know what validator to use.
  2. I have a polyvend 6640 that I want to upgrade to a mars validator. I found an upgrade kit, but I need to know which mars validator I can put in here and which harness I will need. Any ideas?
  3. maestro489

    Nat 147 shelves

    Can you adjust the shelves up or down on a national 147?
  4. maestro489


    I think it’s a 6512
  5. maestro489


    It’s in an Ap Lcm2
  6. maestro489


    Can you replace a ba32sa with a ba30b or a mag50?
  7. maestro489

    bevmax door seal

    Your username is perfect
  8. maestro489

    bevmax door seal

    My refrigeration guy tells me my bevmax is leaking on the floor because the door seal is worn out creating condensation inside. I looked online and they seem to run about $75. Seems kind of steep. I'm wondering if anybody has used a weather stripping from the home depot instead. I found several that compare in size and construction that are $10 or less. What do you think?
  9. maestro489

    Drop sensor ap113

    I was going t go with the inone board and drop sensor. It hasn’t been upgraded before
  10. maestro489

    Drop sensor ap113

    I have several accounts where kids are the only ones who purchase items. I am considering adding a drop sensor on my ap 113 today help with complaints about lost money. My question is do these sensors work, are they reliable? Also what happens if say A2 is empty but someone selects it anyway, happens a lot with kids. Since the snack won’t break the laser does it just doing forever.
  11. maestro489

    dixie 501 live front

    I’ve got an sIId board and a trc 6512 coinmech. Would I be ok with a mars 2512? Also what harness do I need?
  12. maestro489

    disposing of machines

    I figured scrapping would be the most common response. There are plenty of places around to take them but right now I don’t have a way to get them there. I know I could pay somebody but I’d rather not pay to throw something away.
  13. I've upgraded several of my accounts this summer which is great, but it has left me with a garage full of vending machines that I most likely will not put back out on location, they are just to old and out of date. What do you guys do with machines when you have no more use for them?
  14. maestro489

    dixie 501 live front

    Yes Jeremiah that’s what I have too
  15. maestro489

    dixie 501 live front

    That’s not the machine I’m asking about. I don’t have a picture handy. But if I do have a 501e with an sIId board what mars validator would I need?