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  1. lacanteen

    Random thoughts

    If 69 is a sex position, then 96 is a sleep position.
  2. lacanteen

    Random thoughts

    Coffee: Because hating your job should be done with enthusiasm.
  3. lacanteen

    Help me value the business

    10K/week routes is minimum standard when prekitting. Routes consist of 140-220 machines depending on volume and density. It's possible to prekit without telemetry with the proper VMS, but telemetry increases the efficiency and reduces the amount of inventory by 20%.
  4. lacanteen

    Selling a vending account.

    Without make & model of all the equipment, your range is 18-29K +inventory & changer fund
  5. lacanteen

    Random thoughts

    When you have your picture taken with Mickey Mouse at Disneyland, does the person inside the costume smile for the camera?
  6. lacanteen

    Bevmax Issue

    There's a ton of how-to here: https://vendiscuss.net/files/file/107-dixie-narco-bev-max-2-full-update-2010/
  7. lacanteen

    Credit not cancelling

    I'm going to sit this one out. My money is on relay or coin mech. Where's my beer?
  8. lacanteen

    Royal Vendors GIII Troubleshooting

    I have them. Since last Friday was my birthday, I'll send you one. PM me your mailing info.
  9. If I recall right, there is a breaker behind a hole on the bottom left of the cabinet. There's a hole big enough for your finger to reset it.
  10. lacanteen

    Bevmax Issue

    Sounds like the hook swipe is set to a number that is too high. Also, check X-Axis belt tension.
  11. lacanteen

    Random thoughts

    I'm waiting for the day a woman says that I'm "the one". (without talking to a police officer)
  12. lacanteen

    Epic Fail

  13. lacanteen

    Random thoughts

    Ironically, the Internet was actually created to save us time.
  14. lacanteen

    Bev Max 4 - Y HOMING ERROR

    Here are a few sources: Part # 80410135 http://www.dsvendinginc.com/p-2165-d80410135001-dn-bevmax-346-picker-cup-home-switch.aspx http://www.veii.com/Parts-Store/Dixie-Narco/PICKER-CUP-HOME-SWITCH-LIST.html https://www.betsonparts.com/switch-r-micro-dc3a-mway.html