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  1. lacanteen

    Dixie-Narco 501E Manufacture Date

    Last 2 letters of the serial number. The first is the quarter (A, B, C, or D). The last letter is the year. "O" is 1990, "P" is 1991, "Q" is 1992 and so forth.
  2. lacanteen

    Random thoughts

    Finding out there aren’t any “real adults” when you get older is the grown up version of finding out Santa doesn’t exist.
  3. Time to trade in that Beta Max for VHS. By using the 9340L you are bypassing the board's control of currency. The bill unit puts credit through the changer and is seen as $1 coins. The 1980s was 30 years ago. We are finally testing cashless only in a high profile, but also high risk hotel. 12 machines in all.
  4. lacanteen

    Useless (but interesting) trivia

    There are 534 days left of the 2010 decade.
  5. lacanteen

    Random thoughts

    Wouldn’t it be easier for everyone if we all agreed that wrinkled clothes are OK?
  6. lacanteen

    Help finding this part

    The part is still available from Dixie Narco (Crane). Part number W367 is now Crane item number 100706. Any Dixie Narco distributor can get it for you.
  7. lacanteen

    Random thoughts

    It would be a bad idea for a tire store to have a blowout sale.
  8. lacanteen

    Shoppertron 431 won't stay home.

    Compressed air and/or Q-tip
  9. lacanteen

    Shoppertron 431 won't stay home.

    Item #10 is part number 4319012 motion detector. You can try cleaning it first.
  10. lacanteen

    Shoppertron 431 won't stay home.

    Might be the encoder that reads the wheel
  11. lacanteen

    Random thoughts

    Grammar Nazis have a special place in he'll.
  12. lacanteen

    Random thoughts

    Cats aren’t begging to go in or out, they just want the door open.
  13. lacanteen

    Adding another tray National 147

    Just pull the dividers on the candy tray, pair up the spirals and couple them in the programming. http://www.dsvendinginc.com/images/pdf-manuals/Snackcenter147.pdf