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  1. Random thoughts

    Sometimes I use bigger words than necessary in order to sound more incandescent.
  2. Help with an existing route price

    You are better off buying 1 decent account to learn on, then moving forward on your own, By the time you upgrade the technology and learn the business, you will be retiring as well. With the information you provided, the total deal would be worth less than 50% of gross annual sales. Your alternate deal of $150K in annual sales only averages $2K per machine. The sweet spot is $5K. None of this is adding up to a good start. Send this forum $100 and that's the most you'll lose. This month. Also, $332K in sales to a newbie would either kill you or send you on a serious bender.
  3. 368 lights

    Most drink machine lighting is rapid start (no starters)
  4. Random thoughts

    Movies and TV have taught me that no matter the type of drugs you’re buying, or the quantity, it will always cost exactly one suitcase full of $100 bills.
  5. Random thoughts

    We live in a world where community service is a punishment.
  6. Epic Fail

  7. Random thoughts

    I thought getting old would take longer.
  8. The big question is will Snoopy share some of what has put him on this trek?
  9. MEI Card readers

    Just a trial balloon for now. We recently acquired equipment that had the MEI 3-in-1 and 4-in-1 card bezels powered by Cantaloupe Systems. I don't use any of this hardware and may need to sell it. Does anyone have an idea of what these might be worth? I have already replaced the hardware and have convinced myself that the bezel readers should probably stand alone, since they also work with USAT modems, and few people use Cantaloupe. There's a little over 100 MEI units and almost 200 Cantaloupe Seed telemeter units.
  10. Random thoughts

    Give the man some credit: we haven't heard much about the Russians lately.
  11. Epic Fail

  12. 2 tier pricing is charging 10 cents extra on a card vend. So on a $1 vend you get $1.10. This covers the 5.5 cent transaction fee and leaves 4.5 cents to offset the monthly service fee. If you have a slow account that the card reader does not pay for itself, some vendors, as I do, consider the telemetry from the card reader to be worth the cost. Card readers can be purchased from equipment suppliers, but you are better off dealing with the card companies direct. Some companies have lease to own deals to help defray the cost over 3 to 5 years.
  13. Ten cent 2-tier pricing makes up for the service fee and part of the monthly fee. The value of telemetry makes up for the slower accounts.
  14. Random thoughts

    When self-driving cars become mainstream, mooning will probably make a huge comeback.
  15. What I can say about card readers is that 100% of our machines that can have a cared reader have them installed, which is 85% of our total machines on location. Cashless sales account for 24% of our total company sales, which, in an operation our size, is a lot of money not being handled, counted or stolen. Are there locations that don't pay for the cost of the reader? Sure there are, but as of tomorrow, 100% of all of the readers will be sending DEX telemetry to our Lightspeed system. We also use the card reader DEX/fill feature to send DEX to an iPad to verify inventory and automate the visit.