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  1. I've had both Pfizer shots, got them in early April. After the first shot I was feverish for a few hours but that was the only side effect.
  2. If the ice build up is complete around the evaporator, then it's either an air leak or motor not running or sensor/relay problem. If the ice is only on the top portion or bottom portion you may be low on gas.
  3. The best way to troubleshoot a column issue is to compare it to the working columns next to it. Test vend the columns until they are all in the same position, then compare stopping points, cam settings, rotor position. The rotor, when empty, should not have much play where it attaches to the motor. There should also be a gold colored rod in the rotor.
  4. A thin coating of frost is normal if the unit was running when you opened it. If there is more than that then look for air leaks, was the door closed tightly? Is the inner door flap closing properly?
  5. We can wait in line for 10 minutes for fast food and it's no big deal, but 10 minutes of stopped traffic is the end of the world.
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