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  1. Glad to help, this is how everybody learns. There's a donation button on the home page. Cheers!
  2. You're not going to get double cost on perishable food. Some will be close, but mostly not. That's why in a dedicated machine you need some shelf stable items that sell in order to push the margins up. Since we have close to 100 food machines, our buying power gives us some better deals.
  3. We have nothing higher than $4 in vending machines. Micromarkets might have a few $6 items. Margins on food, when you include stales, are lucky to break even. It's a necessary evil.
  4. Some of us have been through so much crap that good things in life feel like a set up.
  5. Took a few vacation days and FedEx hasn't picked up. If open Monday, I'll take to the FedEx Store. Sorry for the delay
  6. The 455 frozen machine had a similar situation if you replaced or RAM cleared the computer board. Here is how you toggle the setting: Turn off power for 30 seconds, turn back on and immediately press “Up arrow “ and “Exit”.
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