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  1. Today I got asked out by 4 women. I accidentally went into the ladies restroom.
  2. Just grab and wiggle the white switch holder and it will pop out.
  3. That's a tough question to answer. DEX is a commitment to making sure procedures are in place and followed. You also have to use the data or it's inane to collect it. We are currently using iPads with Streamware. Lightspeed powers our pick line, also linked to Streamware. USAT sends 2 DEXes every day to Streamware. All of these links are precise and must be maintained. The days of the dedicated handheld are waning. A lot of companies are requiring drivers to have and maintain an iPhone to work machines. It's all a matter of what you can afford for the number of machines and routes that you have. The hardware that you have must play nice with any VMS you consider. DEX is a standard data format that requires a program to parse the data. I can say Streamware is expensive, especially if you have many routes. I hear good things about Par Level, and there's a few more decent ones out there. We are testing a VMS that can't be discussed but works in virtual real time, meaning if a location calls about warm drinks in their Bev Max, I can look and see that the route driver filled the machine an hour ago, so I don't need to send a tech, especially when I can see how many drinks he put in there. Our iPads send data as it's generated. Bar codes and DEX are a wonderful thing.
  4. More than often, the tags at the back of a tshirt are not used for the instructions or warnings they have, but for knowing which side is the front, and which one is the back.
  5. Um.......do you realize that this thread is from 2014?
  6. S’mores but with a Reese’s cup instead of a piece of chocolate. You're welcome.
  7. I don't know if that is causing the problem, but the Studio machine, which replaced the LCM and has a similar board did not handle cards well without a flash chip update. The DEX data is crucial in so many ways for not just telemetry.
  8. I never put card readers on machines that don't DEX, hence, all of my LCMs have In-One boards.
  9. We'll throw away the leftovers from a $30 steak dinner but a $3 tube of toothpaste doesn't get chucked until every last drop of toothpaste is gone.
  10. Sometimes you wish you had a throwaway account, for real life.
  11. If a girl lets you smell something, its usually gonna smell nice. If a boy does it, its usually gonna bad.
  12. Chances are; The person who tells you that he'll be there in 7 minutes will arrive way before the one who'll be there in 5.
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