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  1. I'm told that it's possible to go to the gym and not tell Facebook about it.
  2. The battery in this pic is black, but it might also be yellow. It will also have the word "timekeeper" on it.
  3. Whenever I have a panic attack I put a paper bag over my mouth and consume the adult beverage within. It really seems to help.
  4. You can't change the past but you can still shape your future.
  5. The most unrealistic thing about Spy movies is how clean the air ventilation system is.
  6. The Conlux NBM was not very reliable. The MEI VN2502 or VN2512 with flash port will be much more functional. I have been scrapping failed NBM units for 2 years now.
  7. Let me answer your question this way: I am responsible for the health and technology of 3500 vending machines. Not a single one of them is a Jofemar.
  8. One of the machines may be on top of the power cord.
  9. I was pulled over last night and the officer asked me if I had a police record. I told him "No, but I have a couple CDs by Sting". He didn't laugh.
  10. Some people say I have a drinking problem but the truth is I can't even remember that last time I blacked out.
  11. As a kid, I once had ADHD, until my dad's belt came off.
  12. Standard black Tuffront Kit MSRP $60-$75. Add another $5 for pushbutton lenses. Add control board upgrade $400. Time, 1.5 hours or less. Replacement door: MSRP $1100-$1300. Time, 30 minutes or less. We spend an average of 7 hours per machine (in shop) stripping the door and most of the cabinet, removing the shelves, washing, sanding, painting. The entire machine is clean and fresh including shelves, buttons, plastics, etc.
  13. The wrap in the top came from VE. I got one large sheet but after cutting, had enough for 2 machines. That cost $225 because it is also laminated. The center panel is left over Tuffront panel, the bottom is Bison Black Supro film. I now have Graphics that Pop custom cut the left and right to my exact size (+1/2") and I am experimenting with carbon fiber for the center, but still use leftover stuff for now. I can't disclose my cost but I buy 25 sets at a time along with at least 20 platinum precut panel kits to make it worth their while. We also buy our micromarket setups from GTP as well so we spend a lot of money there and get good consideration. It also helps that we are a Canteen franchise. I believe the platinum precut kits have an MSRP of $175.00.
  14. That's an A/P LCM Euro door. The same door from the top is on the bottom wrapped. Here's an A/P 123 in Platinum.
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