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  1. Thanks for input. They said for me to come up with a subsidy and $200 per visit is what I am thinking of putting on the table. Also, I took down their 'demand' of commissions to 5%, quarterly and not their high commissions monthly, on their original contract.
  2. This company wants me to put snack machines at chain stores employee break rooms. They gave me a contract to sign and I said 'no way' to their terms. Then they agreed to my terms. Although, they said the only thing they can't back down on is the price of products- .90 for candy bar, includes tax, along with other way low prices of products. That gives me not enough profit to cover anything to run my business. I am thinking of proposing with charging them a service fee to supplement the profit, I have no idea how many employees are at each property nor how much is going to sell. Charge $200 per visit to machine? Anyone have experience with this? I am the only vending machine company with snack machines in my little town. My little business is busting at the seams and I am not desperate to take on more properties.....but if I can profit, I will & don't want to lose $. any advice is welcome, thank you!
  3. Thanks! It was in my storage & I stripped it out yrs ago, to carry on my route & put in boxes of 'on hand extra' val & mechs. I didn't leave a note in machine of what I took & now mechanic garage needs a snack. I don't want to put one of my newer machines in the garage.... U guys rock, thanks for helping this little girl out!
  4. So, on a AP 6600, I can use a Coin Co BA30 or Mars VN2511 Vals? The manual is saying an Ardac, kind of outdated manual. Then a TRC 6000 would go with the VN2511 & 9300 L would go with the BA30 Mechs. I'm cleaning up a 6600....
  5. Thanks, just wondering if there is a list out there, to bypass the time it takes to look at nutrition info.
  6. They sent me a contract and I told them I am not signing due to their pricing, commission is 3.5% above what I pay (I said no way), they want card reader (I said no way, I'm cash basis only), etc, etc, etc. They have surrendered their contract. I had firm negotiations and they are agreeing with my terms, because I don't agree with theirs. Therefore, I may honor their 'Choice Plus'. Although, I haven't confirmed an agreement until I look at these 'Choice Plus' items.
  7. A local department store chain would like a snack machine of mine on their property, their contract states that I have to have 25% of 'Choice Plus' options of snacks. I have searched the web and can't find a list of 'Choice Plus' items. Any help finding a list would be very appreciative, Thanks!
  8. It's a single price machine, in the coin mech. I'll check the wires, thanks Angry
  9. Thanks for responses. It's a smaller older machine. 6 select....DNCB 276 ish....
  10. I have a DN soda machine that will randomly vend Mt Dew instead of Coke, when Coke button is selected. Doesn't happen all the time, just randomly. All other buttons vend the correct sodas. I have not loaded Mt Dew in the Coke chamber, either. Any suggestions or help is appreciated, thanks!
  11. Yes, it is a narrow column. I will check it out tomorrow, thank you!
  12. Yes, cans, 2 notches....No one told me it was rebuilt, I must be wrong. It was most likely parted out of a machine. What is a bent rotor?
  13. One of my chambers on my DN machine had a motor that only went about 1/4 turn. I thought the problem was the motor. Therefore, I swapped out & installed a newly purchased rebuilt motor. Same thing happened, only moved 1/4 of the way. Any suggestions to help me pin point problem is appreciated. Thank you!!
  14. Sorry it took so long to get back, I found a board, thank you for your time on this matter.
  15. Anyone know where I can find a board for a FSI 3039 circuit board? I'm exhausted calling around. Thanks!
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