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  1. mountain vender

    Bill Validator Mounting Hardware for AP 6600

    Thanks! It was in my storage & I stripped it out yrs ago, to carry on my route & put in boxes of 'on hand extra' val & mechs. I didn't leave a note in machine of what I took & now mechanic garage needs a snack. I don't want to put one of my newer machines in the garage.... U guys rock, thanks for helping this little girl out!
  2. mountain vender

    Bill Validator Mounting Hardware for AP 6600

    So, on a AP 6600, I can use a Coin Co BA30 or Mars VN2511 Vals? The manual is saying an Ardac, kind of outdated manual. Then a TRC 6000 would go with the VN2511 & 9300 L would go with the BA30 Mechs. I'm cleaning up a 6600....
  3. mountain vender

    'Choice Plus' selections

    Thanks, just wondering if there is a list out there, to bypass the time it takes to look at nutrition info.
  4. mountain vender

    'Choice Plus' selections

    They sent me a contract and I told them I am not signing due to their pricing, commission is 3.5% above what I pay (I said no way), they want card reader (I said no way, I'm cash basis only), etc, etc, etc. They have surrendered their contract. I had firm negotiations and they are agreeing with my terms, because I don't agree with theirs. Therefore, I may honor their 'Choice Plus'. Although, I haven't confirmed an agreement until I look at these 'Choice Plus' items.
  5. mountain vender

    'Choice Plus' selections

    A local department store chain would like a snack machine of mine on their property, their contract states that I have to have 25% of 'Choice Plus' options of snacks. I have searched the web and can't find a list of 'Choice Plus' items. Any help finding a list would be very appreciative, Thanks!
  6. mountain vender

    DN randomly vending wrong flavor, please help.

    It's a single price machine, in the coin mech. I'll check the wires, thanks Angry
  7. mountain vender

    DN randomly vending wrong flavor, please help.

    Thanks for responses. It's a smaller older machine. 6 select....DNCB 276 ish....
  8. I have a DN soda machine that will randomly vend Mt Dew instead of Coke, when Coke button is selected. Doesn't happen all the time, just randomly. All other buttons vend the correct sodas. I have not loaded Mt Dew in the Coke chamber, either. Any suggestions or help is appreciated, thanks!
  9. mountain vender

    DN motors not going all the way around

    Yes, it is a narrow column. I will check it out tomorrow, thank you!
  10. mountain vender

    DN motors not going all the way around

    Yes, cans, 2 notches....No one told me it was rebuilt, I must be wrong. It was most likely parted out of a machine. What is a bent rotor?
  11. One of my chambers on my DN machine had a motor that only went about 1/4 turn. I thought the problem was the motor. Therefore, I swapped out & installed a newly purchased rebuilt motor. Same thing happened, only moved 1/4 of the way. Any suggestions to help me pin point problem is appreciated. Thank you!!
  12. mountain vender

    FSI 3039 board

    Sorry it took so long to get back, I found a board, thank you for your time on this matter.
  13. mountain vender

    FSI 3039 board

    Anyone know where I can find a board for a FSI 3039 circuit board? I'm exhausted calling around. Thanks!
  14. mountain vender

    How to use Quickbooks for company records?

    I hired a quickbook tutor to set up my account. I have city and county customers, therefore the taxes are different. I put snack and soda bank deposit amounts on each property under 'customer' with 'sales receipts'. I put all product purchases, gas, repair etc, under each 'vender'. I don't understand what you mean by commissions. (I record my 5% commissions quarterly with a check to customer). I have the online version of QB. Let me know if I can help with any questions, I know how frustrating it can be.
  15. mountain vender

    FSI 3039

    The manual for FSI 3039 says to use Coinco 9302L. I tried 5 different ones in it. When I turned the machine on, the red light flashed once, then went off. When I turned the machine off, another flash from the red light. I did not get a steady light. (I also had coins in all tubes almost full.) Then I noticed the outlet has 15 slots & the 9302L has 12 prongs. Is that why my 9302L's aren't keeping a steady light on? Sometimes I had my validator plugged in, sometimes not, but it kept doing the same thing with or without the validator. Any help is truly appreciated.