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  1. It's been replaced now for 10 days. I'm still going to get to the bottom of it someday.
  2. It's used to upgrade a single price to multi price soda machine.
  3. My dncb 501T went empty. 2 flashes on the vn2511. Filled it, still 2 flashes. Tested coin mech and 2511 in another machine, they both work. Put in new board, still 2 flashes. The whole time, display scrolls 'sold out'. All motors fine & homed. All wires to motors in great condition. All harnesses to board look good. I hit mode button and it goes through display fine. (It has an upgrade vesatile kit) None of the select buttons are stuck, all click fine. This machine has been working like a charm for years with very, very high traffic. I am at my wits end and would be grateful for any advice.
  4. I just found that in the manual, through the top, not tube.
  5. Thanks. Through the top of acceptor or the top of the tube?
  6. Thank you but like I said in the post, I did all that.
  7. Yes. Customers have to use coins after putting in $1 bill.
  8. Snackshop 112 will not accept a 2nd dollar bill, it holds the first into escrow. I put it in service and set 'no' for escrow and it still won't accept the 2nd bill. Is this sign of a board going out? Thanks!
  9. The person has lived there past 6 months, this is when I started losing products on bottom 3 rows. Video showed she used a golf club type thing, squeezed up from door and knocked it around, knocking product off front spindles. Therefore, I didn't put product in those rows, only higher rows. Then higher rows got knocked off. Pulled all product from machine until mgmt put in camera (2 months later), I lost $2900 compared to last yr's #'s, having it out of service and minus products in those rows, when in service. Mgmt said she has graffitied property & stolen boxes in the mail room. I made a police report today. My 3 other machines on that property, I have no prob with, due to cameras on them. It's just this one machine that finally got a camera set up on it, recently.
  10. That happened to one of my AP's couple weeks ago, the display board plug isn't plugged in tight. Well, that was my problem. It was a hair off.
  11. I've had a problem at an apt complex with snacks in the first few spindles of each row, being gone. Lost about $20-$30 worth of product each time. The mgr at the complex called tonight with evidence on camera of guys using a stick type thing and going up from the door, knocking off products. Last week, I put a sign on the machine saying this machine is under surveillance and I will prosecute.... Wondering if anyone has prosecuted and results? My state law is a 3rd degree burglary, class 5 felony.
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