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  1. It is a Automatic Products Studio 3, this is the bill acceptor that was in it when I bought it.
  2. For some reason my bill acceptor will only take one bill at a time (per purchase)? does anyone know of a setting or why this is happening? Example: If an item is $1.50 you can only put in one dollar bill and the rest has to be coins it won't take 2 one dollar bills.
  3. Does anyone happen to have an extra Vendesign key #9010?!
  4. I am getting an error message "make another selection" on a whole shelf? I do not have the users manual only a Main setup guide which is no help! Any help would be great
  5. I am looking for florescent lamp details for Crane National PN 1122138 for machine model 148 so I can go buy one and not have to order from Crane. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  6. AZVendor, you wouldn't happen to have some kind of diagram that shows the proper location placement of these parts?
  7. I thought I had, but I guess I am missing something?! :/
  8. No just the one I am trying to change over. When I took the machine over there was just this one that was 20oz bottles, the rest were already 12oz cans.
  9. I am looking for some much need guidance! I have a Vendo V-max soda machine that I just bought and I am having trouble changing the settings from 20oz bottles to 12oz cans! I have reset the Cam, I have installed the 3rd can clip (PN 1121704), I have the gage bar set correctly, and I still get 2 cans dispensing at one time?! Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!!!
  10. I am noticing it is hard to find any spare parts for these machines :/
  11. UGH! I wish I knew this before I bought 5 boxes!!!
  12. Has anyone else had issues with 24mm gumballs not wanting to vend in a Vendesign machine? I am using an open setting so you should get 2 with ever quarter, but they keep getting stuck and none will come out! HELP PLEASE!!
  13. Thank you for the add!! I am very new at the Bulk Vending so any advice would be great. I have all Vendesign machines which were bought second hand.
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