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  1. anna1661

    Coinco MAG32SA Bill Acceptor problem!

    Great!!! Thank you so
  2. anna1661

    Coinco MAG32SA Bill Acceptor problem!

    It is a Automatic Products Studio 3, this is the bill acceptor that was in it when I bought it.
  3. For some reason my bill acceptor will only take one bill at a time (per purchase)? does anyone know of a setting or why this is happening? Example: If an item is $1.50 you can only put in one dollar bill and the rest has to be coins it won't take 2 one dollar bills.
  4. anna1661

    Vendesign key #9010 needed!!

    Does anyone happen to have an extra Vendesign key #9010?!
  5. I am getting an error message "make another selection" on a whole shelf? I do not have the users manual only a Main setup guide which is no help! Any help would be great
  6. I am looking for florescent lamp details for Crane National PN 1122138 for machine model 148 so I can go buy one and not have to order from Crane. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  7. anna1661

    HELP! Vendo V-Max Soda Machine

    AZVendor, you wouldn't happen to have some kind of diagram that shows the proper location placement of these parts?
  8. anna1661

    HELP! Vendo V-Max Soda Machine

    I thought I had, but I guess I am missing something?! :/
  9. anna1661

    HELP! Vendo V-Max Soda Machine

    No just the one I am trying to change over. When I took the machine over there was just this one that was 20oz bottles, the rest were already 12oz cans.
  10. I am looking for some much need guidance! I have a Vendo V-max soda machine that I just bought and I am having trouble changing the settings from 20oz bottles to 12oz cans! I have reset the Cam, I have installed the 3rd can clip (PN 1121704), I have the gage bar set correctly, and I still get 2 cans dispensing at one time?! Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!!!
  11. anna1661

    24MM Gumballs in Vendesign

    I am noticing it is hard to find any spare parts for these machines :/
  12. anna1661

    24MM Gumballs in Vendesign

    UGH! I wish I knew this before I bought 5 boxes!!!
  13. anna1661

    24MM Gumballs in Vendesign

    Has anyone else had issues with 24mm gumballs not wanting to vend in a Vendesign machine? I am using an open setting so you should get 2 with ever quarter, but they keep getting stuck and none will come out! HELP PLEASE!!
  14. Thank you for the add!! I am very new at the Bulk Vending so any advice would be great. I have all Vendesign machines which were bought second hand.