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  1. And if so, why? Is it because they don't want to bother with the equivalent of a coin mech? How do grocery stores and the like deal with the issue? It seems to me that forbidding direct cash payment for items is an impediment to doing business.
  2. I like to say: "Are you happy with your service?"
  3. I'll sell a thousand bags of Flaming Hot Cheetos before I sell one bag of PB. Do I have it priced too high? I have them at a dollar.
  4. Which one did you get? And do the bills have to all be facing the same way?
  5. I didn't thoroughly check the top. Good thinking.
  6. Got a customer complaint, said a bag of pistachios had water on it. Went to investigate, here's what I found: A puddle of water in the back of the cabinet, enough that the evaporation caused several selections to become slightly moist. Machine inside, in a warehouse. All entry points (that I could see) were bone dry. Mech, coin slot, delivery bin....... all just bone dry. Checked around outside of cabinet, found no moisture anywhere. Soda machine next to it, so perhaps extra water was stored in snack machine cabinet? Problem is, water not sold in the drink machine. And no water bo
  7. The one in my area has only been open for about a couple of months. Perhaps one day one will open in your area too.
  8. I don't disagree Chris, but it seems priority for some flavors went to the supermarkets instead of Sam's and Costco. So now I get to pay 4.99 for a 12 pack instead of about 10 bucks for a 36 pack. I might have to start looking at those mailers advertising sales again, something I gave up about 30 years ago.
  9. Because I cannot buy for resale at the supermarket, so I pay sales tax at the register, then again when I pay quarterly. I believe there is a provision to work around that with quarterly sales tax here in California, but so far it hasn't been a large enough amount for me to bother looking into it.
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