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  1. Thanks. Um, I don't think each switch is connected to the board, rather they all come together in a harness and That is connected to the board, is that correct? But I'm wondering if the first 4 are somehow separated from the last 4, and that's why I had no display on selections 5-8 but did on 1-4. And I'm still at a loss why I had that cross-vending problem. A stuck switch wouldn't have consistently caused column 5, then column 6 etc. to vend when testing column #1. I appreciate your input.
  2. It is an 8 select machine lacanteen; I think it's an SII-D but I'm not positive. Do you know if the 8 selects have a different membrane for 1-4 and 5-8?
  3. So I had a flashing decimal light, and when I opened the door and pushed the mode button the readout said: SS-5 SS-6 SS-7 SS-8 ... repeating. Pressing the door close switch briefly got me back to a solid decimal light, but then I got the 'error' code again. All motors were in the correct positions and I was able to test vend each selection with motor test. But again, flashing decimal and then SS-5 thru 8 repeating. I disconnected and re-connected power, and then only buttons 1-4 had any display, 5-8 had no visible response. So I tried to purchase selection 1, and a can from column 5 dropped. Tried again to purchase selection 1, and a can from column 6 dispensed. 3 times in a row that happened, first a can from column 5, then column 6 when purchasing selection #1. A couple of other odd things along the way, finally I disconnected and re-connected again, and things were suddenly normal and that's how I left the machine. Control board maybe going bad? Bad connection somewhere? Any other thoughts? TIA
  4. " You will never have to worry about a machine being out of commission " Lofty claim.
  5. The 24 packs with the plastic rings would be great, but I haven't seen those in probably 15 years or so.
  6. Just to add on to Southeast Treats excellent reply, it's true that most if not all suitable locations already have vending machines, but I have been surprised over the years in that solid accounts are sometimes neglected. And it could also be a personality issue that would lead to a decision maker electing to try a new company. Point is, it's not a stagnant business ... things can and do change. Persistence will be key for you in finding locations. As for buying that existing route, I think others will agree that even if it's a legitimate offer it will be too big for you until you gain much more experience. And it is very possible that it's a dubious offer anyway. When you do find a location and need to buy machine(s) I recommend Vending World in Rancho Cucamonga. They really know their stuff, plus it's not very far from you. They can hook you up with a mover and also provide some limited training on how to operate the machines. Best of luck to you.
  7. I have a column that vends 2, then zero, then 1, then 2, zero, 1 etc. Cam setting is fine, spacers etc. Nothing has changed, what is causing this?
  8. I strongly suggest you stay away from Polyvend in the future.
  9. Had a friend in the business tell me this is a thing, but I've never experienced it.
  10. I know it's an unusual question, I meant it that way, to stimulate conversation, which it did not. It was meant to discuss prices, and other things pertinent to the business. I didn't even say 'soda' or 'snack', those things matter. Oh well.
  11. One candy selection on this machine responds with 'Invalid Choice' when selected. I've tried re-setting the price, no effect. Tried motor testing the selection, which has worked with AP machines many times in the past, no effect. What else? The other 9 selections on that shelf, plus all the others on the other shelves work fine.
  12. Is the coin return accidentally depressed?
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