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  1. Apple Leisure

    Machines giving change instead

    Is the coin return accidentally depressed?
  2. Apple Leisure

    Shoppertron 431 won't stay home.

    What is different about the 432?
  3. Apple Leisure

    Shoppertron 431 won't stay home.

    Thank you lacanteen.
  4. Apple Leisure

    Shoppertron 431 won't stay home.

    Thank you. A good way to do that?
  5. Apple Leisure

    Shoppertron 431 won't stay home.

    Thank you for your reply. Do you think it could be the triad? I've never replaced the encoder. Is it easy to do?
  6. I've cleaned the plastic wheel real good; that has solved the problem in the past. Not this time.
  7. Also, your spiral should 'snap' into place when put back correctly. There is a tab on it, and it goes into a groove on the piece of plastic attached to the motor, then you turn it just a little bit, counter clockwise.
  8. Apple Leisure

    Shoppertron 431

    I've had to replace that triac before. That's a good thought. Thanks.
  9. Apple Leisure

    Shoppertron 431

    I'm not disagreeing AZ, but I should have mentioned that the control panel seems fine. It's just the compressor won't turn on. Still think it's the board?
  10. Apple Leisure

    Shoppertron 431

    A customer moved it out of the lunch room temporarily and plugged it into an extension cord, which made the machine go haywire intermittently. I took everything perishable out and unplugged it when I saw that, but someone plugged it back in. Anyway, damage was done because it won't try to cool now. The decimal point is on, as if it were cooling, but no. I'm hoping it's just a fuse.
  11. Apple Leisure


    Do you guys buy the gum that already has the price marked on it (e.g. 35 cents, from Sam's Club) or do you get it somewhere else? If the former, do you actually sell it at that price; and if the latter, where do you get it and how much are you selling it for?
  12. Apple Leisure

    Soda prices

    This is interesting. I sell 12 ounce cans for 75 cents. I think that is pretty common. But I see several posts from 2007 stating their selling price at 60, or 65 cents. And I was at those prices too, approximately. However, it seems to me that our cost of a can of Coke hasn't increased all that much since 2007. Maybe a nickel? I know Coke recently went up, substantially, but Pepsi is still around 28 or 29 cents a can where I shop. How much less was it 10 or 11 years ago? Overall it seems like our price of soft drinks has remained fairly stable, compared to what we sell if for. Thoughts?
  13. Apple Leisure

    Coke prices have gone up

    Pepsi is still at about 28 cents a can. Coke is up to almost 33, which is really 38 in California. Big jump. I haven't seen this big of an increase in ...... well, I don't remember seeing this big of an increase.
  14. Apple Leisure

    Coke prices have gone up

    At least where I shop
  15. Apple Leisure

    Any success with Takis?

    You guys don't sell very many hot cheetos? Wow, at some places I have to fill two coils with them.