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  1. I don't think so. The paint seems uniform and complete. I will verify soon. Thanks.
  2. Thanks. Is this a hazard the way it is in your opinion?
  3. Here's a weird one, at least to me. While closing this drink machine I discovered that if I touch the rivet on it with my right fingertip and have the back of my right hand touching the snack machine there is a continuous electric pulse running through my hand and wrist. It's pretty specific to a particular rivet (I think) and regarding the placement of the back of my right hand, but it is definitely there, and definitely repeatable. It's that tingling sensation, like if you touched a plug in the wall that was drawing current. Thoughts?
  4. Thanks guys, actually I've got 5 hour energy in there at $2.50 ..... why isn't the hold for that amount then?
  5. It's a USAT, she said she swiped her card and she was charged $1.50 for a $1.00 item, instead of $1.10 she should have been charged. So I swiped my credit card and bought the same item, and the display said I had been charged $1.10. She said the display said the same thing for her, but when she checked her app she saw that she had been charged the higher amount. So I called my credit card company (don't have the app) to confirm the purchase: he said that I had been charged $1.50, and then $1.10, and then the original $1.50 was removed. Does this make sense to you guys?
  6. It's the principle. Chocolate prices have FAR exceeded normal inflation, and besides, the other things I replace them with sell just fine. Mostly I'm selling LSS bags of flaming hot whatever anyway. For those people who really want a candy bar, well, they can have a Snickers.
  7. My customers get Snickers and Peanut M&Ms, not much chocolate other than that. Oreos, crackers, Nature Valley, nuts etc. etc. Plus I've been moving to one candy shelf only.
  8. 20 ounce. I know what you're saying Chris, but I definitely make sure the retainer is NOT laying flat; the bottles are quite clearly behind the flap with the flap extended as it should be when I load it.
  9. That's what I thought, but it happened again:
  10. Thanks again to all those who replied. I wanted to post another picture that shows the plastic retainer in column 9. When I load the machine I make sure all of the Gatorades are behind this retainer, which I had to pull out and hold with my hand in order for it to be seen. The way the machine is positioned the door won't open far enough to get a good picture, nor can I see the back spacer, which I suspect is the problem.
  11. I appreciate everyone's replies. I am going to check the back spacer, and also get a better picture of the retainer between columns 8 and 9. Thanks everyone.
  12. You can't see them in the picture but they are there. It's a bit of a challenge when loading to get the Gatorades past the plastic flap, or retainer, but it's definitely there.
  13. I load it very carefully, always inside of the gate.
  14. Thanks. I replaced that switch today; we will see if that does the trick.
  15. This has happened 4 or 5 times in a row now, on periodic service dates. I find a flashing decimal, and it's the number 1 column every time; it says "Try another selection" when you push the select switch. I open the door, and push the 'door close' switch a couple of times until it vends a can from column 1 and everything is back to normal. I check the RD, it's usually a small number but can be up to 20 vends since last time.
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