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  1. I've had some trouble with the signal of this snack machine lately; the soda right next to it works fine. So I bought a high gain antenna and mounted it outside and on top of the machine. It's about half-way back, on the right side. Last I left it it still wasn't receiving, I had given it about an hour. Should I move the antenna, or is it likely something else? It's a G8 or G9 reader I think, about 3 years old if that makes a difference. Tech support was trying to help but scratching their head last time I was there. Also, I bought two antennas and tried them both. TIA \
  2. Grandma's cookie here, a bag of Doritos there..... or make a grand gesture, every one of the 6 or 8 or 10 people in the lunch room get a free Coke. Not every day, not every time, but not just limited to decision makers and upper staff. I can't speak for everyone's personal situation, but I am definitely known by most of the workers in the places I go to, and a little goes a long way. Also, if your 'contact' asks for a 'refund bank', be generous with it. I like to make a show of it; get them to bring their cup or plastic bag or whatever else container and pour the money from the coin box into it. It looks like a lot, but it's probably only 20 or 30 dollars. I pay zero commission these days, and 20 or 30 dollars this way a couple of times a year is a drop in the bucket, but it sure does look good. And don't forget security, they've got your back. A simple "hey this is extra, do you want it?" goes miles toward them being on 'your side'. Better yet, give them a coupon, if you use those. I see the same faces all the time, and I'm probably giving away about 5 bucks or less a week in profit, but it is remembered. You want the vending machine experience to be a positive one. You want people to know you like them, and appreciate them. Seize an opportunity; the cleaning lady who always happens to be mopping the floor while you're there? Make friends, and 'buy' her a Coke. It's amazing how much people like to get something for free. The random guy or gal who you see often; might just be your decision maker later on, or better yet, move on to another company and remember you as the 'cool guy', or gal, and recommend your services. I've had it happen. Treat your customers like friends. I'm a small time operator that has somehow managed to survive, and thrive, by using these techniques. But I have to bend down and fill case after case after case after case after case ........
  3. I will never use another one of those. I would get a stacker, specifically the 501E as orsd mentioned. The 600E is pretty nice too, what with that extra capacity. Talk your customer out of the variety of options the glass front has; let them know that most people want a Coke, or a Monster.... Squirt, Dr. Pepper etc.
  4. Too many people fail to see how insignificant and relatively innocuous this virus is. We are much more likely to beat this thing by going outside into the sunshine than by letting government violate our Constitutional rights with the asinine stay at home orders. It has been too long. I speak from a position of not having to work, in fact I posted earlier in this thread that I'm not minding the break at all. I don't need, or even want, the government handouts; all they do in the long term is create a society more and more dependent on government, something a lot of politicians want. Plus the fact that some people are getting more than they were getting only adds insult to injury. Our Country has already recovered; we flattened the curve, no hospitals are overwhelmed (in fact just the opposite), and lots of studies are coming out showing that the rate of infection is likely far higher than we were led to believe, which means that the death rate is far lower than anticipated, and even to this day reported. Also, we know that there are deaths attributed to Covid-19 that were merely presumed (According to Drs. Birx and Fauci) and we also know that (struggling) hospitals are incentivized to label cases as Covid-19 even if there are other more serious underlying health concerns, and that they are further incentivized to use ventilators even though it has been shown that using them can often further endanger the patient. Furthermore, wearing a mask is quite often counterproductive because it leads to more touching of the face; people of all walks, including first responders, have repeatedly been shown lowering and raising their mask for convenience. Letting society go back to work is the best answer, unless you're one of those who has a notion that government dependence on a Universal Basic Income, forced government health 'care' for everyone and infringement of liberty is a good thing. I don't think many of us business owners think that way. Let those who feel vulnerable and afraid stay at home all they want. No one is infringing upon their right to do so. In fact plenty of us will bring necessary items to them if they so need, happily. The rest of us want our sports back; we want to eat out, go shopping and watch a movie, in a theater. People who would deny us these pleasures are selfish. Herd immunity is our best bet, it creates dead ends for the virus which in turn reduces the risk for those most susceptible.
  5. I always add a doubled over piece of tape to the end of the label when putting a new one in. Makes it so much easier going forward.
  6. Good point about the wallowed out rotor drive slots.
  7. I use them both. Yeah, the 600s are harder to move but a pro should be able to handle it without too much difficulty. If the place of business is a warehouse and you can access a bay door then the extra capacity is pretty nice. On the other hand, if it's going into a lunch room and through closely placed doorways, the 501 all day long.
  8. Have you tried turning them off and back on again?
  9. https://nypost.com/2017/07/06/theres-no-actual-veggies-in-veggie-straws-suit/
  10. I'm not happy about the virus at all, obviously, but this business is so difficult to get away from that I see a bright side if my biggest customers either curtailed or shut down for a couple of weeks. Nice break for me.
  11. That sounds like music to my ears. You can play that so many ways. Golden opportunity you got there. Wow.
  12. They are troublesome in many ways, especially the drop sensors. I strongly suggest you stay away from them.
  13. Shims. I will never use another 5591, way too much trouble.
  14. It's a Frito-Lay product, pretty sure Vistar carries it.
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