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  1. To keep the cans (or bottles) in place. They snap in over the metal dividers and serve as protection for two columns. I need a couple and don't know how to search for them.
  2. So I only use AP for snacks, and I put some of the LSS chips in a 12 count spiral, like Fritos, and some in a 10 count, like Doritos. If I tried putting Doritos in a 12 count they would get squished and get stuck and overall be a problem. Yet all of the LSS chips I buy come in the same size box with a 64 count.
  3. You also have to keep in mind that you're sacrificing capacity when you sell bottles instead of cans and factor that into your price.
  4. Has this happened in more than one of your single columns?
  5. I have to agree with you there. I feel sorry for the poor sap, in a way.
  6. I'd sure like to see the inside of one of those 'healthy for you' machines to see how it vends the odd bottle sizes. Some of you guys probably have an idea how it works. In any case the capacity must be very low per selection; 9 selections, and only using the bottom half of the machine. It's gotta be a real pain stocking these things.
  7. I would have assumed that along with the 'healthy' gimmick with the fancy graphics, and the promise of commission, that these franchisees demand a contract, and exclusivity, as part of their business proposal. Do you know of information that contradicts that? Because I wouldn't mind co-existing with them as we're really not competing with each other. Or having the decision makers change their mind of course after getting the inevitable complaints from the employees. But I think flintflash is correct, and my wife said the same thing, in that once they realize how foolish this 'healthy vending' jive is they will be too embarrassed and eager to save face to call me back.
  8. I was also replaced by this piece of ..... equipment. And I don't think very many of the workers there will be pleased. I've tried to sell a couple of those things, per request, and at lower prices, and still had to throw much of it away after it expired. And what's supposed to be 'healthy' about those Starbucks drinks? Those things are full of sugar. I think it's likely that someone with no vending experience got suckered into paying too much money for this machine with its' marketing and won't make enough revenue to make the payments. And good luck to them when there's a problem. Oh well. Some person in the office thought she'd like some 'organic' whatever, and now everyone has to have it. 3 of their 10 large items are popcorn, and they're $1.75. They used to have LSS Fritos, Flamin' Hot Cheetos, Doritos, Chedder Cheese Ruffles etc. etc. etc. , for a dollar. Asinine.
  9. Where's the Coke? The Doritos? Where's the Peanut M&Ms!?
  10. Yes, AngryChris is correct, there is zero chance I will retain the smaller account without keeping the bigger one, for multiple reasons.
  11. Riiiight. Of course that's what I'm thinking. What I said is something like 'frankly I only service the smaller account because I'm allowed to service the big one, but without the big one the smaller one is not profitable to me'. She very politely acknowledged that. But like you said AngryChris, let the Healthy Vending franchisee (I think that's how it works) invest another .... 5 to 8 thousand? ... guessing here, on one of those fancy machines for a place that will allow them to recoup their investment in 10 to 12 years if they're lucky. Or maybe they can just get an Honor Box.
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