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  1. You're exactly right about the eprom, and I was able to obtain the whole assembly for the coin insert geometry. It doesn't seem like it is a difficult job, just need to remove the coin chute first, also like you said. I sure appreciate everyone's help here on this forum.
  2. Thank you for that. Is it very difficult to replace? Also, what about the machine not dispensing dollar coins, any idea there?
  3. Thanks AngryChris, I bought this machine less than a year ago from a very reputable source; I never would have even thought about checking to see if it would allow a dollar coin. None of my other 501es have that issue. Perhaps in the refurb process an older plate was used by mistake. I believe it does have an older eprom too, by the way, because USAT only reports credit sales on that machine, not cash sales.
  4. because the slot is not big enough. What is the best way to remedy this? Also, it won't dispense a dollar coin either even though they are available, and even after I told the machine it had them by filling the tube up via coindump. Is that a programming issue? TIA
  5. I had an offer of an account with the caveat that the machines wouldn't take cash, I assume that your client requested that as well. Their reasoning was that if the machine wouldn't take cash it would be less likely to be susceptible to someone trying to break into it. After careful thought, of about a minute and a half, I decided as a businessman I don't want to curtail such a (still) common stream of revenue, nor do I want to place machines in an area where such a thing happening is a concern. As for covering the validator hole, there are special plates for that, in case you don't have a spare validator with you and need to replace one. I guess you could rig up some kind of way to block the coin path, but I just wouldn't do it. Not yet anyway.
  6. K, I don't use USI. I use AP and a coil is a coil, and it spins a full turn wherever you put it. I presume then in this case that the coil used has to match up with the motor used. I'm not going to research it, it was only an idle question. And I'm not going to use USI.
  7. How does the motor know to turn only half way with this type of coil?
  8. It's all MDB. I tried the antennas further apart, vertical, and outside of the machine. No change. Still "cards offline by vendor".
  9. 20. According to the USA Technologies tech, I've a signal of 20 with that reader. I tried the antennas further apart, vertical, and outside of the machine. There is no door switch on the LCM series. I still have the same problem. Cards offline by vendor. Crumb.
  10. Thanks Southeast. I'm going there tomorrow and will monkey around with it some more.
  11. I use the Quantums a lot and I can't remember the last time I had that problem with one. Not that I doubt you, but I would just replace it with another mech, Quantum or otherwise.
  12. I like the Quantums just fine. What's a better mech to you guys? And to OP: When you say it "doesn't recognize" dimes, do you mean it won't stack them, or they get stacked but not credited? Something else? They're pretty easy to work on, the tubes pop right out in case of a jam. But what exactly is going on with yours?
  13. I wonder if you guys would look at this and see if it looks like something is wrong:
  14. Mech and validator, yes. I'm going to take a picture soon and show you guys.
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