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  1. For the green/blue two lined display, use V4.45. The red one lined display requires V5.18
  2. Contact DANBIT A/S, they are the distrubitor for Nayax in Denmark. They will have kits you can use for a pulse machine.
  3. The productmap is sorted by PA code as default, that's the machines internal shelf number. The map updates each selection as MDB code when you connect it to a machine and perform a purchase. The hard way to sort out your product map is erasing the one you have, and start by buying a product on the top shelf to the left, and call it PA-number 1, then proceed to the right and sort it 1, 2, 3, 4 etc.. Then next shelf call it 10, 11, 12 and so on.. But I'm sure you can import a standard blank map for these machines if you contact your Nayax-supplier.
  4. Try to change the "Use Card Price to Correct Cash Price" setting in the product map (you find it under "misc settings" in the product map) to enabled if you have it disabled. If you use DEX reporting, disable it and instead use live transactions.
  5. No, you do not have to do a DEX-reading to map colums. As stated before in this thread, just a board that reports through MDB.
  6. Just pull out the entire cooling deck and plug it in externally from the machine.
  7. Any executive mech will work. For a new cassette contact the dealer for MEI, or just ask a local vendor. Any vendor with multiple machines will have some old mechs laying around, you can use a cassette from a 550/560 or a 690. Not just the mainboard as I said. Also all the wiring, probably also the power supply. Unless you want to spend a fortune buying parts from sandenvendo for this outdated machine, the other option is to get a hold of a donor machine and swap parts.
  8. MDB is the standard in EU also, executive/CCtalk are also used by some small machine builders, but all the major brands use MDB. The machine itselfs is not MDB capable unless you swap out all the wiring and install a BB01 mainboard with a new eprom with V5.18 or later eprom (will not work with the standard 4-45). You can however install a cashless system throug the 690 coinmech, that requieres adding a cable to the coinmech wich allows the coinmech itself to work as the "MDB hub". Contact your national distrubitur for MEI and they can probably give you a price.
  9. Crane have their EU warehouse/shipping centre in Germany and you can reach them at sales@cranems.de If you have your winter vacation coming up and are going to Norway you can swing by me and buy a refurbished cheap deck though😉
  10. You should post in the Food & Beverage section. Be prepered though, looks like you are walking into a minefield since you obviously not have found the search button regarding healthy vending and locations.
  11. That brand are not a big brand in europe either, I've heard of it but never seen one in shows neither in Spain or Italy - so I guess your money is best placed with contacting the company directly.
  12. The idea of the MoMa app is good, too bad that Nayax seemed to decide to use a app developer who never cared for making apps. Poor interface, incredably slow communication and lack of features that easily could be built in. When they actually start to care about MoMa I'm going to be pretty happy and deploy it to my drivers.
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