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  1. Snack box update

    The biggest one around me is about 25,000. Most are between 5,000 and 15,000.
  2. Snack box update

    What size of area do you live in to have that many locations? Most of the towns around me have a population of less than 15,000, so I think it might be difficult growing that big.
  3. What is this route worth?

    Correction I meant to say offer 1500 and settle for 2000.
  4. What is this route worth?

    That lines up with what I was thinking. I was planning on offering 2000 and settling for 2500.
  5. Website signing me out

    Thank you Mage, I will give that a shot.
  6. What is this route worth?

    He is claiming that his business brought in $4000 last year. And so far this year, he is claiming that the route brings in $550+ per month. I offered him $1000 without verifying income. He countered by asking for $5000. Thoughts?
  7. Website signing me out

    I use an HP Laptop, a Samsung Tablet and phone, and all use Chrome.
  8. Website signing me out

    Yes sir. Remember my login is checked.
  9. Candy for a Cause Price Increase

    Is there a template available to do this?
  10. Website signing me out

    I tried all of those things. I am having the same problem on my computer, phone, and tablet.
  11. I recently placed an order for 24 Candy for a Cause boxes. I received the boxes and some of the 3 for $1 stickers. There was a handwritten note that they were out of the 3 for $1 stickers, but that I would receive them when they got more in. I waited a few weeks and called to check on the stickers. They informed me that they had not received the stickers at that time. I waited a few more weeks and called back. At that time I was informed that they no longer offer the 3 for $1 stickers. Instead, they are now offering 2 for $1 stickers in their place. This will be a hard sell for my product line (Pearson Mints, Laffy Taffy, Airheads, Mars Mix, Tootsie Pops, and Blow Pops). Has anyone else had experience with the 2 for $1 stickers yet? If so, what products are you selling?
  12. Website signing me out

    The forum always kept me logged in so that every time that I opened it I would be able to stay signed in. However, over the past few days, the site keeps logging me out so that I have to sign in every time I open it. Is anyone else having these problems?
  13. What is this route worth?

    That seems kind of high to me based on the types of machines. But, I may be low balling it myself. That is why I wanted other opinions. Thank you.
  14. What is this route worth?

    I have been presented with an opportunity to buy a route that is close to me. Here are the specifics: 36 machines currently on location. Most are Seaga triple heads. A couple of them are Vendstars. 2 of them are set for 2" bouncy balls. All have 25 cent mechs, except for the 2" bouncy balls. Those have 50 cent mechs. There are an additional 8-10 machines in storage that needs cleaned and located. There is also a small product inventory. The gross monthly sales average between $350 and $500 for the entire route. The locations are spread among 8 towns, but all are within 30 miles of each other. I am not a huge fan of Seaga or Vendstars, but if these locations are producing sales, I can't argue with that. What would be a good offering price to purchase this route?
  15. Much appreciated/needed good news

    I started with bulk, then added honor boxes. I have found that honor boxes offer the best growth potential, are easier to service than say full line, and offer greater profits than bulk. So I would recommend that if you are interested, honor boxes are a viable option to start with.