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  1. Ahh… yep I’m not huge but 5’9 220 roughly and I’m standing and pulling this morning.. thinking not as easy as i thought but the top Rachet strap makes sense. Thank you
  2. So after searching forever I picked up a dutro vending dolly locally for 250 bucks… but I didn’t realize that top strap was preferred. Can a top strap be added to the horizontal one? actually have it strapped to a 501e but having never used one.. kinda nervous so trying to watch videos and reading ran across the top strap issue: btw accidentally I picked up a dutro convertible dolly as well.. being used to mag liners does dutro just make everything hd? oh the accident, ad said appliance dolly pic was bad got there realized it wasn’t what I thought but the people wanted it gone so they said take it for 20.00 figured why not:. now I’m debating between truck with lift gate or trailer.. not planning to be a mover but a few vending companies I’ve talked to recently have told me they would have given me machines. So why not.. Plus I have machines in a storage unit and they are packed in so figured a good moving dolly would make shifting them around easier.
  3. So apparently the FACT the FCC has reallocated cellular bandwidth forcing hardware upgrades isn’t true? STILL sticking with your “fact” of chip reading being the driver? That was actually passed and pushed by The credit card companies in 2015.. but I guess as a salesmen you prefer to push what suits your agenda and since you also have hardware out in the field using old cellular technology you prefer to push the chip agenda since no one else does. facts https://www.nerdwallet.com/article/credit-cards/emv-chip-credit-cards-required-law
  4. Thanks Harry… I just like facts.. and not “sales” speak.. 1. YOU brought up the inaccurate quote on why people were forced to upgrade! (Cellular band not CHIP requirements! 2. YOU specifically mentioned someone as choosing YOU but reality is originally they made your competition the choice primarily based on exactly what I said which was assistance in rolling out UNITS quickly.. YOU keep referring to well your solution is better etc and it’s “old school” about price… Yet a primary reason why these big companies switch to you is solely based on “PRICE” because it sure isn’t based on superior support/assistance in deploying hundreds if not 1000’s of units… good luck very unfortunate that you couldn’t be honest and straightforward and instead was dismissive when SHOWN FACTS!
  5. Once again Harry this is after M&m went all in on USAT… feel free to refer a customer who didn’t go neatly or 100% connected with another provider first? clearly the second time you connect hundreds if not thousands of devices the first time it becomes much easier… YOU keep referring to me not having having a clear picture or understanding but reality is you also make no mention of an implementation team or 3rd party contractor of experienced vending professionals hired by Nayax to help go 100% cashless instead you refer to a company that in 2015 went with USAT https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20150520005952/en/USA-Technologies-Partners-with-MM-Sales-Company-to-Expand-Cashless-Systems-to-all-Vending-Machines-in-their-Portfolio
  6. Are you referring to the easy1 box? You don’t need those for a 113 since dex is built in the open connector bottom left.. Only thing you may have is someone tapped power to install a telemetry device but usually that’s Cantaloupe and we had a a connector that went into the open fan jack. A 113 is still a great machine slap a revision door on with drop sensors and LED lighting and its every bit as good as the new machines... certainly a stronger cabinet.
  7. Sorry for bringing up an old thread.. was looking. At a coffee machine and ran across this.. Vendo mike..Not sure the status of this but you may want to go talk to Continental vending in Anaheim.... when Bill Walsh was around her ran a ton of coffee machines and cup drink machines as well(in 2006 lol) anyway he reengineered the machines to be more reliable and easier to repair.. something about going from 3 valves down to one.. he showed me on day and it made sense, service calls they just replaced all the valves and since there were fewer it was cost effective. Not sure why Nestle machines aren’t all over the place... I have a customer in the Caribbean that runs 500 or so... similar to your machine.. and in India Nestle is huge as well...
  8. I agree a lot depends on the machines the effort you put into them.. First of all you don’t have to strip to bare metal to repaint... They don’t do that with cars, houses, etc.. Just a quick sanding maybe a primer and paint... however I would try to strike a deal with an autobody shop or a guy on Facebook etc advertising auto painting. Nothing easier than painting 3 flat sides... tuff-fronts for now(I’ve seen others just do vinyl) but ideally it’s equipment that can accept a door upgrade.. I agree with led lights but I’d just order some inexpensive rope led lights and tap power in the machine.. way cheaper than the dedicated vending kits at the moment.. Another alternative is having someone wrap the whole machine like they do cars.. may not last as long but can look really nice with some custom graphics etc..
  9. Harry, First of all people are being forced to upgrade due to the changes in cell phone wireless spectrum! Maybe someday ability to have tap etc.. but that’s not driving the switch... Sometimes it isn’t about the best hardware solution otherwise Protel would still be around and own the market... same with vendwatch since they owned the patents.. It’s about execution not features.. Cantaloupe took off after Refreshment Solutions joined VMI and when Easitrax integration was working. Treat America, NCV, CSG, etc. followed.. Parlevel’s strategy was similar to Nayax in going after smaller operators it’s when they transitioned to going after bigger operators and making a full VMS is when they hit their stride and having a true implementation team and strategy, well FEMSA helped but they needed hardware that worked before that could... Bottom line I worked for the best VMS in history Rutherford(Easitrax) to this day many companies refuse to switch because they must sacrifice features to do so.. but the big advantage is we had people implementing software who also understood vending operations combined with flexible software that was powerful. Technically SQL is better maybe even more features when you use some of the add on report writer functions. YOU have great features to sell but if no one needs them or wants them they really don’t mean much.. a support/implementation team is more valuable. I know one company that switched to your hardware for no other reason than the price you offered... and this wasn’t long after they had just brought 100% of their 1000+ machines online.. wasn’t features it was PRICE! I still have 2 credit/debit cards I use that don’t have tap to pay! and 3 circle K’s within 1 mile of where I live that can’t even use tap to pay! What nayak needs is NOT hardware features... THEY need people who can work with vending operators to select the best machines/routes to maximize sales and profits so that they can afford to do 100% of there machines! 1000 machines 350 per reader $350,000 that’s assuming all machines are capable most likely 200 are not kits/upgrades 750 bucks.. 150,000 so your at a half a million purchase not even counting the labor and the monthly connectivity expense.. NOT easy for any vending company... This is made worse for nayax because how many different customers do you have in the US? Customers with 500 plus machines don’t have as many support calls...they are self supporting... once they had one bevmax issue they repeat it on the other 30... you have 30 customers with one bevmax. So you can say old school approach etc.. but frankly I’ve been on the cutting edge of technology in vending.,, BOTH Cantaloupe’s and Parlevel’s first flagship customers and primary reference accounts were my customers.. one of which actually BOUGHT VENDSYS and Parlevel at the same time! He was going to do one route each and decide which he liked better, well by the time we finished the first route with the FIRST installs outside of engineering of Parlevel’s telemetry he committed to doing 400 more machines in 45 days because of Thanksgiving! By March we had all 1000+ of his machines online, prekitting, dynamic routing etc... Not sure but that still might be the record😁 pretty good for old school... I have no affiliation or ties to any hardware I fact the one I have the closest ties to actually resells yours...
  10. All readers are essentially the same it’s whoever is giving you the best price... As far as not using dex and going straight MDB well that’s a horrible idea.. depending on mdb to provide accurate sales data is not advised at all! dex sales data is tried and proven and with the document(I maybe biased I helped create part of that) above you are given exactly what you need to get consistent reliable information.. only two companies say to go MDB... nayax and payrange.. payrange is because they cannot do dex... every other company will tell you dex! Parlevel tried to do MDB as did cantaloupe and could not get reliable consistent results.. I know I worked for both of them when we were trying to do it... As far as what you need for your machines upgrade wise if it isn’t like 1000 machines.. feel free to shoot me a pm and I’ll let you know exactly what you need.. I've installed/upgraded or trained people to do 1000’s of machine upgrades and 100,000+ worth of telemetry/card readers.. Not to mention 100+ companies on Handheld company wide dex.
  11. Beyond the same board and eeprom are the validator and mech also the same? In both situations are you going board, card reader, validator, mech? Also is the cc reader same make and model? As far as antenna location well best spot on every machine is center on top.. however if you know which direction the closest tower is you may get better performance from one of the corners.. just like the old cars with steel antennas if you were driving east you picked up a radio station but same road facing west it didn’t come in.. last thing is if the building is the new energy efficient design all of the windows have metal film and it kills signal even a higain antenna won’t work you will need a cellular repeater.
  12. To be honest a lot depends on where you are located some areas have a ton of used 501e.. other areas have more vendo’s maybe due to the individual reps or what the local bottlers use. As far as glass fronts the most successful vendors I’ve worked with typically only use glass fronts paired with a stack.... the stack holds the core faster moving products and the glass front holds the specialty drinks. Someone mentioned preference and boy is that true so many service managers were so biased against one brand or the other it wasn’t even funny.. You mentioned you don’t mind spending more money on a machine etc.. one of the hardest things to learn as a new operator is what’s a good account and what’s a bad one.. many people will say 50,75,100 employees whatever the number is will be a good account, but I’ve seen plenty of accounts with fewer employees do as good or better, because they were not close to other options. Starting out it is far better to get 2-3 lower cost quality machines than buying one expensive machine. I’ve had many owners tell me about an account they thought wouldn’t be very good and questioned taking it only to be surprised when the sales numbers came back. I didn’t see you mention it but I know a lot of people will say you have to have credit card readers...unless you are at an account/location with machines already but don’t have credit cards and that’s how you are getting it.. I wouldn’t recommend credit cards until you actually see what the monthly cash sales are along with the types of buyers you have at your machines.. btw this is coming from someone who has installed more credit card readers in vending machines than just about anyone and since 2007....a pallet of every USAT reader including the all in one thru the g10; Crane’s; Mei, nayack and Parlevel and cantaloupe’s first readers in field after engineering. So I’m definitely not anti credit card... I’m just against having you spend more than you need to on a mistake... because starting out every business has those..
  13. I agree not the preferred way to move a machine.. however due to distance hiring a mover isn’t cost effective and I don’t have a truck or trailer etc.. As far as the delivery bin parts issues with 933.. I talked to a few service managers who run a bunch and said it’s still a better option than others.. plus the chiller unit and the mech and validator are still worth a good amount... my price on the 933 is the LOWEST in the country right now..cheapest sale was 875 in Ohio in 2020 government surplus no mech or validator and not tested.. plus it helps that they offer upgrade doors as well.. I won’t sell any machines I don’t believe in or that I think will create a problem.. I’m not really making much money at all to justify getting a bad name.. But currently this machine doesn’t have any of those issues.. and local sale I do provide a 2 year sliding scale(%) warranty. i also ask every person who has inquired 1 do you have machines? 2. Do you have a location in mind? and if it’s clear they haven’t thought this out.. well I won’t sell it to them.. I offer them one of my other machines(5900, 147, or 6600) for 500 bucks.. and if you seen them you’d say wow they are in unbelievable condition.. they were stored for the last 15 years when the prior owner sold his vending business in California and brought them here to start and never did.. apparently he took his 3 best machines.. since I have the upgrade kits to do all 3 machines I tell the new operator IF their location is successful and they want to upgrade them I will update the machines on site. Bottom line is I get it but a really clean USI live display( one pictured was the one I sold for 500) for under 500 I’ll offer for 875... get 800 and with 100 buck move means I make 200.. all because the person selling said soda machine for sale and a bad picture.. but if I mess up compressor well I may break even. BTW the Vendo 821 was a BEP machine.. compressor pic attached pretty tough to beat for 850 or 2350 for both machines..
  14. Didn’t deny it... did I but please explain how it’s even remotely justified to question if I’m in the industry of not? YOU can’t! i’d love to see the original post as well because pretty certain YOU also questioned my qualifications based on my response to someone else.. and instead of TRYING yo get confirmation of what I said and why it was the exact correct answer you thought you would try to question me.. I’ll be the first damn person to admit I’m wrong if I provide bad information or something incorrect.. HOWEVER attacking my WELL deserved and EARNED qualifications because YOU “think” I’m full of it.. HOW about you verify the answer provided FIRST.. pretty sure this was when I told someone the exact correct eeprom that was required and someone chimed in with well my machines have this older one and it works fine.. and I corrected him and said not the right one and you chimed it with ever think there is two answers BS.. NO sorry there isn’t it took a lot of hard work and testing and verification to determine which version worked and functione the best in every situation:
  15. If someone doubted your credentials you wouldn’t be offended? i actually wouldn’t even try to answer how to program an ap7000 I’ve done it and can do it..but not from memory.. BUT if you said it had a vendors exchange kit well I’d ask price of candy price of chips. YES got them I’m emailing you a file put it on a SD card stick it in the machine and load it from machine menu. sorry I take serious offense to someone questioning or even implying that I just take free advice in “HOPES” of selling machines.. the prices I’m selling at is a SERVICE. I’m not doing this to get rich or heck even make a bunch of money. BOTTOM line I’ve got 17 stents 3 heart attacks and can’t do the jobs I was doing.. and filling machines is not advised either. but I can glance at an ad identify a machine and also know roughly what it’s worth to say that’s a great deal! maybe az vendor is pissed he didn’t see the ad for two weeks on Craigslist in Phoenix for 1800 bucks for 2 Vendo 720, ap933 and the USI machines..I Also came with two snack chillers. Sure I’m asking 1650 for the 933 but I swapped mech and validator for fresh refurb Mei units and fixed goldeneye and cleaned up the machine and chiller. I also had pay to move and store them.. Feel free to check the price on clean, tested, working 933.. it’s a great price.
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