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  1. That's very true. I see this a lot at one of my stops and the machine stays empty.
  2. Hello All, Got a call from a location my Crane 168 has no power. None to the board nor lights on. Checked the electrical outlet, it works, breaker fine, everything seem connected. Could this be a power cord that is bad? A vending buddy of mine seems to think so, if so how would i have a general understanding of the repair but would like input. As always, any help comments is appreciated.
  3. Well.....Kickstart strikes again. I honestly looked into them myself and had used Kickstart for bulk vending locations. They were dicey on some of my bulk vending locations and Kickstart 360 costs way too much for them to give shotty work. Sad thing is, Kickstart takes full advantage of new vendors and people kicking tires trying to get into the business. Hopefully they make the situation with you "right" by either giving you what you paid for or refund of some sort.
  4. For me if it makes less than $65/week. It gets easier to make the decision to move if the people within the location are pains in the butts to deal with. Matter of fact I have one on that threshold and the contact person said she wants to kick out my machine because its been saying code (National 168). I was thinking to myself please do darling! I would be there the next day dolly in hand moving on.
  5. I is a buzz coming from the compressor area. I could very well be the fan sorta buzzy sound. I have to go back tomorrow to get a better look and unplug compressor deck. I have a spare sitting around shop but really hate having to replace on location. I will update
  6. Ran into the same problem with Nayax. Some techs are better than others at helping you through the problem. When I run into this situation with nayax readers I simply unplug the machine for 10 seconds then re plug it. Somehow it gets the reader to communicate with the machine. In the case of your Crane 167, Chard is correct. You gotta enable the MDB card reader setting. I ran into the same situation also. Good luck!
  7. Hello All, Got a call this morning saying power box explosion at a location causing power surge in location. Got there to verify machine was running ok and noticed it was plugged directly into wall! Plugged in machine and it started making a weird electrical noise and no compressor kicking on. My initial thoughts and current thoughts are that the capacitor is fried and the weird noise is capacitor attempting to engage the compressor. Guys am I on the right path and should replace the capacitor or is the cooling deck fried? Any thoughts are appreciated.
  8. I use moving companies and there is only one in my area that I trust when i just dont feel like moving a machine on location. When calling around I ask them what kind of dolly they plan on using, whether they have a liftgate truck, manpower, and the event of twisting the machine to fit through a doorway. I do this because if they dont have the "right" equipment I bypass them and I dont need them figuring out how to move a vending machine on my time.
  9. I wouldnt be able to rest knowing it could be an electrical hazard in someone's office building, warehouse, or even apartment building. I am sure you have good insurance, but in my opinion not worth it to place it out.
  10. Be smart and dont take short cuts to fix the problem. Fix it right the first time or replace the machine if you are planning on short cutting. I had a machine leaking condensate and the cord became wet. I received a hell of a jolt by touching a selection button and when unplugging.
  11. I was thinking that too. I have a LCM3 that I changed from VE UCB with drop sensor to an InOne with drop sensor. I highly recommend the InOne. The drop sensor is way more rugged and reliable than VE. By the way I have a spare InONe kit with drop sensor for sale if any is interested, its for LCM series.
  12. Hello All, I need help making a decision on a vending setup that I currently have. One of my locations has placed a request for cold food. The location has the headcount for cold food, but lacks the space. Currently I have a crane 168 and 501e live display. For reference, the space I have to cram three machines into is 98 inches wide. My first thought is to keep the 168 in there and go with a smaller baby bev for drinks boosting space for a smaller cold food machine. Any suggestions on how I should tackle this.
  13. Lift gated truck is ideal, go for the tommy liftgated and not the tuck under liftgates. A trailer is ok but i have the hardest time moving up and down the ramps. Get ratchet ties especially the type that is retractable and strap them to the wall of the truck.
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