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  1. MikeWinningVendors

    501E Triteq Lock

    Yea the light doesn’t go on to pair with it in the locked position. Guess I gotta call Pepsi... Or just remove it and be done with it
  2. MikeWinningVendors

    501E Triteq Lock

    Ok so please just tell me if I’m sol... The 501E door is open. My remote key is not paired with the lock. I do not have the original key... I pressed the switch on the inside by accident and the handle moved into the horizontal lock position as it should... The door’s still open. The light on the triteq device doesn’t go on. Am I fucked? Lol
  3. MikeWinningVendors

    parlevel telemetry devices for sale

    I sent you a PM, I’m interested @matthew0582
  4. MikeWinningVendors

    What’s this machine worth

    That's a nice come up right there 👍
  5. MikeWinningVendors

    DN motors not going all the way around

    ^What AZ said. But just in case, did you check your cams? Maybe it's just set to bottles or cans?
  6. MikeWinningVendors

    Handheld MC75 Dex readers

    Thank you for the reply. Me neither. I believe Zebra took ownership of all Motorola scanners after a certain date. As for tablets and smart phones, from my knowledge that hasn't been implemented yet. You're telling me we can get adapters and plug in those big speaker auxilary cords in our iphones now? Lol maybe I'm just living in the past. What VMS's work with this?
  7. MikeWinningVendors

    Handheld MC75 Dex readers

    Hi. So I got two handhelds that don't seem to be working for two different reasons. I tried calling the manufacturers and the new takeover company Zebra but they don't deal with these products anymore because they're discontinued. Also tried searching this forum amd Google as well to no avail. The issue I'm having with one of my handhelds is there is absolutely no wifi option. As in the wifi option doesn't even come up in the connection screen. Only the phone and bluetooth setting comes up which is pretty weird. My issue with the other handheld is that it is locked out and needs a passcode. With Zebra no longer working with this product I can't seem to find a way to bypass this. I'm sure a lot of you Vend Gods have been working with these machines for years and have a lot of knowledge you can bestow upon me to fix the problem. Thanks in advance!
  8. MikeWinningVendors

    free or cheap vending monitoring monitoring?

    Vendsys works pretty good for $1 a month per machine... It gathers sales data, and can be used to establish pars. I used to use Vagabond as well. I think I was paying around $10 per machine. I didn't like it too much though, perhaps I wasn't utilizing it correctly.
  9. MikeWinningVendors

    Vending Literature

    Goodmorning all, I'm looking for some good books on the vending machine business. I have about five years in and would like to take on a few reads that will get me to the next level. Does anybody have any solid recommendations? Thank you in advance.
  10. MikeWinningVendors

    Installing Shims for Cans on a 501E

    That was perfect. Just what I needed thanks a lot!
  11. Goodmorning all. I can't seem to find a video on installing shims on a 501E. I got the shim set specifically for cans so I'm trying to convert from 20oz bottles to cans. Can anybody direct me to a video or maybe even a picture as to how it's done? Thank you very much.
  12. MikeWinningVendors

    Help: Dixie Narco 276E Not Cooling at the top

    Not sure, gotta check next time I'm in the location. I would imagine so though, the whole bottom is frozen.
  13. Hi, basically only the bottom of the machine gets cool (there is frozen ice all along the bottom of the machine where the drinks come out when you open the door). I guess this wouldn't be a problem if the drinks were being cooled but they're not. Has anyone ran into this problem? Thank you in advance.
  14. MikeWinningVendors

    Question about Dixie Narco laying on it's side

    Will do. Thank you very much
  15. Hi, I'm purchasing a DN 386 today and the location is an hour and a half from where I live. Usually I use a box truck for things like this but today I will be using the van. Of course, using the van means that the machine will have to take the trip on its back laying down in the van. Is an hour and a half on its back going to be ok or will it ruin the machine? Thank you in advance.