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  1. Area saturation

    correct rodney and i meant 11 days of service not 11 days every month, we service every 60 days also unless the location cant go that long which i have about 8 locations that get service every 3 to 4 weeks
  2. Area saturation

    your right we did get off topic abit musser said saturation is in your mind only and i think hes right. meaning over saturation only happpens in your mind if you let it and dont think alittle more creativly.. he brought up a good point... also my original question should have been has anyone come across a saturated area.. i also am working a much large area than most people are i believe
  3. Area saturation

    meaning think out side of the box when it comes to locations.. i personally never prejudge a location if itll produce or not until its placed and i get the results back then... example of thinking outside of the box.... a grocery chain here has 6 to 8 way racks outfront with a contract on a national level so i asked if i could put a machine in the breakrooms for the employees and all 6 stores said yes. 3 of them do very well.
  4. Area saturation

    musser im with you.... you gotta out hustle the next guy to get ahead and have some street smarts also!
  5. Area saturation

    am i calculating something wrong? my employee can service all 400 locations in 11 business days, so that leaves me 9 business days in the month. so my thought plan is 400 more locations using the same employee and same car.. then if i do another 800 locations he can service them all everytother month . am i missing something? trying to learn need input... thx in advance
  6. Large routes

    Who has more than a 1000 locations???
  7. Area saturation

    Can you over saturate an area? How do you know when you have?? I have 400 locations and want 4000. Want to hear what everyone thinks about over saturation???
  8. land a quarter water games

    nivek where r you located?
  9. newbie to vending

    I have over 200 vend stars and I love them. I pay average of 50 bucks apiece for them. I use them in all locations but my "a" locations. Everyone has there own options you'll just have to figure out what works for u. Btw I have vendstar plastic crap as people say in locations doing $75 bucks a month. That's 300 spins a month doing just fine. I also have over 200 u turn machines and I'll pick vendstar before u turn. Good luck
  10. Richmond va

    Anyone here from the Richmond va/ Virginia beach area?? If so let's hookup and see if we can help each other out!!
  11. Can you REALLY make money in bulk candy vending?

    i gross around 75k a year on 365ish bulk machines. honestly i dont give it the attention it needs so that gross number could be higher. so yes bulk can be a full time job/career. i think its alot easier than full line.. u can service alot more locations and its alot less overhead.
  12. land a quarter water games

    how are your locations doing? how many did u buy from sheridan and how many did you put out i have alot of bulk and mint boxes was thinking of doing someof these.. all feedback is appreciated!
  13. mall kiosks with single bulk heads

    a flat 30% of the gross or net? also how does the mall track your sales? honor system?
  14. mall kiosks with single bulk heads

    who has experience with mall kiosks? how did they do, what kinda rent did you pay and so on..... any and all responses appreciated!!!
  15. 8. But strongly considering cutting 3/4 of my route down to 4