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  1. QuikVend

    501e credit return

    Yea, I double checked for a force vend after I went through the different escrow settings. It was the coin mech. Swapped in a new one and it slot out my change on the first try.
  2. QuikVend

    4 selection u turn $99

    Why sell if you want more and they've worked so well?
  3. QuikVend

    501e credit return

    It didn't.
  4. QuikVend

    Week one recap

    Yep. I've had some bad luck last 2 years. Probably used it all up 3 years ago. Played in 4 leagues and made it to the championship in all 4. Won 3 of the 4.
  5. QuikVend

    disposing of machines

    Sell as is or part out and scrap
  6. QuikVend

    501e credit return

    Yea door was closed. I'm still going to swap out the mech, just was curious about the bills being stacked on all settings
  7. QuikVend

    501e credit return

    Even on the setting that is supposed to return the bill, I hear the bill going into the bill box. Would the coin mech affect that?
  8. QuikVend

    501e credit return

    That's what I've figured it would end up being the case.
  9. QuikVend

    National 474 combo issue

    Yea, that's what I'm guessing. I vended something from one of the h selections and it sounded like a motor was turning. I tried to see if it was maybe one of the can selections, but didn't see anything when I inspected it.
  10. QuikVend

    Regional Airport

    Just an update since I made my collection. Apparently it's a career center for high school kids as well. First 2 weeks it averaged about $18/day.
  11. QuikVend

    National 474 combo issue

    Definitely setup as a snack/can machine. I did check the trays setting. A, B, C and H were all active. F wasn't(which is where the cans are). When I activate F, it just says that tray is unlatched. But I can check prices and buy items from tray H, but there isn't one there.
  12. I've got a 501e that will not return any credits, no matter if it is coins or bills or any combination of those. I've checked to make sure the coin return lever actuated when the return button is pushed and there is no issue. Coin mech is full. Door switch is working. I've even gone through and tested with each of the different escrow settings. What else could it be?
  13. QuikVend

    Usi/Wittern gum coils

    I might hold off on making the switch. For now anyway
  14. QuikVend

    dixie 501 live front

    Actually, I was talking to someone today and they had a 501t MPC that was a live display. So they do exist.