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  1. QuikVend

    National 145 validator upgrade

    A 110v mars validator. So look for a 2501, 2511 etc. Maybe need this harness, but not positive on that
  2. QuikVend

    Skittles gone from all of SE Michigan SAms Club

    Yea, sams club plus membership gives you free shipping to your house on alot of their items. I've used it 3-4 times now. Just recently on the Mike and ikes which aren't carried anywhere around me. Also got cases of chips delivered that they only carry online. On some things though, you'll need to change your home store though. They don't carry Mike and ikes around me, so somebody in Pennsylvania necked they still had them, so I set that as my store and bought them. Then shipped to my house. PITA, but I was able to get what I needed.
  3. QuikVend

    Skittles gone from all of SE Michigan SAms Club

    If you have a plus membership, find a store that still carries them and make that your home store. Then you can place an order and have them ship it to you free. I just did it with Mike and ikes from a sore in Pennsylvania and I'm in Cincinnati, oh.
  4. QuikVend

    Buying bottle drinks

  5. QuikVend

    Buying bottle drinks

    45+ cases /mo from each Of you don't think you'll use enough, go the 16.9oz route. You'll have to shop the grocery stores for more variety than Sams offers though
  6. QuikVend

    Buying bottle drinks

    I get products from both coke and pepsi for less than 90 cents per unit
  7. QuikVend

    Buying bottle drinks

    Get ahold of your your local bottlers. I did and they set me up with an account and I started placing orders. They deliver straight to my warehouse. Good idea to know how many cases you average a week so they can give you a pricing tier.
  8. QuikVend

    Machine haul

    Set a goal for myself to try to upgrade some of my ancient machines out on route. Specifically the ones that are at good locations that justify the effort. 11 Rowes, a polyvend and a lecktrovend. Made a purchase today that will knock out quite a few of those. Plus I was able to pick up some nice aluminum shelving for my route van. Picked up 11 machines for $4700 total. 2 CB500 1 AP Studio 2 2 AMS Sensit 2 1 AMS Sensit 3 Chilled 2 Dixie Narco 501e 1 USI 3503 1 USI 3509 1 National 157 This will be my first chance wording with the AMS machines. Curious to check them out.
  9. QuikVend

    Eport Question

    I have g8's that are going to be supported until 2021.
  10. QuikVend

    Newest equipment

    The one next to it was a hello goodness branded machine. Pepsi is apparently testing them. Dont know why they would put time, energy and money into something from that company.
  11. QuikVend

    Newest equipment

    Went to another vendors warehouse today and came across this machine today. Never seen one like it. That is an 18 selection machine being tested locally. There are 9 columns on top and 9 different columns on the bottom. They each will hold 12 cans. They can also vend any packaging, including the square tea bottles. Motors are attached by thumb screws and the deck slides out, so no tools supposedly necessary. The manufacturer is Seaga. Which might explain the broken button on an never-used machine lol.
  12. QuikVend

    Eport Question

    Should take a week or so. I just bought 20 and mine were delayed almost a month, but I got free activation out of it
  13. QuikVend

    uturn gum ball tumbler

    Pm me. I have 2
  14. QuikVend

    Gpl 160

    If I didn't already have help coming, I probably would've said it was machines to try to truck you into helping lol
  15. QuikVend

    Gpl 160

    Yep. Luckily the bulk of it, loading and unloading, I didn't have to do. I just have to put them up.