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  1. If you have a machine doing close to $1k a month in sales, why spend the extra time and effort on something that probably won't work? Just buy a refurbished and reliable machine that will give you all the options you want and you'll have plenty of replacement parts available to you.
  2. If the candy wheel and chute are aligned properly, it could cause a mis-vend
  3. I agree, it will depend on if you're machine is one of the reliable brands and is setup correctly. If both of those are the case, you shouldn't have much of a problem.
  4. ROYAL 650 merlin IV motors

    I say don't skimp out and just replace the whole thing. Plenty of other ways to make up the repair cost.
  5. Coin counter upgrade

    I've decided recently that I'm going to upgrade my coin counter. I found a scan coin sc-22 back in February that I picked up for less than $200 that has done a decent job so far, but I'm going to need something that can count more and faster. I'm thinking a Cummins Jetsort, but open to suggestions. Where have you guys found yours?
  6. locators

    Yea, that's the route I'm going. I'm a FCVG member
  7. locators

    I agree. Locators are responsible for about a third of my locations so far, and quite a few of my top locations as well. Once I get my latest round of machines out though, I am planning on doing my own locating for a bit. I'm going to start working with the Susan G Komen charity and I think I'll really be able to land a high percentage of locations with their program.
  8. locators

    What was the name of the local locator?
  9. Vendstar 3000 price

    Stay away. Read some reviews of vendstars and you'll see why. If you decide that you just have to have them all after all that, don't pay more than $20-30 each.
  10. Finally Making New Vending Machine App

    I agree also. I created spreadsheets for mine with basic info and tracking. I was micro managing my locations, tracking individual heads etc., and I was originally tracking them on paper. Didn't take long to give that up lol. Time is too valuable to spend over-analyzing.
  11. Oak

    I don't know the last time you tried NW, but they were bought out and dissolved. Right before that happened though, they were running a skeleton crew and people were having trouble getting through to them. Not saying it's right, but they're probably doing the same thing.
  12. Mouse army?

    It's not a simple doorway that you can just clamshell through. First obstacle is a narrow entryway. No doorway, but you'd already be a tight fit of it were open. There is a doorway to outside, but it opens in, has 2 steps to go down, and is narrow as well. Not to mention the walkway that you'd be trying to get to its just as narrow. The stairs leading up from the work area can't be much wider than 24 inches. 2 people can't use them at the same time, I've had to wait at the top while someone was coming up a few times. They do have an updated breakroom that has double doors to the street. I actually had a soda machine in there before they closed it for 6 months due to a mold issue caused by a leaking window a/c. That's where their remodel must have been. It was just an open room, but they built a glass wall with a standard door there. They use that as the breakroom for permanent employees while the other is where the temps take a break. The only way I could get it out is through that room, but getting it there would be a PITA. So like I said, if it comes out, it's coming out in pieces and there won't be a replacement lol
  13. Mouse army?

    The only way this snack machine is coming out is in pieces. I purchased on location, so I don't know exactly how long it had been there, but they've clearly remodeled the breakroom since it was placed. I'm sure there is a way, just not easy and definitely not cheap.
  14. locator race 2017?

    Yea, I feel the same about my area. I see some machines around, but not a lot. I'm still finding excellent locations as well.
  15. Mouse army?

    Well according to what I've thrown away, they love alot more than that lol.