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  1. QuikVend

    Anybody using Air Vend?

    The is a guy that just posted one in the classified section.
  2. QuikVend

    Ridiculous Competition

    Just an elaborate way to justify stealing a machine, plain and simple.
  3. 3 or 4 guys should be able to lift it back up
  4. QuikVend

    Hello from UK

    Could it be a 501t? The delivery port looks bigger, like you would see on a bottle machine.
  5. QuikVend

    Week 12 Recap

    Might not have been so close if I would have known my TE got hurt before the game even started lol! Luckily I'll be back to Kelce from her on out.
  6. QuikVend

    Week 11 Recap

    Cooks going down and the Goff TD really helps though
  7. QuikVend

    Week 11 Recap

    That chance of winning % changes with every possession lol
  8. QuikVend

    Tired of counting change?

    I have the 3000 and it is awesome. Takes 5 mins to count my change for the day
  9. Tagged him because he has some to sell
  10. QuikVend

    Week 10 Recap- by polular demand

    I didn't fare any better in my other league either. I didn't start the Colts TE, you know the one who scored 3 TDs. Cost me dearly.
  11. QuikVend

    Thursday night - week 9

    Damn it. I'll say they did alright. 101 points already. LeVeon better get his @$$ in the building.
  12. QuikVend

    Week 9 Recap

    IDP, is that individual defensive player? If it is, that would be very interesting
  13. QuikVend

    Week 9 Recap

    I wasnt sure how I'd feel about it, but it's worked out well. I actually have another league im in that got rid of the kicker and defense.
  14. QuikVend

    Week 9 Recap

    If I make decisions like I did this past well, that will very well be the case.