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  1. QuikVend

    Week 10 Recap- by polular demand

    I didn't fare any better in my other league either. I didn't start the Colts TE, you know the one who scored 3 TDs. Cost me dearly.
  2. QuikVend

    Thursday night - week 9

    Damn it. I'll say they did alright. 101 points already. LeVeon better get his @$$ in the building.
  3. QuikVend

    Week 9 Recap

    IDP, is that individual defensive player? If it is, that would be very interesting
  4. QuikVend

    Week 9 Recap

    I wasnt sure how I'd feel about it, but it's worked out well. I actually have another league im in that got rid of the kicker and defense.
  5. QuikVend

    Week 9 Recap

    If I make decisions like I did this past well, that will very well be the case.
  6. QuikVend

    Week 9 Recap

    I made 3 or 4 misplays. Luckily it was against the scrubs. There's no need to end my streak. Everyone can battle for second place while I run away with it lol.
  7. Yea, get a locksmith for that one. Money well spent. I had them do 2 that I picked up at auction. They had a little trouble and they do it for a living
  8. QuikVend

    Gumball at sams club

    If you're just using double bubble, the 850ct is $22 and the 1080 is $28. Both with free shipping with plus membership. They will vend out of the 850 wheel too
  9. QuikVend

    Vendo V621 - Help!

    Does the 621 have clips? I flight it was the same as a 721, only smaller.
  10. QuikVend

    Machine info

    Google abilities are actually pretty decent, but was hoping to get more info than just pictures. I thought they may have listed it incorrectly but here is the tag. Crane AP6500
  11. QuikVend

    Machine info

    I have an auction that I'm looking at. Has about 25 different machines listed. I know most of them. Quite a few 501e, Royal 650, national 167 etc. But there are a few that im not familiar with, so just looking for some info/insight on them. There is a AP 6500, AP 932, AP 210 and a Crane 764. I have 2 weeks until it ends, but trying to gather some info now.
  12. QuikVend

    National 145 & credit cards

    Just because you can upgrade, doesn't mean you should. I wrestled with the idea some time ago of upgrading some of my ancient machines with new boards etc. But there are some machines that just don't justify it. If it's a really good account, I'll find a way to get a newer machine in there. Otherwise I'll just ride it out with what I have already. That's what I ended up deciding anyway.
  13. QuikVend

    Machine wont vend, HELP

    Have you tried any other columns?
  14. QuikVend

    Refurbed drink vendor

    I know a guy at a&m
  15. QuikVend

    Week 7 Recap

    What's your dogs favorite treat? I feel like I owe him one after that lol. Although, I was nervous for a bit. It was a little closer than I thought it would be