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  1. Thanks, I checked the solenoid and it was burned up. I replaced it, and the same issue, claw lowers but won't open. I touched the claw and it was extremely hot, so I unplugged the machine. My next step will be to check the voltage going to the solenoid (the red and white wires). Anyone know what the correct voltage should be?........I'm thinking maybe the VR1 and VR2 meters or control knobs are bad and sending too much voltage to the claw?.......sorry for all of the questions as I'm not in the business and the machine is for home use.
  2. I have a WMH-188 Challenger Claw Machine and the claw lowers but will not open to grab a prize. The claw assembly is hot to the touch and giving off smoke with a burned wire smell. Has anyone encountered this issue and know the fix? Any help is much appreciated!
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