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  1. This is what I figured happens much like my barber cut machines I just couldn’t find it actually said anywhere.
  2. I just put out my first keymaster machine and have a question i cant seem to find the answer too. Once a price is won off a row, does the machine reset the attempts for that row so that another prize can not be won until X amount of attempts or once the payout on the row is hit, someone can come along and clean out the whole row?
  3. First off let me say bulk is completely foreign to me. I am an operator who does arcades and pinball mainly with the occasional crane/redemption thrown in, however i have a very well earning location who has specifically asked for a bulk vend rack with no candy, only tattoos and toys. I am more than happy to put one in there, i just know there will be a bit of a learning curve for me, however im up for the task. First off let me say i read through a bunch of the stickied thread up top about machines and what not, however my issue is there isnt much in the way of used machines around me (or at least that i have found) so i am looking at these two new turn key racks. Eagel 10 way https://www.candymachines.com/Eagle-10-Way-Sticker-and-Tattoo-Toy-Bulk-Vending-Rack-P5921.aspx Northwestern 9 way (replacing 2 of the 2" capsule with 2 flat pack sticker machines) https://cardinaldist.com/product/northwestern-9-way-rack/ I called cardinal today and they said the price of the 9 way with two sticker flat packs subbed in was $1460 plus shipping At this point i really dont plan on doing any more bulk vending then this location unless other locations start to request it, My plan was .75 on the 2" capsules and stickers, and .50 for the 1" capsules. Is the northwestern worth the extra $500? Is there some other new racks that im missing or havent found?
  4. I have a hard copy that came with my machine but it is starting to fall apart. I have searched around online and can't seem to find one anywhere. Anyway have a scanned copy they could share? Thanks!
  5. I have been hunting and cant seem to find anyone who is selling pokemon plush except for toy factory, but they wont sell it for use in cranes, only for ticket redemption/prize counters and in order to order it you have to prove to them you have a prize counter location. Yet i see other vendors running pokemon in their cranes. Anyone willing to share where they are getting theirs from? Thanks!
  6. While i am new around this forum i am a current operator of about 4 years. I mainly do arcade and pinball but am branching out into some redemption type machines. I have seen a few members talk about the keymaster knock offs, and was just wondering if anyone has tried buying them direct and if so what their experience was.
  7. I have been looking around AliBaba and looking at the different machines on there, the key master and barber cut knock offs and the claw machines. I have been talking to them and the prices really don't look bad, shipping by sea takes about 35 days and costs about 500 to be delivered to a port thats about 3 hours away from me. Has anyone bought any machines like this? If so how was your experience? And how has the machine held up?
  8. I bought a used Toy Chest crane, that had the main logic board replaced, its looks like a type of universal board that can be used in any crane but i cant find a manual to it anywhere. Here is a picture of the board, it has 3 banks of dip switches and 5 pots on it. Any help is appreciated!
  9. if you are averaging 24 bucks a week on 25 cents per play I would say that is very very good. Most of my 25 cent games are lucky if they make 40-50 a month.
  10. I have good success with older shooters like area 51 and police trainer. However I have them mixed with a lot of other stuff in locaitons that have 8-10 games, if the location only has room for 1 or 2 games, I think there is better options.
  11. I cant give you advice on the gumball machine, but can on the muti-cocktail table. It seems to be doing well if you are averaging 24 bucks a week out of it. I am an arcade guy in my area. I have 3 locations with another 3 signing up so I will give you some of my numbers to compare. Here is my most recent collection from a movie theater I have in town, which is basicly my biggest account. These numbers are total for the month, not weekly like you are doing. Is your cocktail .25 or .50 per play? Alien vs Predator - $33.00 Silent Scope - 80.50 House of the Dead 2 - 70.50 Metallica Pinball - $133.00 Pair of Hydro Thunder - $201.00 Star Wars Trilogy - $109.00 Lord of the Rings Pinball - $100.00 Time Crisis 4 - $169.00 DDR - $104.50
  12. I am up in Redding, Ca which is about 2 hours north of sac?
  13. Hey everyone, I am an operator in northern California. I currently have 3 locations, with another 3 that need to be up and running by the 1st of the year. A small bit about myself, I started operating out of love for arcades and pinball machines. All of the other ops in the area were putting out awful machines that barely ran, and most of the time would just eat your quarters. So I started trying to put stuff out myself, so far it has been very successful and is growing faster then I can keep up. I never really had a desire to op cranes and redemption stuff because I felt there were to many of those types of games in my area, well a couple of my locations are asking for at least one, so I am sticking my toes in the water to see how to go about it. I have 3 machines that do this type of vending, 1 rainbow candy crane that was converted to a plush crane, 1 hammer dx game (basicly wack a mole) and one called flyball. I am about to place my first order, but am really unsure what to order. Both of the arcade redemption games have a vend for a small prize or big prize. I was basicly goinging to run 1" capsules for the small prizes and a 5 inch ball of some kind for the big prize on those. The plush I was going to run a 25% licensed mix of small plush in the machine, because its a very small crane. What are your guys thoughts. Also if any of you need arcade/pinball help please feel free to reach out to me.
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