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  1. I was told to pull a snack machine out by the end of the week. There was no contract but shouldn't I have a little more notice? Do we have any legal rights regarding this. And if they move it or unplug without my permission is that a crime? Thanks in advance
  2. AP Snack Shop wont give credit

    The bills stack good. What should I use instead of the bp?
  3. AP Snack Shop wont give credit

    Sorry! Its a Crane 461 with a Coinco BP2BX 34vDC bill validator and Mar TRC-6510 MDB coin mech. I had a card reader on it but it wasn't paying off so thats been diconnected. It didn't make any difference though. I checked for loose coonections but couldn't find anything obvious.
  4. More Bevmax Questions

    Thats what it were! Thanks lacanteen!
  5. I'm working on this AP snack machine. Most of the time it works fine. But then it'll take your dollar but wont give a credit. The screen doesn't change. It wont give it back. Nothing, I put a new door switch on it but that didn't help. Thanks in advance!
  6. I just bought this 5591 and on TEST VEND all the selections work as they should but in Vend mode when you choose selection the one next to it or even further away will vend. Its not listing any errors in Test mode. Thanks in advance for any input.
  7. Route Value?

    I just bought my first one for $700. Can you tell me what you mean by converting the top two shelve to entray? Thanks
  8. Help identify

    Got it. Thank you!
  9. Help identify

    Can someone tell me what brand this is? I bought a package deal that included a dozen or so of these but no keys. Is there a way to tell what key will work or do I have to buy new locks? Thanks
  10. Vinyl wrapping on site....

    Looks right up town!
  11. LED vs florescent

    I have a few Vendo and Dixie Narco 501s that need lights. Is it more cost effective to stay with florescent tubes or should I go to LED? Thanks
  12. USI Vend motor problem

    Not sure if this'll help but I have one where all the motors on every shelf only turned a quarter turn per vend. I sent the board to Vendors Exchange to fix and for about 60 bucks it's good as new.
  13. This guy has 3 2 year old Summit ADA drink machines with card readers for $3500.00. Is that a good deal?