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  1. I reused the previous wiring from the old compressor. Machine is running now. Drinks are cold. If anyone sees this, I have a question about thermostat placement. I rushed to removed the old compressor and thermostat so didn't really get an idea of how the thermostat was originally placed. I installed a new one since I figured I might as well with everything out of the machine. I slipped it through the hole on the side of the housing, clipped it onto the bracket near the back, and looped the end point in a U-shape. It's directly behind the fan motor. Let me know if this is correct
  2. Sorry, it should be evaporator fan in the title and post. This photo is the old compressor. One wire goes to thermostat and the split wire goes to the evap fan. New compressor has none of that, so not sure exactly where the thermostat and evap fan connects to now. Since new compressor is what it is, those two must hook up to machine then. I'll have to take a look at it again next week to see.
  3. I'm replacing a broken compressor in a Vendo 407. I purchased a new compressor, but the electrical wiring is different compared to the old. The condenser fan/motor has two copper wire gauges that connected to the old compressor using those twist caps. New compressor only has power plug to outlet.
  4. There is another issue with this same Vendo 475 that comes and goes. Sometimes when pressing the button selection to make a vend, it requires multiple presses before it finally vends. About 10-20 presses or so. The issue is the same for all 8 buttons. Then, it'll work like normal for 2-3 vends in a row. One press of the button and the machine vends a drink. It'll eventually require multiple presses again to make a successful vend. Not sure if this picture will be of help, but if there's anything that would help me understand that would be great.
  5. Hey all. Thanks for the replies. I bought one off Ebay and installed it and so far so good. Picture of new thermostat mounted. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this would be considered normal icing/frosting, no? Picture of old, busted thermostat Installation was pretty simple/straight forward. Just follow how the old thermostat is hooked up. Although for the brass line, I thought there would be a metal clip where you can easily hook the line on and off, but it seems like it is a slot where you insert the brass line through it and then make the bend. Had to play ar
  6. First off, I like to thank you guys for my last thread. I got the compressor fixed in late Dec and so far so good. However, this Vendo machine at a different location suddenly went ice, ice cold. The manager at the place called me and said the sodas were frozen. He said it was fine Tuesday and then Wednesday it went bad. I thought okay, maybe just a couple. I get there and open up the machine and all I see is carnage. Ice and slush everywhere. In hindsight, I should've told him to turn off the machine. I didn't take pictures of the carnage because I was pretty distraught, although
  7. About the leak/bend: The section where the bend/leak is located broke off overnight. So to repair it would require some cutting anyway. About the compressor wiring: I may have messed up somewhere. **The picture shown is currently how I wired it** The compressor with the damaged fan motor has a wiring setup like AZvendor mentioned. 3 cables twisted together with a wiring cap. The compressor with the leak has a wiring setup like Vendorstech mentioned (If I'm reading it correctly). It looks like just like the picture I uploaded. The working fan motor has those ring-type connectors. Same
  8. So I was going to replace a compressor that has issues with the fan (fan isnt spinning, so I'm guessing the fan motor must be dead) with the one in the picture shown here. I already noticed that it had a major bend at one of the ends of the pipe. I tried to be as careful as I could while installing it, but the bend gave way and it formed a pretty good size leak. Really unfortunate and it soured my mood for the day. I'm just here to ask whether this compressor is salvageable or is it now a complete junk? Either way, Im planning on taking the fan motor shown in this picture and replacing i
  9. I have a Vendo 475 soda machine that started having issues with the button selection. Customers put money in the machine and make their selection, but the button doesnt seem to register. I tried it and it takes many many attempts at pressing the button before it finally vends. I press it repeatedly. Sometimes I'll hold it. Eventually it will vend after 1-2 minutes of pressing. There was a moment where the machine worked correctly; I press the button once and the machine vends. I come back the next week and it's the same problem again. This happens to all 8 buttons. Anyone have ideas?
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