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  1. Honor box update

    Lollopops for me work best at nail salons mexican restaurants and bigger car repair/car washes. Choc normaly does better than lolly overall i use mars mostly but when places ask for change i give them hersheys mix and hershey nuggets. I give yorks to most of my sushi/chinese.
  2. Honor box update

    For example today i did 147 locations. My furthest location on todays route from my home is 30 miles. I did not mention i do have a helper to fill lolly and choc so when i arrive i am all set. I have about 800 boxes not locations many i have 2 some 3. Restaurants salons barbers nail salons tanning salons repair shops gas stations hotels restaurants include pizza diners etc... Brewerys i will put a box anywhere if i have boxes to spare i keep 10 for rotating. All of my routes have a majority within a 5 mile radius. Todays had about 100 takes about 3 hours without issues overly chatting customers/ any issues. The others on a particular route would be sides atreet on way to major city. Where i am there are no major city's i have the 5 most populated citys in my state and the surrounding towns farthest drive from my home is 45 min
  3. Honor box update

    Havent been on in a while but will give you all a quick update with my honor boxes. I am up to almost 800, I work about 25 hours a week, would say it is full time income. In 2 years I have probably had 50 or so stolen or destroyed. with that many boxes out I have cycles some locations are weekly most are every 2 weeks and some are a month. Money ranges from $1-$50 per pick up. It is a grind but at the end of cycles the profit is good so I am happy. at this point in time boxes that aren't losing me money I leave there, when I am ready to locate another 50 locations I will pull the poor locations. some advice locate yourself I tried a locator for 100 locations I drove around trying to locate these and half weren't the right address and in the end I prob only got 35% of locations.
  4. Hello yet again :)

    I agree my locater was about 50% my success is about 75% and locators don't know your area
  5. Hello yet again :)

  6. How Are Your Mint/Candy Boxes Doing?

    Locator was only about 50% successful. I am about 70% personal interaction I think is Key. I have both the 50 cents and 3/100 stickers on. and I am sorry for the jolly ranchers I do the 5/100 pricing. I do have locations to that I have placed the box and days later have had to take out because the owner/corporate came in and couldn't do it. Take out corporate accounts.... Hotels, Applebees, Supercuts Midas etc.. and I am prob 80-85% successful in locating. Local owners car shops diners hair salons I rarely get a no
  7. How Are Your Mint/Candy Boxes Doing?

    I find it easier to locate myself. I did use a locator which made it nice to get into a general area but found the locator to only be about 50% for a variety of reasons. I sell Blowpops Tootsies mars chocolate hersheys chocolate caramel cremes, and in the summer I will have a bunch with jolly ranchers. having over 600 locations i dont think there is a type of business I dont have a location, but my best are auto shops, smoke shops, and japanese steakhouse/sushi which I forgot to mention I put york patties in.
  8. How Are Your Mint/Candy Boxes Doing?

    I currently have 640 locations, I started with 50 a little over a yr ago for my fiancee, to give her a little bit of income and to donate for breast cancer. Since then I have joined her and work 24 hrs a weeks on average doing this. money is good I also donate everything over $5 bills. Downside of course you lose locations and are easy to replace but will that be the case 5 yrs from now? i dont know. and it is also hard to take when people/customers call what I/we do a fraud. I spend $1100 a week on candy in my own vehicle, and have plenty of theft. On average with the royaltie fee's and what i personaly donate it is over 600 a month. regardless what I make which isnt insane there arent many people doing there regular jobs donating this amount am I correct? so when people tell me I am a fraud making money doing this I am not really sure what to say, except this is a business with expenses and helping a good cause which I am proud of
  9. avg. mint box gross

    newby where are you located?
  10. Let's Cut the small talk and talk PROFITS!

    Yes that is the correct profit... the problem with my numbers maybe that this is a hobby right now. i started keeping track of my sales and expenses back in july i did not have 327 at that time, but if i did and those numbers were accurate i would still be happy. That is because after you calculate the sales then take into account taxes gas candy royalties coffee etc I am making $42.62 an hr profit. after 12 yrs of running a business and making an ok living I am leaving to do this full time. Leaving any job to start your own business is a risk, but in my situation I am ready to do that. In reality what I have now 327 boxes can be done every other week in 2 days. With my wife getting involved I will be getting 350 more boxes with her locating 200 of them in the #2 most populated city and will have a locator locate $150 in the #1. I hope in 4-6 weeks that would be done. after that is done and get a feel for the route I am hoping that what I am currently doing now I will do 2 days one week and the new route 2-3 days the next week. so hypothecialy I would double my current profits and only work 16-25hrs a week. after I am confortable with that, and anything can happen we know it could be better could be worse. add another 100-150 boxes for another daily route. Now I see posts on here and some of them boggle my mind and maybe my posts do the same for you, but in general i live in a state that traffic isnt bad and mostbusiness are in a very condensed area, so I can easily do 200 boxes in a 8 hr day. My only worry in this would be what will my business be like in 2 yrs. I have done this for 1 and have had 20 stolen, and probably have had to relocate 30-40. you get kicked out businesses go out of business, many factors wil;l i be able to keep relocating what i have lost. my peace of mind is I started with 50 boxes and am about to go near 700 in a yr. this isnt full line vending i didnt need a loan or to put my life savings starting this. and if this for some reason were to fail i would be above the profit line because i did that 8 months ago. All that would drive me nuts is having to cut 700 boxes in half and return them so i dont have to pay the royalties.. It makes me feel good what i have contributed, and to make money for my family. I wish you andf all luck and am sure i will reply to posts in the future
  11. Let's Cut the small talk and talk PROFITS!

    I dont have anything in front of me but yes .26 a day profit per box for 327 boxes so $600 profit now that number really is higher i do 327 boxes one week and then only have to do 100-150 the next. Again not by my comp now but this week did $1400 in sales and spent $450 on candy gas and percentage on royalties. So this week profit was .40 a day per box. I go by that number because everything varies i have boxes some weeks that bring in $40 and some with nothing and the next week or month the $40 lication will have $10 and the one with nothing will have $20. I do 337 locations in. 2days and takes 16 hours 120 of my locations are in a 5 mile radius. I have 4 rotate boxes 3 of them with lolly other with candy. If all is well i can do a location in 60 seconds buy can take 10 if you talk a lot which is good... Locations for me that average $20 a week i will give them a gift card. Also was in full line vending 10 years ago and am lucky have a commercial coin countet so can count and roll $4-500 a week in 20 min
  12. Let's Cut the small talk and talk PROFITS!

    well newbie I consider myself a newbie. I have only been doing this about a year and have purchased 350 boxes. In that time I have had 20 stolen. it only take me 16 hrs a week to service 327 locations. my profits .26 per box average a day... u can do the math. I am forming an llc and am going to double my route in the next 1-2 months. .26 per box average is for 327 at this time, that is total net profit. small kicker is I do 327 boxes 1 week and prob half of that the next so I guess technically the profit is better. The only thing that really worries me is that 2 years down the line will I lose so many locations that I will have a hard time relocating. again have had 20 stolen and have probably had to relocate 20-30. but I giving this a go full time now thinking that this is really easy work, great money and if 2-5-10 years this ends up failing the return on my investment will be great. Good luck and would love to hear how other people do iun this business
  13. vending I am in the process in setting up a better inventory/profit expense per location, but i can tell you my profits are .32 a day per box. That is with all expenses candy, gas, food on run, royalties taxes etc. I have boxes with $1 a week I have some with $50. all bills over $5 I donate to the cause. I maybe lucky with location I am in the northeast, but I have 200 off my locations in a 5 mile radius, the reason why I can run my current route in 16-20hrs a week. doing this is great, you help a cause and with effort make a great income, with the only skill needed is people skills. I got worried when I would lose a location but it is amazing how many businesses there are. I never thought about corporate business but I have tons because I asked to put in break room and not in place of business. I have boxes in office locations in break rooms.smoke shops, hair salons, auto repair restaurants are where my boxes get stolen. I hope this helps. I would also like to hear of other success stories so please share
  14. Hi also new to this site. I currently have 330 locations and it takes me 20 hrs to service a week. I service 330 one week and about 200 the next. I plan in a couple of months to double my route as I am planning on leaving my job as the profit margin is to big to ignore. I have done this almost a yr and have had 18 boxes lost or stolen. For my next 330 I have thought about locators that range from $12-30 per location, but found when I started with my first 50 about 50% were denied when I arrived. and was able to locate the other 305 with relative ease but a lot of time.