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  1. Hey all, long time lurker and using this forum with saeco questions. In any case, I have a sg200e in Houston that I need to get out of my hair. It's got about 5300 vends thru it. Coffee works great! Boiler was replaced a year or two ago. It has the stand, water tank/discharge bucket/waste water tank, keys and instructions. Two of the augers cammed out of the product dispensers, and I decided to go another route with coffee at the office. The augers will go back in and can be re-installed but eventually they push the front nose piece off and push the augers back out.
  2. What's it doing exactly? I just bought a 200 that was brand new, and the drip tray microswitch wasn't in the right position (weird)... I had to drill and relocate it to a good spot for the finger to hit it. Maybe your microswitch isnt working?
  3. Subscribbled. I need them as well. I also need the plastic covers that go over the labels!
  4. No love? I also need to make more product go into the cup- it takes 3-4 cycles of a button to fill a normal coffee cup. Is that changed with H20 soluble and H20/coffee numbers?
  5. Howdy- new to the forum- picked up one of these sg200e's that was brand new for my Auto shop. I'm having difficulty understanding the dosing procedure. Does anyone have a generic recipe list for the buttons? I was going to try and map black coffee black coffee with creamer cappachino espresso mocha latte hot choc hot water. reading the manual and searching heavily here doesn't help with a few specific things: so, lets say coffee with creamer 001C sequence- what you want the machine to dispense on that button, in order. Any reason the soluble comes out last? soluble-
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