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  1. Route/Equipment Valuing - Good Deal?

    RJT, attached is a list of machines. I also have serial numbers if that would tell you anything more about the machines...
  2. Route/Equipment Valuing - Good Deal?

    Thanks everyone. I'd like to approach the seller with this lower counteroffer of somewhere around $14-15k. You mention that everyone has different ways to value a route, would you mind telling me what some of them are? I'd like to offer the seller a rhyme or reason as to how I got to the number I'm offering. Thanks!
  3. Route/Equipment Valuing - Good Deal?

    Thank you both for the replies. Attached is a list of all the machines. If the serial numbers tell anything about the age of the machines, I have those too. What would you believe to be a more appropriate price for this route? AZ Vendor, you mention that I would want to get my money back in 18 months or less. So if it's netting $900 x 18 months = $16,200 max offer? Any additional information that you would recommend I gather from the seller to help arrive at a price? Thanks!
  4. Hello! I am new to the industry and looking to add some supplemental income with a vending route. I have come across the following route and was hoping I could get some input and advice on this offer: 14 locations with 22 machines (I have a full list I can share if interested, but most are Dixie Narcos, USI, Witten. No Seagas or Anteres.) 2 of the machines are owned by Pepsi $36k gross in 2015, $38k 2014, $30k 2013 3 locations with commission, 1 with contract 1 location making up 20% of gross sales has no machines, seller drops off soda/snack and bills the company Seller states net to be $900/mo for 2015. (For what it's worth, the seller does strike me as honest) States he has weeded out older machines with newer refurbs over past 8 years of route ownership States he works 1 day a week for 6-8 hours. (1/2 machines serviced weekly, ½ bi-weekly) Asking $28k. Again, I’m new and would greatly appreciate any input anyone can provide. What other information could I gather from the seller that could help me properly evaluate this route? Thank you! Louis
  5. Hello! I have been interested in adding food and drink vending to supplement my regular income. I am currently considering buying an existing route and have quite a few questions on valuing the route and machines. I will go post that in the proper food and drink forum, so please come have a look! -Louis