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  1. Interesting that under the display for the orange & green light is in Dutch. I wonder if it was shipped here or if parts were bought that aren’t comparable with that pets we have here.
  2. I had one doing that. I finally pulled the oscillator & it was bent enough that it would do what you are describing.
  3. They aren’t really universal. I have seen a vendo in a Dixie Narco, but it really isn’t the norm. Royal was originally made by a guy that worked for Dixie Narco & the early ones had a lot of similarities. The key would be where the lines run through the cabinet & if the evaporator fit inside the cabinet & if the condenser & compressor fit under the cabinet.
  4. That was a big help. Thank you
  5. The sold out light should come on when the button is pressed to indicate that column is vending. Have you made a separate free vend switch or did you turn one of the buttons into a free vend switch? The free vend switches that I have made only require you to press the switch one, not hold it down, it sets up a credit like a coin would. The relay then holds the credit until it is canceled by the switch on the motor as it rotates after a selection. I've seen sold out switches do funny things if they aren't working properly, there are two screws above the motors that hold the cover for the sold out switches on. you may check them. If you have a working one you can swap & test until you find the one not working, though I would think it would be the one not lighting up when you push it. Are you saying that all the sold out lights come on when you press the free vend button or a sold out light comes on when you press the selection button?
  6. I had heard at one time that parlevel can incorporate devices from other companies like USAT, do any of you know if that is correct?
  7. nearly weekly, but I do both repairs & vending accounts. My city is roughly the size of your two major cities.
  8. check the bottom of the female plug where the changer plugs in. Look for any of the spade connectors that are out a little. I have had one of those wires back out enough that it wasn't making a good connection. You can gently push on the wires toward their correct position. May be easier to unplug the changer first before you push them in. Then when you plug the changer in look for any wires that push out while you are plugging in. Don't forget to power down the machine before you plug the changer back in.
  9. Is it all of the columns or just one? Press a selection first to make sure there isn’t a credit setup. Is it accepting coins? Have you manually run each of the columns? Is there product in the machine? Check to make sure each of the motors are plugged in (there should be two wires plugged in on one side of the motor & white multiplug on the switch).
  10. Very simple. I would unplug the round plug on the bottom left when looking at it with the door open. One thing to take note of is the position of of the oscillator and the compare it to the new motor before you take the motor off. Otherwise you’ll have misvends.
  11. I put in vending, snack machine, vending machine, coke machine, soda machine, coke vending, snack vending, soda vending. Any other variation I could think of.
  12. Ok, that’s what I assumed. So is there a specific telemeter or are they interchangeable?
  13. I haven't done anything fancy. I did an incredibly simple google business page. It could be a lot better, but I consistently get new clients from it. They key was figuring out what people would be searching the internet for & getting those keywords connected to my page. They having easy to access phone number & what services I provide available seemed to do the trick. I think it has been worth it.
  14. If you have replaced the relay with a known working relay (the clear cube you send me a picture of) & you are using the original free vend switch from the other machine & it's still doing that I'm out of ideas. I do know that just because the plug off the changer looks the same, it does not mean the wire colors are the same. It varies from company to company. I say that to say if you are trying to use the relay you made that shorted, I would not use it until you trace the wires out. I bet someone else has a good idea for you otherwise.
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