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  1. Looks like you are missing your side spacer. Should be the same in the others. The fall out when moving some times.
  2. savend


    I have been using Pledge on the outsides of machines. Especially tuff fronts. It seems to repel the dust build up & gets down in the texture. It also works good on the selves, especially where bags tend to stick. Soda machines that are really nasty I take to the car wash, just avoid shooting the validors, changers or motors. The car wash also works well on caked refrigeration units. I usually let them dry out before plugging them in. If I can’t wash the refrigeration units, I usually blow them out with an air compressor or lately my leaf blower since it’s easier to get around.
  3. savend

    Credit card reader compatible

    lol, yeah we have Craigslist in the area, but rarely options like that. But thanks for the heads up.
  4. savend

    Credit card reader compatible

    Gotcha, good points on the capacity and multiprice. So where are you getting those kinds of machines for around $350?
  5. savend

    Credit card reader compatible

    There are upgrade kits out for older machines. Here is one, I believe, for the snack: http://stores.vendorstech.com/inone-control-board-upgrade-kit-for-usi-3013-3014-3015-no-drop-sensors/. I have been looking at a upgrade kit for another model of machine, but I have no experience with them. Maybe some of the people on here with give some input. I also stumbled across this the other day that gives single priced soda machines credit card abilities: http://stores.vendorstech.com/sem-sp1-single-price-to-mdb-conversion-kit-dex-credit-card-readers-supported/. Again I have no experience so I would love input. These conversions are expensive, but depending on your accessibility to newer machines, may be cheaper in the long run. Just a thought that would like some experienced input.
  6. savend

    Dixie Narco DNCB 522 conversion to bottle

    Thanks seemed like I had trouble with those, but I may have been thinking of the older single price.
  7. savend

    Dixie Narco DNCB 522 conversion to bottle

    I don't think you can go two deep with the bottles, think a 600 is the only one that can (if I remember correctly). If the bottle sit side by side in each column then you'll want it set for to drops. So should be two valleys exposed. If you look at the inner door there should be a diagram that tells you which setting for single depth.
  8. savend

    Dixie Narco DNCB 522 conversion to bottle

    Imtgey are the same diameter as a can so there is no change there. Move the back spacer up enough that the bottle engages the sold out flap, but not too tight or you’ll get jams. Then adjust the spacing on the motor cam to single drop for narrow columns & double drop for wide columns
  9. savend

    Credit not cancelling

    It’s typically just one switch, my experience has been the switches closest to the sides of the motor cover. Usually a can will bust when loading & that syrup will get in the switch. Interestingly, I have seen switches that are very hard to catch because the machine warms up enough with the door open that it won’t stick until it gets good & cold again. Glass cleaner usually works well on the switch.
  10. Had one that was doing something similar. I tried adjusting the pins in the back and shimming up the boards. Finally realized the the latch on the left side was flipped around and wasn’t catching. I’ve also seen where the rollers wear and start to sag so it doesn’t make connection.
  11. savend

    Bill Reader returns bills

    If it’s one with a removable bill box l, sometimes the little crystal looking lens at the bottom of the box will come out a little and the bill will hit it and come back out.
  12. savend

    MEI- TRC-6800H Problem

    Make sure there isn’t a credit already set up. Just push a button. You will also need product in your machine or the changer won’t accept. There are some videos on YouTube that show you how to tune them. It’s a pretty simple process. Was it working & then stopped?
  13. savend

    Mars TRC-6800H sensors

    I don’t know about the sensors, I usually just send it off. But I did have a similar problem recently & it was actually the female end of the Jones plug, one of the connectors had pushed out of the back. I unplugged the power to the door & pushed it back in.
  14. savend

    No power to machine (FSI/USI 3132)

    There is a small breaker inside the door to the right I believe. I would check it. Might check the outlet & make sure it has power & hasn't been tripped. Check too where the cord plugs into the machine & make sure it hasn't been jerked loose. If I remember correctly there is a rubber grommet that the cord goes through. I would back up inside the machine (make sure the cord is unplugged) & splice in a new cord if it's tripping the breaker. I have seen cords damaged internally & short out.