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  1. atyppo

    Wrench for Norther Beaver

    Not sure how much torque is needed to turn the bolt - but it may be possible to 3D print a part like that in the future...
  2. atyppo

    Year of Sam's Membership for $22.50

    " for those that haven't signed up for Sam's yet. "
  3. Thought this may be a good deal for those that haven't signed up for Sam's yet. https://www3.samsclub.com/best-deals/clubpickup
  4. Probably to increase the visibility of the ad. I've done that several times on CL to sell an item that just wouldn't move. As an example, we had a boat lift that had been sitting on CL for a month - posted it on 4 other craigslist area sites and traded it for the other kind of boat lift that we needed the same day.
  5. atyppo

    Key Broken Off In Lock

    Order a key extractor off a locksmithing website. Handy tool and will save you if you need it again.
  6. atyppo

    Question about 1800 vending machine.

    I had this issue with some other machines. Still not sure entirely what was wrong, but the wheel wasn't spinning well and stopping prematurely even without a coin mech on the machine. I put a washer underneath the wheel which fixed the problem.
  7. They could be bluffing. What I'd say is more likely is that their current vendor says that he gives them 50-60% but is likely deducting a flat percentage of the gross for product,
  8. atyppo

    Bought used Beaver machines need Locks and Keys

    $17 for a key? That locksmith is scamming you. Beaver non-tubular locks use an Ilco 1568 key blank. If the locksmith claims not to have them in stock - they are easily available online. I use these blanks to duplicate my keys when I need to - I have a family friend with a key machine. https://www.mrlock.com/esp-key-blank-for-some-pundra-1568-np6?search=ilco%201568&description=true
  9. atyppo

    What is your age range?

  10. atyppo

    Racks outside?

    I can't say that I'm an expert on NYC but I've spent considerable time there - especially in Manhattan because of relatives that live there. How do you deal with rust and bugs which are probably more common outside? Also, what I've never understood - how is it possible to place on a sidewalk if it is public right of way?
  11. Too bad these are in North Carolina... /s https://www.usedvending.com/i/U-Turn-NEW-Terminator-Bulk-Candy-Vending-Machines-for-Sale-in-North-Carolina-/NC-A-338V
  12. atyppo

    Just a theory...

    Something like this? http://i.imgur.com/vGl175m.jpgI wouldn't think it would be hard to make.
  13. atyppo

    Anyone have NW60 gumball wheels for cheap?

    To piggyback onto this... If anyone happens to have an extra brush housing for Round Beavers please PM me.
  14. Great deal on a NW 5-way rack with product in Dallas area. http://killeen.craigslist.org/fuo/5637536599.html
  15. atyppo

    Laundry Mat?

    Personally I'd get some chain and a heavy duty looking padlock and attach it to something heavy. If you're very familiar with soldering maybe make something like this that's a little less sensitive? http://lifehacker.com/5932698/protect-anything-from-theft-with-this-2-diy-motion-alarm