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  1. BCB434

    How honest are you about how much goes to charity?

    Charity gets free easy money. Sure 1 charity sticker is between 12 to 18 dollars a year, not really significant. 100 charity stickers though adds up quick.
  2. BCB434

    Route performance

    Dollars per hour is what it's about. I would never go out of my way to check a machine unless it has a decent amount. That usually means checking less often. ROI is still good on machines even at 5 bucks a month.
  3. BCB434

    Area saturation

    4,000 locations, I think you will know when you are over saturated when you go locating and every potential spot already has said no or already has at least 1 machine. With employees, expenses, record keeping, locator fees, and not to mention the warehouse you are going to store them in. What's even the benefit of bulk vending vs just being an absentee owner of a few subways? Just asking.
  4. BCB434

    Coin scales

    Definitely not a long term solution. I'll probably get one soon.
  5. BCB434

    Coin scales

    I use a few of these right now, hope I need the upgrade soon to the scale.
  6. BCB434

    $30 consignment shop find

    Eagle and Komet
  7. BCB434

    locator race 2017?

    Possible solution would be to do different zip codes.
  8. BCB434

    locator race 2017?

    What is a locator race? Couldn't find in the search
  9. BCB434

    A&A stands?

  10. I was able to add the pledge form to the downloads section of the forum as well. here is a direct link, download as needed and once submitted labels will be provided.
  11. I understand the drawbacks of them being local, however I'm sure this will help them expand their services both in types and in quantities. I would rather hope that people would choose a charity not because of their current size and location but based on what they offer as a charity. At the end of the day if people choose to donate and have a charity route with any outreach program they are already helping said charities a lot more than most other small businesses. People may have chosen a specific charity outreach program in the past because of convenience or low number of options. I'm just trying to add this one as an additional option.
  12. I haven't received an email, but I will send you some more information
  13. BCB434

    what kind of scam is this?

    He wants you to take it all for 400 or none for zero. Aka he doesn't want to haggle
  14. Pledges are on honor system. I hope people wouldn't represent the label with out honoring there pledge. At the same time any label no matter what charity can be copied and used without fulfilling the agreements. I think dates would make more work for the charity and the vendor, and may not necessarily stop anyone from fraudulently using them.