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  1. BCB434

    Eagle pricing

    eagle cabinet machines $58 each $53 (9 ~ 49) $49 (50+) Plus shipping From email August 2017
  2. BCB434

    Ridiculous Competition

    I put a gumball machine 8 feet away from someone else's gumball machine at a local tire and muffler shop. It is my best location and quickly added another machine.
  3. BCB434

    50 cent 1" mechs

    Does this mech need to be modified to fit Oak Vistas?
  4. BCB434


    Last time I emailed Oak there was a waiting list for the refurbished machines. As of April 2018
  5. BCB434

    Homemade stand w/double bracket

    1 in. x 1.5 ft. x 1.5 ft. Pine Edge Glued Panel Round Board is what I used for the very bottom from Home Depot https://www.homedepot.com/p/1-in-x-1-5-ft-x-1-5-ft-Pine-Edge-Glued-Panel-Round-Board-680435/202017011 The little 6" round piece above that is from a Hobby lobby. Bought 10 foot x 1" pipe from lowes and they will cut and thread it for you for free. I believe best price on flanges I found was from walmart.com
  6. BCB434

    Restaurant supply stands

    I can find these around $25 to $30 at local restaurant supply store. The top flange would need to be modified for a single. Or does anyone know where to find the bracket below
  7. BCB434

    Called a locater today

    Your asking to place that jumBo thing for the price of a triple ?
  8. BCB434

    How honest are you about how much goes to charity?

    Charity gets free easy money. Sure 1 charity sticker is between 12 to 18 dollars a year, not really significant. 100 charity stickers though adds up quick.
  9. BCB434

    Route performance

    Dollars per hour is what it's about. I would never go out of my way to check a machine unless it has a decent amount. That usually means checking less often. ROI is still good on machines even at 5 bucks a month.
  10. BCB434

    Area saturation

    4,000 locations, I think you will know when you are over saturated when you go locating and every potential spot already has said no or already has at least 1 machine. With employees, expenses, record keeping, locator fees, and not to mention the warehouse you are going to store them in. What's even the benefit of bulk vending vs just being an absentee owner of a few subways? Just asking.
  11. BCB434

    Coin scales

    Definitely not a long term solution. I'll probably get one soon.
  12. BCB434

    Coin scales

    I use a few of these right now, hope I need the upgrade soon to the scale.
  13. BCB434

    $30 consignment shop find

    Eagle and Komet
  14. BCB434

    locator race 2017?

    Possible solution would be to do different zip codes.
  15. BCB434

    locator race 2017?

    What is a locator race? Couldn't find in the search