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  1. Northwestern 80 Classic

    still looking
  2. Bound to happen eventually... Lost a machine

    I've lost several through the years. I thought I lost one a few years back but I tracked the lady down, got my machine back plus she offered me $60 for the lost inventory. I took it
  3. Coin scales

    I concur, I've been doing bulk vending for 15 years. I bought a scale 6 months ago and I don't know how I ever did it without one
  4. ICT A6 having problems

    I was going to take some pictures today but I couldn't get to the machine. I will check and see what the error code is. thanks
  5. ICT A6 having problems

    My bill changer isn't wanting to accept bills. I have one in a coin pusher and when I open the machine up and then push the top piece back in and the flashing light comes on. Then after a little bit it goes off. Is this thing just junk?
  6. locators

    I use my brother and his wife to locate my machines
  7. How long did it take to make your intial investment back.

    I agree, I want my route to last till long after I'm gone. I want it to take care of my mom, then the kids( my brothers kids and grand kids, I don't have any) can use it for spending money for college
  8. If a location isn't doing $X I will pull it?

    Well I have several machines in the shed and the ones I am leaving have been on location for years and they are local. All it takes is for one person to try and quit smoking to turn a location from nothing to decent. An old vendor once told me " once a machine is on location, leave it. you can always buy another one" I didn't know they were going to be duds when I found them
  9. If a location isn't doing $X I will pull it?

    Well I am going to pull most of the ones not doing $15 a 4 month cycle, the ones I am leaving that aren't up to $15 every 4 months are going to be worked once a year
  10. Locating

    I would wait until I could put them in
  11. Pool Hall Advice

    I like two gumballs
  12. Pool Hall Advice

    I use mostly the 850 count from sams for $20 a box
  13. Pool Hall Advice

    Exactly I have 150 + locations and have gum at all but one of them and they eat skittles like they are going out of style. 80% of them are gumballs only
  14. I'm fixing to pull a few locations and I want to know how much does a location have to do in order for you to leave it?
  15. Ask Beaver!

    Ok I need northwestern super 60, I use Beaver for all of my 2 inch toys Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk