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  1. Flat vending

    Value, $80-100 for a 2 or 3 column in good shape. $100-140 for a 4 column. Flat vending is great but streaky, something is hot then it dies. You end up with some dead product.
  2. Flat vending

    That is a 3 column A & A Advance sticker machine. They're great machines, soon A & A will be the only sticker machines on my routes, I like them that much.
  3. Another big haul

    The stand you're talking about holds 4 Oak Cabinet heads stacked 2 and 2. They're hard to service and a pain in the butt. On the plus side 4 heads fit in the same space as 2.
  4. Help finding the right locks!

    What denomination are those 2" machine coin mechs. If they're 25c then those machines are not useable and you should not spend any time or money trying to find locks for them.
  5. Help finding the right locks!

    A & A probably still has locks for the sticker machine, they were like ten bucks last time I ordered them, I would try them first. The same locks that work on the bottom should work on the top machines unless somebody changed something. Take a picture of the lids where the lock goes in and maybe we can figure something out.
  6. Coin scales

    That's what we started with too. It didn't take me long to figure out it wasn't a long term solution.
  7. Help identify

    On the key thing, usually it's easier to drill and install new locks, but with a dozen machines I would try to take the machine to a locksmith and get him to unlock it. Hopefully this won't be more than $50, once he has a key in hand, have him make you some copies.
  8. Help identify

    The brand is Brand, (who's on first). They're good solid machines. I got rid of all of mine and replaced them with A & A machines (which have a removable insert). The Brand machines didn't give me trouble though.
  9. Coin scales

    You'll love it!
  10. Vandalism

    Pick the stuff out when you're counting the money.
  11. Help! Name as many different candies as possible

    Any of the big 3 will be able to provide you with that variety. Ford Gum, sold under Carousel brand. Oak Leaf, sold by Sweetworks. Concord Confectioners.
  12. Ways to get rust off machines/racks?

    It's a lot easier to cover up rust with paint. Get all loose rust off with a wire brush or sanding disk, thoroughly clean with alcohol, then paint with a rust covering paint. Rustoleum safety red matches Northwesterns, Rustoleum semi gloss professional black works well for stands.
  13. Stickers inside globe or outside

    We used double sided tape inside the globes for a long time, now we use Scotch Reusable Tabs. We buy the 1"X1" tabs and cut them into fourths. One on each top corner is all you need.
  14. Identify machine

    Vendesign on the left, Routemaster on the right.
  15. Need a new parts supplier.

    A company that sells locks: https://www.laigroup.com/accessories-high-security-hasps-vending-locks-padlocks.php