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  1. Help finding the right locks!

    Flint area. I have the locks in the image shown above. I have all the locks for the top heads. Just need the locks and keys for the cash box areas on top two machines and the lock for the machine on the right.
  2. Help finding the right locks!

    Those are currently .50 cent coin mechs. Back to back. Even if they were .25 i qould just replace them with .50 coin mechs. Possibly .75 coin mechs. Luckily they came with .50 which I can astill use for the locations without any commission. :-)
  3. Help finding the right locks!

    I spoke with a and a, they don't have anymore cam locks. As for the lid locks, I have all of those, I had to order those. The cam locks for the cash doors on the top machines are what I'm having trouble finding. The cash drawer cam locks are located under the green tape on the front.
  4. locators

    No not associated with you. I was just keeping everyone in this thread informed on how the current locating service I am using is doing. I was under the impression that this thread was about using Locators and their experiences with them.
  5. Help finding the right locks!

    Here it is! Thanks!
  6. Help finding the right locks!

  7. Help finding the right locks!

    I recently purchased a FOLZ Vending Rack. Imaged below. The rack had no locks so I had to order a bunch of them. I ordered the cam lock imaged below thinking it was the right size. However, it still wont work for the 2 bigger heads and the flat vend on the right. Do you guys know where I can find the correct locking mechanism needed? I searched everywhere online and in store and have no luck. Im thinking I can get away with using the locks if I could find s shaped cams (the arms on the locks) but can not find those anywhere either. Or if I could order shorter cylinder cam locks (which I can not find either). Any help or direction would be awesome. Thanks!
  8. locators

    I was thinking the same. I spoke with the owner of the business when I put in the machine and told her I do a 10 percent commission (starting low) and she said not to bother with it. She said the last vendor didnt pay anything, she requested to just keep gumballs in there for her and asked to keep the machine filled and clean. She said she kicked out the last guy because the machine was always empty and he never came by to clean it. So I went back home and pulled out my nicest Beaver Rack I had ready since those hardly have problems and the rack and machines were almost brand new. :-) I was saving it for a bigger location but I figured I better put the best I had in this spot. Thanks for the advice though. Good to know. By the way, my locator still hasnt contacted me back.
  9. Help identify

    Labryan3. Did you end up purchasing those machines?
  10. locators

    Im currently using "Vending Locating Services". Creative name! They located my last machine for me for about 120 bucks. Its a nice rack with 9 heads on it. 0 Commission and pulling about 124-200 a month from it. So she hit a homerun last time and figured I would give em another shot. Unfortunately they took the deposit of 60 dollars and I havent heard from them since. Its been about 9 days since they took my deposit. I just shot them an email and will let you know how it goes.

    What I need right now is the cover to one of the larger heads that vend 2 inch capsules. But would like to know where else to go for other things in case I need them. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk

    Simple question here. I'm lookingnfornsome A&A Machine parts. Where is the best place to locate them? I noticed NYC machines are very similar. Are all those parts including the lids are compatible with A&A parts? Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  13. Details on my route purchase

    That is awesome! I can't wait to be that big one day! Congrats man! I would love to close on something like that as long as it is local or course. Sent from my SM-N915V using Tapatalk
  14. Shootin Hoops

    I have one that makes about 30 a month. Could be in a better location but pizza parlors usually do pretty good. Or service departments. That is a good deal. I bought mine for 120 but was more desperate for one and had a spot ready. Mine is at a dealership. Sent from my SM-N915V using Tapatalk
  15. Plus, with vending toys and gumballs, you won't have to mess with portion sizes, melting candy, bugs in machines, or spilling candy on floor (yes I dropped a bag of skittles and it was a mess). Sent from my SM-N915V using Tapatalk