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  1. Well I got an email response saying they want to talk to me, and basically saying that anytime would be good for them, including "today" (the day I received the email).I told them I'd get back with them after the weekend.
  2. Well, they've put me over the edge. Charging me for things I didn't agree to and for things I already paid for! I tried to talk to them vie email/phone calls... between the 1-in-100 phone call answers and once-a-week email responses, they clearly haven't tried to help. I sent them a picture of some of the small-claims paperwork filled out and told them I need to schedule a call with someone, who can answer all my questions, and refund me in REAL TIME, one phone call..... no holds, no "needing to talk to someone,else".... They replied, and for the first time I saw them make an effort to talk to me! Scumbags. What i wish would happen is all of us small vendors get together with a lawyer and file a case! They treat people like junk, and they are worth hundreds of millions (NYSE USAT). Not sure at what point the world's worst customer service becomes criminal when the company in question has access to your bank account and does whatever they want this it. For those who are wondering: The amount in question is about $200, but I told them I would also sue them for time and stress. in small claims court they MUST have someone present. We're talking dozens of emails and several months....
  3. It turns out they charged me shipping and a "equipment advance fee (or something like that" (totaling around $80) when they sent me a REPLACEMENT DEVICE for a brand new device that I had purchased months earlier that was defective!!! I did not agree to that orally in writing. I am still trying to dispute it, but its been months and they clearly are not trying, rarely responding to my emails, and sending good-for-nothing responses when they do.. NOT TO MENTION: In total I had that machine's CC reader down for almost two months because of them. They REFUSED to issue me a refund for the monthly service fees I was paying them. Anyone else with similar stories want to gather around, share our stories, and sue these sons-of-****!!!???!!
  4. I am currently working on removing a fraudulent $200+ charge/invoice they slapped on me, I do not know what for yet because they neglect my emails until they feel like getting around to responding.. One week in and they still have not sent me the details. I expect the details within ONE MONTH,. Any decent company would be right on that though, but not these guys.
  5. OH. MY. GOD. USAT They are the scumbags of the earth when it comes to small vendors. Work with them, and you will know what it feels like to work with a company in Russia that doesn't give a *beep* about you. I could go on forever. These guys are scum. If someone came in and offered good customer service to the little guys, they would steal all of USAT's business within just a few weeks.
  6. Does it say anything about termination of the agreement?
  7. I'm kind of surprised you order Vistar, I usually don't hear about vendors ordering Vistar until they have gotten pretty big in size.
  8. They look solid but I am surprised you and AZ are unsure, they must be quite unique...
  9. My guess is everyone on here is gunna say "what kind of account requires 16oz cans only - drop them if they can't make more reasonable accommodations"... just my guess though
  10. I honestly want to know if they are breaking any terms/laws. But who knows, maybe I signed my life away in the contract!
  11. It's taken 6 weeks so far to have them transfer over some readers... I cannot seem to find my account creation documents that I signed when creating an account with them... I'd like to see what it says... does anyone know what terms exactly you are agreeing to when signing up with USAT?
  12. I wonder if there are even any active members on this forum that have actually bought into one of these? I think any vendor worth his salt on this forum says the essentially the same thing AZVendor said. 1) To small vendors that I know, healthy vending and offering healthy items = a payment to vending gods of expired products as an offering to keep the accounts and account managers happy. 2) Again, with small vendors, it seems that when someone makes a healthy product request we simply fulfill that request KNOWING we're throwing that money down the drain. We don;t expect for more than 20% of the case to sell 3) MAYBE THE MOST IMPORTANT - These terrible "healthy machine deals" literally are charging people THOUSANDS of dollars for one machine - and they make you buy multiple!!! I've often seen numbers like 6 machines/$30,000.... ..... If you are patient, at least here in Phoenix, you can find excellent machines for $500 or less. I see deals pop up ALL the time. Lastly: Good luck trying to find another sucker to pawn off your bad investment when you go to sell.
  13. I appreciate your comment but in my defense this is pretty much the first time I've made an effort to understand this particular topic. I definitely already do rely on a repair guy but I would like to understand this stuff too. I may have miscommunicated a little. The metal accetptor (the VFM) already had a harness connected into it so I plugged it and its harness into the machine, Where it clearly had power and was trying to work. I wasn't able to attach thr harness from thr VFM into the VN2500... So power from the machine to the bill acceptor plug was confirmed, but I was unable to isolate if the problem with the VN2500 was the harness or VN2500 itself. Either way it sounds like carrying around a larger inventory of parts might be helpful in the future!
  14. A good reason for as a rule of thumb 1) always buy MDB machines... Granted there are always exceptions, especially when an insane CL deal comes around!
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