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  1. Sgolembiewski0903

    440 won't take money?

    That probably makes sense that the rotor would be bent with consistent jams like I'm having, huh? So if I unjam it and leave the selection empty, will that help my problem? Or is it too late because I already messed things up? Taking off the motor seems to come uo every now and then but I've never done it because I dont want to destroy something... Is it doffixult to do or am I over-worried?
  2. Sgolembiewski0903

    440 won't take money?

    I am a doofus I completely forgot about that little tidbit in a single price! Wheb I made this post I KNEW inwas forgetting something! I kept unjamming that column but it kept getting jammed so I just said to heck with it. Bent rotor, will that require a replacement part? I'm heading over there right now to see what I can do but I'm wondering if I should just call in the repair guy? Not sure I've ever unjammed a machind like a 440 except for basically forcing the jammed can through the slot and cleaning up the mess afterwards... Any advice on how to do it properly?
  3. Sgolembiewski0903

    440 won't take money?

    Having a little problem with a 440. After I serviced it it won't take money. It has chAnge in the mech and the bill acceptor is a mars 2000, it just flashes twice for being disabled. Ive tried unplugging the machine but it doesn't work. There is and always has been a product jam in one of the rows, could that be the problem? Not sure what the priblem could be?
  4. Sgolembiewski0903

    Best way to unjam a can in a DNCB 440?

    On a slightly different topic I just serviced yhis machine and now it sont take any money... Any ideas? I tried unplugging it and also checked the coin mech to see if it had change?
  5. Sgolembiewski0903

    Vending Machine Moving

    Hi guys, sometimes I think it would be nice to at least have the ability to move a machine myself (at least in relatively "easy" moving situations) but I don't want to break my back. I don't even want to risk my back, that's why I have never really considered moving a machine myself. I would probably just buy one of those dollies with the back wheels and rent a liftgate, but how do you guys recommend someone move the machine in the safest way possible? My main concerns are 1) Throwing out my back 2) Tipping the machine back on the dolly, not being able to steady it as it goes down, and getting crushed/destroying the machine 3) Getting crushed in general, vending machines aren't worth my back!
  6. Sgolembiewski0903

    STEAL on Craigslist - in Phoenix

    This leads me to a loonng overdue new thread...
  7. Sgolembiewski0903

    STEAL on Craigslist - in Phoenix

    Definitely don't want to be in the machine-storing business. But I wouldn't mind having a few BC500's ready to go for when an account comes my way. Current inventory = zero in storage.
  8. Sgolembiewski0903

    STEAL on Craigslist - in Phoenix

    You wouldn't pay $150 for those smaller USI's? ** If you were a smaller-accoutn bottom-dweller like me
  9. Sgolembiewski0903

    STEAL on Craigslist - in Phoenix

    From what I'm seeing the guy just dropped the price to $150 each from $500 each 4 hours ago... Sounds like maybe a guy bought a storage locker thinking they would be easy to flash-sale at $500... and now time's running out to get rid of them!
  10. Sgolembiewski0903

    STEAL on Craigslist - in Phoenix

    I would if I could see them first
  11. Sgolembiewski0903

    STEAL on Craigslist - in Phoenix

    I work my othe rjob tomorrow and the next day open-close... Doubt they'll still be around in 3 days
  12. Sgolembiewski0903

    STEAL on Craigslist - in Phoenix

    You didn't like the small USI's? I wouldn't buy the other ones, I was wondering what the heck they were...
  13. Sgolembiewski0903

    STEAL on Craigslist - in Phoenix

    No idea if he's got the keys/what condition they are actually in though, worth a look for someone with the time though!
  14. Some guy is offering a "Vending Bonanza" on craigslist, looks like it's a storage unit or something. He's got some BC500's that appear to be in good shape for $150 and a few smaller USI units (1 snack and 1 drink slave) for $150 each. I'd be all over this if I had the means to go pick them up! https://phoenix.craigslist.org/cph/ele/d/vending-machine-bonanza/6589140871.html
  15. Sgolembiewski0903

    Mars trc 6512 tube jam

    If I take that screw off does it simply pop off? I reduced their prices to an even quarter amount for the time-being haha