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  1. Frito Lay Expiration Dates

    Oh wow, now THIS is why I come to the forums! You are right about that, and I completely forgot..... Very interesting...... It does debunk my theory quite a bit! Several heads are certainly better than one!
  2. Apartment complexes

    I think that out of your guy's responses security is definitely huge! I definitely will evaluate closely! I'm definitely going to take a shot at it, in this part of town I am very confident it's worth it. At my other job I noticed a coke-owned machine at a nice complex nestled in a VERY undesirable area, I saw him wheel in like 8 cases to his one machine and leave... This sounds quite good to me, heck drink-only accounts that have the potential to be good make my risk-taking a little more bold! I know this comment is going to draw all sorts of comments, but snacks are a PITA! Maybe a few less comments if I add on: At my current route size!!!
  3. Apartment complexes

    Very interesting responses. I hired a locator and he came back at me with two nearby complexes, right near where I live, the complexes are lower-middle-class complexes, but are right in the middle of a upper-middle-class area... I think I'll try to put just a single-price can machine, or maybe a multi-price can machine so I can also vend energy drinks?
  4. Apartment complexes

    Hi all! I was just wondering where some of you guys decide to place machines in apartment complexes? It seems like apartment complexes could be hit or miss... You would think the pool area might be good, but then what happens in Winter? Exercise rooms seem good with good traffic, but who carries their wallets to an apartment gym? Etc. Etc.!
  5. Surge Protectors for Machine?

    HI all! Do any of you use surge protectors on your machines? I recently had two machines go down due to a power outage and am wondering if it's worth the investment to protect each machine with a surge protector?
  6. Tapatalk App

    Interesting.... If Tapatalk does go away, I hope there can be some alternative app!
  7. Tapatalk App

    I REALLY like the Tapatalk app and it works wonders for me as a newbie if I am on-site dealing with an unfamiliar problem. I have solved many unfamiliar problems on-site by surfing through the taptalk app!
  8. Hi all, One of my accounts had a power outage (likely due to a monsoon lightning strike) and both of my machines are acting up. CB500/Wittern 3500: Will not take any bills, spits coins back out AP Snackshop LCM 110 Doing the same thing as the CB. When I went into service mode it displayed "36". I am looking for knowledge on the issue, but also, potentially (I might already have another member of this forum), someone who can do a repair job on these while I hang out with them, so hopefully I can learn?
  9. HI all, I have a decent account very close to home, but it would require an extension cord. If I put the machine on a very good extension cord could this be a viable account?
  10. Someone mentioned 501's...

    If it doesn't have the SIID I'm assuming there is a board upgrade I could do to make it CC capable?
  11. Silver coins and vending machines

    Very true about the big account. Seeing as I do it as a hobby, I think that's akin to saying I'll stop other hobbies when I grow my business to, which I don't agree with. I guess if my business kept me busy with 12 hours/7days a week with good accounts I'd completely drop my hobbies for the bookoo buck$$!
  12. Silver coins and vending machines

    Coin hunting is a hobby of mine, I can spend 5 minutes with $500 in coins and feel pretty confident that I can spot the silver!
  13. SO I know that modern coin mechanisms in arcade games will reject silver quarters, but does anyone know what the scenario is for vending machines? I figure all the change I collect is PRIME for silver-hunting... but only as long as silver isn't being rejected! For those who might not know: Quarters and dimes 1964 or before are made 90% of silver.
  14. Cb500 power issues

    Just want to make sure you got my email?