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  1. I have my own key code and locks from Medico I use, however I recently bought a route and havent ordered new locks yet. However why out servicing yesterday I seem to have lost one of my new route keys. I looked all over the van and warehouse..poof gone! I looked on ebay as its a common key code and I kinda hate to pay 15.00 for a copy just to unlock 4 machines and trade them to my locks, So Im asking for someone here to possibly help me out if the have a copy? I need key DNG21 Thank you!
  2. Prices are: soda 20 oz=1.50 cans=.75 Energy=2.50 Gatorade=$1.75 Starbuck Coffee Glass Bottles = 2.25 chips, cheezit, snack mix and so on= 1.00 Candy=1.00 Crackers=.75 Cold Food ranges of course. I know they use the cold food machine more then anything. As you can see in the pictures it was empty except for the tea in bottom. I wouldnt be able to take out any machines if I was to pickup the location. This is due to this is a HUGE building and these machines are scattered in 4 break areas. The biggest area being the 2 soda, 1 snack, 1 cold food picture. I was con
  3. They use to be Canteen machines but Pepsi Foodservice took over the account. Pepsi here runs snacks, soda, coffee, and water. They will vend all Pepsi products except they will do Coke and Diet Coke only in machines to get accounts. But its funny cause if they do coke and diet coke bottles they are 16.9 while the rest of the machine will be 20 oz at the same price! People golpher all the time when I solict new stops that why should they pay the same price as a 20 oz for a 16.9 bottle. Pepsi bought out ALL my competition here. They grew to quick to fast. This helps me big time tho as they
  4. Monday I received a call from a possible new location. Location has just over 300 employees. Its a big office with call center and more. They currently have Pepsi Foodservice but are looking for a local company that will offer better service. Pepsi here has HORRIBLE service, machines empty for weeks, outdated products, machines broke down and more..so I usually get a lot of their stops. Anywho..I went in today for a meeting with this company. They currently have 5 soda units (4 vendo bubble fronts and 1 glass front)...3 snack units...1 cold food unit...1 changer Location asks for 1
  5. Have a crane 784. Sorry this post will be a little long. It’s a frozen food and snack combo. Machine been in service at same location working great for years. Machine stopped cooling correctly, so we took it off location and replaced it with just a snack unit, as location wanted to trade anyways. Took it to my refrigeration guy, he said fan wasn’t turning and he put some Freon in it.. machine cooled great then and vended great However the units compressor wouldn’t kick off kept running and running. So I ordered and replaced the “Part number 4644008 TRIAC PCB” and that f
  6. I recieved the part from crane.." Part number 4644008 TRIAC PCB. " Is this the same thing? The old board looks like it has a couple more chips on it then the new board? Maybe its just updated?
  7. Where can I find this part? I assume this part is the small board I showed in the picture? I also assume i just unplug wiring off old board..put new one in and hook up wires same place? thanks so much for your help!
  8. I see this small board down by compressor..is this the one that controls temp and such?
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  10. Have a crane 784 frozen combo on location worked great for year and a half..well couple weeks ago it started raising temperatures where frozen part was hot. I pulled cover off and the line had ice on it solid. I traded machines with location took machine to hvac guy ...he looked at it and the fan wasnt working (had a bad wire connection..) fixed that shot some freon in to her and shes freezing. Now the issue... the compressor will NOT shut off, I set the temp to -3 also set it to defrost 4 times a day. Since the compressor runs it causes some ice back on the line but when it defrost it ta
  11. lll try this tomorrow also.. which one do i choose on the list? i assume "pulse $1" ...thank you so much!
  12. I think either the dbas are bad or i have the wrong harness..i have another national 147 in shop and i plugged in both validators and they are doing same thing flashing twice.. i messed with the switches on the side like you mentioned still nothing.
  13. OK,,coin mech works,,,filled with change (nickals, quarters, dimes) and gives change... plug the dbas back in and both keep saying 2 flashes... even close the door and wait a minute or so and dbas are still dead. Now what?
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